Share Your Visions

It’s becoming more important now than ever before to just start visualizing and daydreaming playfully about our future, without being limited by the boundaries of our present.  How do you want our world to be?  How do you want our food to be grown and obtained?  How would you like to communicate with each other?  How do you want our schools to be, and our children to be educated?  How do you imagine the exchange of goods and services to take place?  What do you envision for our transportation?  How do you imagine getting energy for heating, lighting, and running our machines?  What will be the nature of our home and housing?  What about the nature of our communities?  What do you really want to do for work– which way of contributing to the world will bring you joy?

Go ahead and let your imagination free!  If enough people imagine and desire this world, it will come into being.

(an excerpt from Bridge to Earth)

Please share your visions below. They have creative power.

3 responses to “Share Your Visions

  1. Mmmm Hive mind. Like like.

  2. You got that right Earth person!!

  3. I recently had this thought: That from the perspective that the purpose of evolution is the continous gaining of knowledge based on the most efficient use of resources, leads to a hive mind of sorts for the human race and eventual union with the earth.

    That the globalization is an interium step. That the social media is another. (Well I got it by pondering how all of us are now hooked up to giant cloud databases. And learning about the hive mind of ants and bees, especially how the individual will sacrifice for the survival of the collective.) That we are only individualized or not even that much, that we are only differentiated data collection points with the sole purpose to be data entry points for the coming Hive mind.

    That eventually, the hive mind will merge with the Earth consciousness -as that will result in the most efficient use of the earth resources for the survival of both.

    Resistence is futile. 😉

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