17. A Work in Progress

Bridge to Earth

I am a work in progress.

End of Book ∞

19 responses to “17. A Work in Progress

  1. Excellent! Loved reading this and everything you have shared and that ‘just know’ feeling inside. Great to have my own knowledge reinforced and the future is extremely brighter having you in it 🙂 Thank you and everyone else put there, keep going! You’ll be fine.

  2. Bonnie Holdeman Dalke

    I was wallowing in a period of doubt when I found your book. It is, as others have said above, the most cogent and concise exposition of the Truth of the Matter that I have encountered. I will pass the link on to my very scientifically oriented brother. It strikes me as wonderful how your education has prepared you perfectly for this work. Another person so prepared and equally but differently effective is Pamela Kribbe. Thank you so very much.

  3. I read all 17 chapters and I admire the way you write! Balanced, concise and easy to grasp and puts very nicely every concept into the table. So I recommend it to anyone who may be scratching their heads about fringe topics.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, It was wonderful.

  4. Hui, I just finished Bridge to Earth – thanks again for your excellent work. Your writing is very eloquent and easy to read, and it’s obvious that this material comes straight from the heart. I really liked how you incorporated both scientific and metaphysical perspectives, as it gave the book a good balance, and makes it easier for me to share with others who require more “hard evidence” than myself to take these concepts seriously.

  5. Thank you so much! Like you, I’ve been compiling pearls of wisdom and have worked on keeping an open mind and filtering through my heart and intution. I’ve had all these pieces and I was even thinking of creating a wall map to see where they were tied together. You saved me a lot of time! As I was reading your journey, I couldn’t put it down. I kept saying, yes, yes, yes. I found so much validation (I’m not crazy after all :). The next question is: What can I do to help? How do we come together? On 11/11/11 a new movie and website was launched thrivemovement.com
    I’m hoping this is a viable group to help the momentum. I just feel like I need to do something, but I don’t know what. I’ve lost two jobs in the past 2 years, and I’m certain the reason is I need to do something else now. Any insight anyone can share about moving into the new reality and coming togehter as a community would be awesome. Thank you again!

    • Hi, CalSoul,
      I loved the joy and enthusiasm coming through your comment– your feelings are infectious! Thank you! Yes, I personally know about losing jobs and being turned down for traditional jobs over and over again till you surrender to the “assignment” you really came here to do. I’m feeling around myself, as you are, regarding what it takes to move into our new reality and coming together as a community. I just know that each person has unique gifts that can be contributed which are very valuable to the whole, and that we need to collaborate, work together. Personally I think that the first step is to follow our passion and do what gives us joy, whatever that may be. It may take courage to follow your passion, because it means fully expressing (exposing!), and giving from, your true Self, but it is a unique and precious gift that no one else can contribute to our new reality. I think this will naturally open up opportunities for connecting with others who are like-minded, maybe even in ways that you did not imagine. Another thing of course is to support the movements in motion right now. I was recently at a “We’re the 99%” gathering, and wow! I was so moved by the feeling of solidarity and awakening. While I knew most of the people there may not believe many of the things that I do (extraterrestrials, etc.), seeing people from all walks of life becoming aware and awakening to new possibilities was just an indescribable experience. I know it is the oldest, most general, fairy-tale advice in the book: “Follow your heart, follow your joy, follow what you love to do” but it is one that I’m trying to follow in my life to contribute and connect with others. Wishing you the best! Hui Sun

  6. Hi Hui Sun 🙂 Thank you for sharing your journey. My journey isn’t the same but so much of it is similar… Similar pieces of the puzzle that fell into place. Not everyone in my life agrees or understands (but they have their own journey) so finding others who share the beliefs is always cool. And I’m always meeting more and more who do! I wish you lots of love and joy 🙂

    • Yes, it *is* very cool to find others who share similar beliefs. I’m hoping I’ll soon meet more people like you in my own physical life, and it’ll be commonplace to talk about things like this! Thank you for your good wishes and wishing you much of the same.

  7. gina trengrove

    Hui Sun, found a link to you bridging earth art tonight and read your book,
    Thank you for sharing your journey, inspiring and enlightening and similiar to mine. I will share with friends who are seeking answers to their questions especially regarding 2012 as you communicate in a precise, scientific and understandable way.
    Thank you love, light and blessings on your journey* gina

    • Gina, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words! I really appreciate hearing from like-minds and fellow souls on the journey. Many blessings, Hui Sun

  8. Wonderful!! I enjoyed reading someone else’s account of connecting the dots and arriving at basically the same conclusions that I have reached. Thank you.


  9. You are most welcome. Keep the good work in progress.

  10. I have been a student of astrology and metaphysics for 56 years. Your exposition of these multiple subjects juxtaposed to science and religion are the clearest and best that I have read. I greatly appreciate your work. John ‘Liber Artos’ Sanger.

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