7. Spirit Guidance

Bridge to Earth

I don’t know when it was that I first started feeling a presence during my meditation, but it was early in the awakening process, after I had been doing the light-ray meditations regularly.  Almost everything I had read said we were being guided, if only we would choose to listen, so I was open to the possibility of my having a spirit guide.  One day during meditation, I talked to her or him in my mind.  I asked for a name and asked that I may see an image.  The answers came easily in my mind.  My guide appeared as an elderly Asian man of small stature, with youthful, twinkling eyes.  I found him to be delightfully funny and playful.  When I asked him questions about my life, he answered me with irreverent, none-too-straightforward answers that made me both laugh and think.  He played the role of the “wise fool” with me, and I quickly grew to be quite fond of him and our conversations.  Did I think he was real?  Well, I knew, at the time, that talking to him was fun for me.  When I asked him about my problems, his teasing and thought-provoking replies, perhaps made up in own my mind, came quickly and easily.  I half believed him to be real, and the other half– well, it was kind of fun and I didn’t have to strain to think up his part of the dialogue.  At best, he was really my guide.  At worst, he was a fun exercise in imagination which came effortlessly and helped me examine my own questions.

It took several months for me to acknowledge to myself that whenever I was talking to him, I would feel a soft, cool breeze across my face.  It brushed gently over my eyes and nose, sometimes tickling me.  I had noticed this breeze before, but had always attributed it to a drafty window, never mind that the breeze was pretty much localized across my face and blew no matter in which direction I faced, and even when I was lying down on my bed with the cover over my face.  I finally got online and googled it.  I found that cool air was a common sign of the presence of spirit, which others have also reported feeling when contacting their spirit guides.  Hmmm…

Years later, his presence was validated by others.  This small, old Asian man was the first one to appear to an intuitive reader who was giving me a reading once.  He was also “seen” coming in and out of my space by a fellow student during an evening of intuition development exercises.  Neither observer knew of his existence, and he showed himself when I was least expecting him.  But by that time, I had long known that he is real.

I believe that he presented himself to me as he did, with humor and light-heartedness, so that I would be introduced without fear, and because I tend to take myself and my life waa-ay too seriously.  Today, I know that I am being watched over by many, many guides.  However, I am forever grateful for this most gentle and loving guidance I received when I took my first steps through the doorway to my new reality.  Words cannot convey my gratitude.

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