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As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 2/2): Perspectives for December 21, 2012

What I expect for December 21, 2012 is an extrapolation of what I have been experiencing and observing in others all along during this ascension process. Like the scientist I’m trained to be, I’m looking at the pattern of what has happened up till now, and predicting what would happen if the trajectory continues, for what it’s worth. Please understand that I’m not experiencing a clear, verbal stream of communication through channeling or telepathy from higher-dimensional beings, as those others who have soul missions to do so are. Yes, I am reading those conveyed messages and learning so much from them, but along with those illuminating messages, I’m figuring things out from what I observe directly in myself and the world, and by using my intellect, my intuition, and the deep Earthen wisdom within me.  Just like you.
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Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (3/3): With More Grace and Ease

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There are many who embarked on the transformation process decades ago, there are many who more recently entered the process, and no doubt, there will be many more who will soon be feeling the effects of these energies. The energies are getting more and more intense as time speeds by, and each person opens up to invite in these energies according to the Divine Timing that is absolutely perfect and appropriate for him/her. In the words of Harry Potter’s world, there is not a single one of us on Earth today who is a Muggle. Each one of us is a magical being. It is only a matter of our realizing it, a matter of when we choose to wake up from the mundane, limiting view of ourselves.

So having chosen to do so, how does one go through this massive transformational process with grace and ease? I have read that with anything in life, how you experience is your choice. So it is a choice to go through a process with much struggle and difficulty, or with grace and ease. I completely believe it; the only thing is that I haven’t mastered it yet. Some days (such as in the past several days), I do wonder, “How much more of this can I take? I’m… just…. so… tired…” Recently, I made the clear intention to go through this process with more grace and ease, and to more consciously nurture myself through this process. According to Lauren Gorgo’s Pleiadian sources, there is an end to this phase, the phase of the “embodiment process.” They say (in Lauren’s Aug.14, 2011 post) : Continue reading