8. Hand in Hand with Science

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I guess I had been primed for receiving all this information about the spiritual/energy nature of humans and indeed, of all things– at just the right time.  The postdoctoral laboratory I had entered shortly before all this happened had not been my first choice, but it was where I landed.  It was a laboratory that studied the quantum mechanical process of enzymes.  Now, going into the lab, I knew something about enzymes, but very little quantum mechanics, not being a physicist or a physical chemist.  I had been introduced to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics through an undergraduate physical chemistry requirement years ago.  I remember being fascinated by the possible repercussions of quantum mechanical principles in the physical world, but had no pressing reason to delve into the subject further since passing the exam at the time.

One of the basic tenets of quantum mechanics is that all matter (and energy) exhibits both particle-like and wave-like properties.  Thus all matter can be described as a wave with a certain wavelength– basically as a vibrating energy.  Inherent in even you and me is the flip side of our material nature, as energy waves.  Because of this particle-wave dual nature of all things, rather amazing things can happen, which have been observed on very small scales.  In the typical text book example, a bit of matter such as an electron which is trapped inside a box (“trapped” because it has insufficient energy to climb over the impenetrable box walls) can suddenly materialize outside of the box.   Despite not being allowed by classical mechanics, the electron has “tunneled” through the box wall.  This is equivalent to throwing someone through a window without the window ever breaking.  However, although there exists a real and finite probability of such an event happening– i.e., it is possible– this probability is said to be too miniscule for the larger, more complex objects to occur in any reasonable time frame.  In any case, I remember thinking during my postdoc that, if I indeed believe, as is unquestionably accepted by scientists of our time, that every matter has a wave nature, it’s not an impossible jump for me to believe in the reality of spirits, ghosts walking through walls, or the energetic auras of people.  Indeed, I accepted this wave nature of matter so well that for my postdoctoral project, I was actually trying to measure an effect that arose directly from it.

String theory and its various evolved versions, which have their foundation in quantum mechanics, are described by the physicist and writer Michio Kaku as making up one of the hottest research areas in the physics departments of universities around the world today, and having irrevocably altered the scientific landscape of modern physics.[1] This line of theories is being so ardently pursued because it unifies the four fundamental forces of nature– strong force, weak force, electromagnetism, and (especially) gravity– so much more successfully than any other theories have in the past.  A single theory that can cohesively explain all four physical forces through beautifully simple and symmetrical mathematics has been the Holy Grail of physicists, something that could reveal the core nature of the most elementary particles of matter to the birth of our universe.  String theory says that matter is simply vibrations of incredibly tiny strings in the fabric of space-time.  Analogously to musical notes, these strings vibrate at different frequencies that interact in harmonies to create the beautiful songs of matter.  What’s even more interesting is that for these theories to work out mathematically, they absolutely require the existence of multiple higher-dimensional space, beyond the three dimensions of space and the dimension of time of which we are currently aware.  Furthermore, according to these theories, with high enough energy, there can be rips or portals in the fabric of space-time which can connect us to these higher dimensional universes (as well making possible space and time travel within our own universe). The latest evolution of string theory, the M-theory, presents the fundamental constituents of the universe as vibrating membranes in higher dimensional space, and offers the possibility of multiple or parallel universes.  As much as this all sounds like science fiction, these scenarios are what are naturally falling out of mathematics-based theories.

What would a higher dimensional world look like?  It would be perhaps impossible for us, deeply ingrained in our three-dimensional experience, to imagine.  However, analogies have been drawn by imagining how a three-dimensional world would be experienced by two-dimensional people living in a two-dimensional world, like paper cut-out dolls on a flat piece of paper.   Dr. Kaku does a wonderful job of explaining this perspective.  For example, to a two-dimensional person, a three- dimensional sphere passing through the flat paper world would first look like a point, then a circle increasing then decreasing in size, a point, and then nothing.  To a two-dimensional person who can only sense and understand the cross section of the sphere, this mysterious object could appear, disappear, and change its appearance at will.  In another example, a two-dimensional person trapped in a circular jail cell could be “saved” by a three-dimensional being who could lift the person off the 2-D circle and place him back on his flat paper world outside the circle.  To the 2-D jail keeper, the prisoner would have vanished from the jail cell, and then magically appeared outside of it in an instant.  Certainly, unexplained by two-dimensional laws, these events would look like magic to the two-dimensional people.  Is it possible that the unexplainable phenomena that defy the current physical laws known in this dimension are glimpses of the higher-dimensional worlds and beings who inhabit them?  Could the spirit world that Michael Newton spoke of be somewhere on another dimension nearby?

It is currently believed that access to higher dimensions through inter-dimensional portals is not possible at this time as it requires astronomically-high energies, on the scale of that available at the birth of universe, which are not accessible to us now.  Yet the current scientifically-recognized fact shown by the recent satellite data is that we are surrounded by, and indeed, seeped in, unimaginably huge amounts of energy whose nature is as of yet embarrassingly and completely unexplainable by modern science.  This mysterious energy makes up 73% of the total energy and matter content in the universe, and has been termed dark energy.  It may be, or be associated with, the earlier-recognized vacuum energy, the underlying energy that is measurable even in vacuum where nothing should exist, or zero point energy, the energy that persists even at absolute zero temperature at which no kinetic energy should exist.  So, after adding in dark matter– the invisible, equally-unexplainable matter that makes up 23% of the energy-matter of our universe– we haven’t got a clue about the most basic nature of 96% of the energy-matter of our universe in which we live, breathe, and operate.  Yet these energy and matter exist– that, we do know.  If we could harness this energy, in theory, we would have the energy source to reach through to higher-dimensional worlds.  Perhaps we’re already doing it.

So the picture that emerges for me is that fundamentally, we are vibrating energy waves, condensed into matter, that exist in this medium of energy whose properties are virtually unknown to current science.  The tails of our human waves extend through this medium, this soup, which pervades through all of our universe and in which we all co-exist.  It gives a literal meaning to the concept that we are all connected to each other, and indeed, to the entire universe.  Often mentioned in regard to this universal connection is the “Maharishi effect,”[2] of which one study of twenty-four U.S. cities showed that whenever 1% of a city’s population carried out regular transcendental meditation, the city’s crime rate dropped by 24%.  Certainly, our brains and hearts[3] send out measurable, well-documented electromagnetic waves that extend beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies, but I believe, as many others do, that it is more than the scenario of electromagnetic waves as we know them traveling through three-dimensional space.  I believe that we have multidimensional energy aspects to our make-up that we do not yet understand, as perhaps does this universal energy field and the very space that we live in.  I am coming to the belief that our consciousness, through deliberate intention, is a powerful manipulator of a tremendous multidimensional energy with which we can shape the fabric of space-time.  Through this process, we literally create the reality around us– the material world as well as the attraction of situations and people into our lives.  Indeed, according to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics put forth by scientists, it is the observer, through the very act of observing, who determines what comes into existence as reality.

I did not set off on a deliberate task to find “scientific proof” for this view of the world and ourselves.  I do not require proof for it.  Rather than a comprehensive research project, it has been a very meandering, organic process for me, to connect the dots that I find as I follow what I’m interested in learning about, what is happening in my life, and what I feel.  I suppose we all do that in our attempt to make sense of our lives– connect the dots that come into our lives.  I see these dots as not having solid boundaries like pushpins whose existence is solidly “provable” on the board, but as having fuzzy, hazy boundaries and being scattered everywhere.  Which dots we choose to bring into our lives, consciously or semi-consciously, and how we choose to connect these dots make up a lot of what we choose to believe and why.

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[1] Large sections of this chapter, dealing with string theory, perception of the higher-dimensional worlds, and scientifically-accepted facts about dark energy and matter, come from the following books: (a) Kaku, Michio.  Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.  (b) Kaku, Michio.  Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos. New York: Doubleday, 2005.
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[3] There is some very interesting scientific research done on emotional physiology and the energetic powers of the heart by the Institute of HeartMath, about which you can learn more on http://www.heartmath.org/research/overview.html, retrieved April 3, 2010.

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