1. Introduction

Bridge to Earth

“Well, I have a scientific background.   In fact, that’s how I ended up in northern California, to do my postdoctoral work here.   I consider myself a chemist, but I’ve done work in biology and material science as well.  Now I just call myself a nanotechnologist, because it covers all the fields and that’s what I’m really interested in– nanotechnology.  Yes, I have two kids, and I’m a single mom– not working.  I’ve been looking for a job for a long time, a meaningful job.  I actually haven’t worked at a ‘real’ job since I finished my postdoc.  Now I’m writing.  (Hmmm, maybe I’ll start telling people I’m a writer.)  What am I writing about?   Well, you might think I’m really strange if I told you.  You might start backing away from me, or cross over to the other side of the street when you see me walking.   You wouldn’t?  OK…  After finishing my postdoc, life hit me and I was forced by the Universe to stop everything.  Everything fell apart– my romantic relationship, career, finances, just about everything that defined who I was.   It was during this time that I started searching for some kind of meaning to life– and I had the time to do this because I was unexpectedly pregnant and out of work.   Experiencing the miracle of birth and taking care of a newborn have a way of jerking you out of life’s traffic, I suppose…  Well, I guess everything came together in a timely way.  It was during this time that I got hold of books, started reading, started meditating, started healing, and started experiencing things I couldn’t explain, and found a whole world out there that was so much vaster than the tiny little three-dimensional box that I’ve been living in.  Amazingly, it went hand in hand with my scientific background, very naturally.   The physical manifestations also helped.  It has been an exciting journey.  I look back and I’m just floored.  I’m still on it and I don’t know where it’s going.  So now I’m writing about it.  I’m sharing my experiences because I hope others will consider the possibility that worlds of higher dimensions just might exist, which are more real than this set-up that we’re living in now, and each one of us and our personal lives are grander and way more meaningful than we may have ever dreamed them to be– literally.”

October 2009.  OK, this is not what I told the moms I had just met, walking back home from taking our kids to school one morning.  I was fantasizing that I had told them that.  I had just moved into the neighborhood.  I didn’t want them to think I’m a nut.  I’m still working on that– the courage to tell people I meet, those in my community, face to face, the true story of myself, and ultimately, something about ourselves.  Yet I tell them very little.

This is a personal story from a very practical, down-to-earth mom with a scientific training.  And that is all it is, a sharing of my personal story, one human experience.  I’m certainly not writing as a scientist or an expert on any topic.

However, let me emphasize that this is in no way a unique story.  I have no doubt that a countless number of people have a story like mine, some versions or parts of it.   The sort of thing that I went through– the discovery of a new reality– is, and has been, happening to people all over the world, especially in the recent years.  They’re just keeping it to themselves.  It could be your neighbor, your child’s teacher, your coworker, your grocery store clerk, your sister, or just about anyone else you know.

The only thing different about my story is that it is one that you have found.

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