16. Consciously Creating Our World

Bridge to Earth

I believe that we live in an immensely privileged time, a pivotal time, in which we have the opportunity to build our world the way we envision it from scratch.  There is a reason that each one of us is here and now.

When I was younger, I used to wonder what “raising the consciousness” meant, when I heard it being used by this or that activist group.  I think I now know.  It’s simply being open to the possibility of something new.  Nothing can be created in our physical world unless our minds open up to the possibility that it can happen, that we are first able to envision it in our world.  There was a time in the U.S. history when the consciousness in this country about the civil rights of African Americans was low.  At that time, no one could even imagine a black person voting, owning land, or having other rights as a white (male) U.S. citizen.  Through the passions of countless people over the years, the consciousness on that situation was lifted to the point where almost everyone could envision it as a possibility in his or her mind (whether he or she agreed with it or not), and thus it was able to eventually materialize into creation in our world.  Right now, in our current time, our consciousness about free energy is not high.  Not enough people can actually envision the possibility in our world of being able to harness free energy– the ultimate clean and sustainable energy.  However, consider how it is that the electron continues to orbit around the atom, rather than plunge into the nucleus as predicted by Maxwell’s equations.  It is the drawing of energy from some source that is keeping the atoms of our body, as well as those of rocks and all matter, from collapsing.  Energy may be conserved on a universal scale, but this energy source that is keeping the atoms going is certainly freely available to us and to the rest of matter.  Technology to tap into free energy for our specific purposes is being researched and developed, but not enough people are aware of it, believe in it, or support those who are working on it or have worked on it in the past.  When one day soon, when almost everyone can imagine it as a possibility in our world, it will come into creation.  What the human mind in harmony can do in our physical world is real.

It’s becoming more important now than ever before to just start visualizing and daydreaming playfully about our future, without being limited by the boundaries of our present.[1] How do you want our world to be?  How do you want our food to be grown and obtained?  How would you like to communicate with each other?  How do you want our schools to be, and our children to be educated?  How do you imagine the exchange of goods and services to take place?  What do you envision for our transportation?  How do you imagine getting energy for heating, lighting, and running our machines?  What will be the nature of our home and housing?  What about the nature of our communities?  What do you really want to do for work– which way of contributing to the world will bring you joy?  Go ahead and let your imagination free!  If enough people imagine and desire this world, it will come into being.  Thought waves of similar frequencies will resonate and vibrate in synchronicity.  The actions will naturally follow, if our focus is there.

I believe that one of the most critical elements for success at this time in creating our new world is the coming together of people in their local communities.  The group channeled by Steve Rother says of this time, “Strength does not lie in numbers of mankind, but rather in the number of unions of mankind.”  In my dreams, I envision people with common interests coming together in the light of discoveries about themselves and their world.  Perhaps it would start with just two friends exchanging emails about an experience, a trio of parents chatting on the school playground about what they’ve read, a gathering of a few co-workers at the lunch table discussing an interesting observation, or several people at a party or a family gathering having an out-of-the-ordinary conversation.  But slowly, small groups of people will meet, in homes, coffee shops, parks, meeting rooms.  Each will bring his or her unique experiences in life and areas of passion to the group.  Perhaps many will gather just to connect and talk about their new discoveries.  Perhaps an idea will be sparked, somewhere, by someone or two.  Perhaps a teacher, a public speaker, and a game designer will come up with a new way of educating.  Perhaps a young person who had volunteered in a third-world county, an engineer, and an entrepreneur will meet to discuss an idea for a new technology.  Perhaps a gardener, a biologist, and a contractor will come together to create a new local business.  As these projects grow and gather momentum, each small group will find that its desires and interests overlap with those of another small group, of other small groups.  In my mind, I envision what has started as tiny pinpoints of light scattered around the globe grow in brightness, till their outward-reaching rays all overlap and connect to make one brilliant, glowing ball of Earth.  I envision that it is already happening.

I believe that our journey through this time can be as smooth as silk.  Indeed, I’m so excited for our world, for us!  Perhaps we’ll look back on this time asking ourselves, “What was all that hoopla about 2012?  Our world is better than ever before,” all the while not fully appreciating the amazing feat that we accomplished.

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[1] Karen Bishop’s mini e-books wonderfully explain our creative role in the new world, and can be found on her website: http://www.emergingearthangels.com (Note, 11/02/10 : Original contents are no longer available on this site).