14. Note: About Moving Through Fear

Bridge to Earth

I remember once lending my copy of the book Journey of Souls to a friend.  She returned it almost immediately, and I remember saying to her, “Wow, you went through that pretty fast.”  She admitted to me that she quit reading the book after the first few pages because “it creeped her out.”  I was puzzled by her response at the time.  Then I remembered!  How could I possibly forget!  I remembered how scared I was myself when first encountering the contents of the book.  It was all about death and spirits, for goodness sake!  I remember reading the book in complete fascination that night, leaving it on the nightstand next to my bed before getting ready to sleep, and feeling extremely uncomfortable.  First I turned it over so the cover wouldn’t be facing me.  Then I took it out of the room.  Finally I turned off the light and went to bed, cowering under my covers and trying not to imagine a bunch of ghosts standing around my bed.  Considering for the first time– truly and seriously considering– the possibility of spirits existing and that in fact I was a spirit myself in a physical disguise was disturbing and scary.  It meant there were fundamental realities that I never fathomed, and mysterious, unknown things that could possibly harm me or at the very least scare the living daylights out of me.  Now, years later, I am empowered to realize my spiritual nature.  I am greatly comforted by the presence of other spirits– higher-dimensional beings– surrounding me, standing by me.

Fear has cropped up every time I confronted information or situations that challenged my current belief system (my “B.S.,” as so humorously put, on Steve Rother’s website).[1] It has been my first response, at every stage of my journey, when the foundation of my belief system was rocked.

But I found that it is true what has been said through the ages: to move through fear, you must meet it face to face.  One can never go around fear, for then it will always be there.  One can only move through fear.  For me, simply learning more about the topic, reading about it from different angles and various sources, using my power to discern, and drawing my own conclusions and big pictures, have helped me to move through fear.  I found that it is the unknown that generates fear.  The wild imagination fills the huge gaps in knowledge, giving credence to the old saying that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.  I found that the sword that cuts through fear is knowledge itself– knowledge and more knowledge.

I remember encountering fear in the process of pondering ascension.  Up to that point, I had only been exposed to the transformational view of ascension, which filled me with indescribable joy, excitement, and wonderment at the process.  Then I began to encounter information from the catastrophic perspective.  Are there going to be huge upheavals of Earth that will wipe out most of humanity?  Is there going to be a mad scramble for survival among the few who are left?  Will some people make it and some not?  Does ascending mean my body is going to die?  What are all those prophecies about?  In trying to piece together a consistent big picture, I learned so much.  I found that each person has a choice in this process.  And we affect the outcome.  We affect how the Earth will move and its weather patterns.  We have free will and so much power.  We’ll still have our bodies, we’re already in the midst of the process, and the ancient Mayans never said that the world was going to end– just their calendar.

As I mentioned earlier, I encountered fear when first learning about extraterrestrials.  Some information I read of extraterrestrial activities on Earth seemed stomach-lurchingly evil, inhumane, and dark.  I tried to avoid learning more about this for a long time.  But little by little, I was intrigued.  The courage came from my desire to learn the truth about my world, whatever it turned out to be, and even if it was just my truth.  Over time, I found myself coming back to certain websites for more information.  As I delved more into diverse aspects of the topic and began to learn more, my fear gradually dissipated.  I began to piece together a picture of what the “negative” extraterrestrials, the miniscule percentage who had been allowed in, wanted– their strengths, their weaknesses, their desires, and their needs.  I learned about the huge variety of extraterrestrials with their complex histories, and came to think of them simply as people like you and me, people who live on different planets in the galaxy and who are subject to the same pitfalls, growths, and progress as any groups of people on Earth.  I have read that supposedly, most extraterrestrials are “much more enjoyable to spend time with than people on Earth here, because they have a much higher sense of morality, compassion, and balance, as people.”[2] I began to learn about their cultures, philosophies, and their views of us.  I learned of the amazing abilities that Earth humans had, our lineage and uncontrolled powers that made us both respected and feared.  I learned about the vast sea of extraterrestrial beings who are interested in and concerned about our success and growth.  In learning about extraterrestrials, I learned about humanity and humanity’s power.  In learning about extraterrestrials, I found the place of Earth humans in the context of the whole galaxy.  I found out more about the universe that we inhabited together.  Had I turned away and not confronted this topic, I would have always been in fear of it, only in fear of it.

Rising above fear has a lot to do with seeing things from a neutral standpoint, the higher perspective from which the positive and negative polarities have been integrated.  It is not seeing things so starkly good and evil, white and black, light and dark, but seeing that there is a purpose to each of their existence.  It is through the interactive dance of polarities that growth occurs.  It is a very empowering perspective.

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