15. All Things Secret

Bridge to Earth

All things are indeed related.  While watching the video interviews about our interactions with extraterrestrials on the Project Camelot website, I came across on the same site,  interviews of people who had first-hand information about secret societies– powerful, secretive elite that has had control over wealth, governments, and incredibly advanced technologies throughout the history of the humankind.  On November 2009, I watched a short video that pulled together these “secrets” in very simple, big-picture terms.[1] Talk about fear cropping up!  But by this time, I was beginning to see how fear works.

There is such a monumental amount of information available to the public about these “secrets,” that these issues can hardly be called secret anymore.[2] The discernment of truth about this topic is admittedly not easy, due to the sheer amount and scope of information which is difficult to believe, and because it hits so close to home– our immediate, daily lives.  But again, following my “dots” through my interests and readings, and connecting them through my discernment, I have come to believe the big picture of it.  The basic outline is that almost all power and wealth on our planet today are controlled by a very small group of families who have lineages that date back to the ancient Egyptian times.  Because these few people have global financial control through the central banking systems, they have control over the world’s governments and the media– in essence, our lives and what we think.  As covert, privately-owned corporations, their operations are based out of three locations around the world which function as separate, sovereign states outside the jurisdiction of the host countries, covering monetary, military, and religious foci.  This empire has been responsible for the financing and profiting from both sides of the world wars and other world conflicts, and for economic subjugation of the masses by taxation through governments.  They have had their presence in the United States government since very early in its history.  They have access to technologies so advanced beyond what is currently known and available to the public that their technologies look like science fiction.  They have retained power through secrecy, but their symbols can be seen in plain view everywhere.[3]

It is the belief that these people, at least those in the upper echelons,  have retained the knowledge of extraterrestrials who intervened in the early part of the human history.[2] Unlike most of the general population, these people are fully aware of the literal power of the mind that humans possess.  The knowledge of this “magic” has been passed down through their generations, although it has been twisted almost beyond recognition, I’ve heard.  Unlike most of the general population, they recognize that we are currently living in a pivotal time of transition in human history, and see it as their opportunity.

It is my belief that the workings of this “secret” power are not supported by the new energies of our transition.  As many others do, I see the crumbling of the current economies as evidence of the fall of the powers that have been in place.  Over the years, these groups have been weakened by the history of in-fighting among the different families for control, the breaking-away of those born into their organizations who do not wish to be a part of them, and the massive financial burden of maintaining their global secrecy.  The crumbling away and the financial “troubles” of our times are just another physical manifestation of the energy of the old Earth leaving.

What will be left behind then?  It is new energy, to be shaped by us, who have become aware of who we are and who have come into our power.  The old energy is being cleared out by natural processes, in natural order, and we are supported by the new energy at this time.[4] Do open your eyes and become aware of what has been in our world.  However, it is critical at this time to turn your focus toward what you desire, rather than toward what you do not desire.  According to the universal law of attraction, energy flows to where attention is focused.[5] That is where creations will manifest.  Our job is to turn our focus to start building the world as we want it.  And the point of power is now.

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