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Contact in the Desert UFO Conference 2014 (Part 3/3)

Modern History/Current Events

Continued from Contact in the Desert Conference 2014, Part 2


Website: exopolitics.org

Dr. Michael Salla founded the Exopolitics Institute in 2005.  “Exopolitics,” as defined on his website, is “the study of the key individuals, political institutions, and processes associated with extraterrestrial life.” Originally a scholar of international politics who specialized in ethnic conflicts in Kosovo, East Timor, and Sri Lanka, Dr. Salla devoted his research to exopolitics after being convinced of the reality of extraterrestrial life in 2001.

Dr. Salla spoke about the material in his most recent book, Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination (extensive book review here). In the lecture, he made a cogent case for a link between John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the UFO/extraterrestrial contact phenomenon.
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Waiting for Our Cosmic Family (Part 2/3): Why? Our Many Perspectives of Our Interaction with Extraterrestrial Beings

There has been heightened buzz in the past 2-3 years on the Internet about the imminence of disclosure and the complicated negotiations going on among the different nations behind the scenes to make it happen. Several dates for disclosure, as well as open contact, have been predicted and have passed, with much anticipation and disappointment.

For many people to whom it matters, especially those who are advocating disclosure, there have been extremes of emotion— from the pinnacles of joy plunging to the deepest of heartaches— associated with the ups and downs of the disclosure progress. Why are disclosure and contact desired so badly? Indeed, why are we waiting for our cosmic family? I can understand how those who are deeply entrenched in the affairs of our earthly lives—feeling the impacts of the falling economy, watching the civil unrest all around the world, looking at the pollution, deforestation, poverty, and suffering— are puzzled as to why some people are looking toward the skies and “chasing UFOs” when so much needs to be addressed right here on Earth. Continue reading