Extraterrestrial Life and Galactic Origin

(Reference Chapter:13. Extraterrestrials)

What are your thoughts and beliefs on intelligent extraterrestrial life and galactic human origin?

Do you believe they exist?  Do you believe that we have been visited?  Do you believe that there have been active interactions between them and our governments?  What are your thoughts on the possibility of our galactic origin?

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One response to “Extraterrestrial Life and Galactic Origin

  1. I believe that in any galaxy, intelligent life evolves and moves out into space. These initial species develop emotionally and spiritually beyond their technology. They begin seeding planets with life and nurturing life till it evolves greater forms of intelligence. In time these original races begin building planets and solar systems and seeding them with life. With further time, new races move out into space and begin to develop great consciousness, moving towards a greater sense of interconnectedness. Galactic families evolve, with some species still acting in juvenile ways (with self interest) and others acting in with greater maturity (with no self interest and the interest of the greater god). The older species develop universal compassion and this guides all their actions. Younger species are restrained until such time as they develop greater consideration for others.

    Some ancient species move across galaxies and seed new galaxies, move across universes and seed new universes. Younger species move rebelliously within galaxies, learning the rules and slowly evolving beyond selfish states of being.

    I believe that humans were created by 4 alien races (using some of their genetic material and novel genetic material), on a planet that was also made by a much older race. Ongoing intervention by these races has taken place to eradicate defects that would have rendered our species useless and seen our demise. Ongoing intervention has focussed on refining human emotions. Ongoing intervention takes place with a wide range of species, who are interested in all aspects of our life, planetary biology, geology, geography and general planetary well being. Aliens races take an interest in how we think, behave, feel and heal and may play a role in facilitating healing and emotional development. They study our physical health, to understand the relationship between the environment and our bodies and our emotions and our bodies. The majority of alien species have our best interests at heart and the best interests of our planet. Given that at least 4 of them played an active role in our origins, I don’t belie that they will let us destroy our biosphere or destroy ourselves. But it’s a delicate balance between non interference and necessary intervention.

    Our governments are Johny Come Lately’s when it comes to human-alien interactions. We have on many occasions broken agreements and yet they continue to respect us and honour agreements. Our governments are not all in the know. There are several Powers that Be. Of these, some do not wish to reveal the extent of what they know, because it will open a Pandoras Box on their activities and Earths Hidden History. But alas, we ought to show them compassion if we are to embrace the maturity of oneness and demonstrate that we are worthy of our place in the cosmic family.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my point of view.

    Peace and happiness to all,

    Bright garlick.

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