13. Extraterrestrials

Bridge to Earth

Okay, what do extraterrestrials have to do with discovering my reality?  That’s what I was asking myself as I kept running into references to extraterrestrials during my information search about healing, spirituality, consciousness, and ascension.  I had never paid too much attention to the extraterrestrial and UFO phenomenon before, although I’ve always believed that with the staggering number of star systems out there, intelligent life outside Earth must surely exist.  I don’t know about you, but the brief, haphazardly-acquired information about direct human experiences with extraterrestrials for me up to this point has been about abductions, where humans were probed and prodded in the most humiliating way, and that some of the key leaders of the most powerful nations around world turn into shape-shifting reptilian aliens at night.  Any UFO crashes have been covered up by the government, to be shrouded forever in dark mystery.  Yes, in some abductions, there are reports of people being advised to wisen up and stop destroying Earth, but in any case, the thought of extraterrestrial life with vast technological advances beyond ours who could turn on us was– well, let’s stuff that one in the closet and never think about it.

In other words, I was in fear of this topic, which is why I knew so little about it.  And I knew so little about it, which was why I was in fear of this topic.  It is a cycle.

What I have uncovered in my journey of discovery about extraterrestrials is still huge and complex to me, but I will do my best to present my perspective as clearly as possible.

The most profound belief I have come to adopt regarding extraterrestrials is that we are genetically related to them.  In other words, we are literally cousins of extraterrestrial beings from different corners of our galaxy, sharing common ancestors.  Yes, the premise is that the Universe is teeming with intelligent life much like ourselves in many respects, and Earth has been visited by these extraterrestrial beings from times before the appearance of the first modern Earth man.

It is through the connection of many “dots” which kept popping up in my face, that I integrated this view.  I first got an inkling of this story when I came upon the website of “a messenger of an off-world council” of an extraterrestrial “galactic federation,”[1] while looking for information about emotional healing and ascension.  On this website, I found a fascinating, fantasy-like account of the galactic history of humankind and our connection to the extraterrestrial beings.  I remember being not at all comfortable with this information, not believing the entire story though I sensed a seed of truth, and trying to distance myself from it.  However, I was soon led back to the topic of extraterrestrials through David Wilcock’s website,[10] which I frequent for its in-depth scientific perspectives on ascension and the human spiritual nature.  From this website, which treats the existence of extraterrestrial life and our contact with them as a given, I learned of the concept of “disclosure,”[2] a current movement backed by numerous credible witnesses to bring into public knowledge the suppressed information about the existence of extraterrestrial beings and government interactions with them.  Mr. Wilcock’s site led me to the Project Camelot site,[3]where Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan had produced and posted video interviews of him.  On the Project Camelot website, I was able to view a host of in-depth video interviews of real-life “whistle-blowers”– scientists, government workers, military personnel– who came forth to speak of their direct, government-sanctioned experiences with extraterrestrials.  Subsequently, I read books by Zecharia Sitchin,[4] a scholar of ancient languages who deciphered the Sumerian scripts that speak of gods from space among the ancient Mesopotamians, and advanced technologies which aided in the birth of modern civilizations.  I have also read materials of, and heard speak, Miriam Delicado[5] and Alex Collier,[6] extraterrestrial contactees who have had onboard, face-to-face contacts.  I have also read materials by Lyssa Royal[7] and others who have channeled information about extraterrestrials.  The channelings of Kryon, which also refer to extraterrestrials, have been with me all along.

Not every detail matched, and there is conflicting information even among people living the experience, but a consistent overall picture emerged for me.  What I have come to believe in my search is that evolved extraterrestrials who visited Earth at least a hundred thousand years ago deliberately seeded the modern people of Earth.  Apparently, genetic manipulation is a well-developed and widely-used technology among advanced extraterrestrial species of this galaxy, who are bipedal humanoids who look not too unlike ourselves.  In fact, some extraterrestrials are said to be indistinguishable from the Earth humans in appearance, which makes sense if we are indeed related to them.  As a result of political and historical reasons not completely clear to me, the people of Earth are unique among the galactic species because of their particularly diverse and rich genetics, containing the DNA of many extraterrestrial species.   Indeed, Alex Collier’s extraterrestrial sources speak of the Earth humans as a “genetic royalty.”  According to various sources, the Earth humans have significantly enhanced creative capabilities, perhaps due to this rich genetic diversity and/or other factors.  This creative power as I interpret it is the ability to manipulate physical matter with thought, to manipulate energy without material-based technology.  However, somewhere in the early history of Earth humans, the memory and the potential of this power were restricted, whether through a genetic manipulation, soul choice, or other reasons, which are currently being overcome with the ascension process.

There is great interest in Earth and her humans among the extraterrestrials, especially during this time of transformation.  The reasons are complex and of many layers.  To communicate these reasons effectively, I need to back up and give a broader metaphysical perspective on the evolvement process of the universe, as I understand it.[8] I have read that there is a continuum of spiritual, or energetic, evolution levels in the universe, starting from the first dimension up to the eighth or even higher dimensions, depending on the source.  The third dimension in which we currently exist is characterized by physical bodies and the first appearance of self-awareness.  As the dimensions and the corresponding frequencies get higher, there is an increase in consciousness, compassion, wisdom, lightness or rarefication of the body, and an understanding of the connection with the rest of the universe, until at the highest evolutionary level, an immersion with the ultimate Creator occurs.  There are beings scattered throughout this evolutionary spectrum in our universe, just as Earth beings are currently in the third dimension in transition to the next evolutionary step(s) up.  Of those beings who are not too much further up from us, there seem to be those who are interested in learning from us or about us, whether in our rich genetics, our huge emotional capacity, or our ability to create at will without even realizing it (thus fearing us as we may fear a child with a gun), to help solve their problems or otherwise better their species.  Earth also seems to be caught in the midst of an eons-old, very complicated political conflict on the galactic scale between the “service to self” and “service to others” groups, both with whom we share our genetics and are thus related.   (Galactic history, politics, and “karmic resolutions” can get very complicated because the more technologically-advanced beings have mastered not only space travel but time travel.)  From my understanding, the universe is hugely skewed toward the “service to others” philosophy, with the “service to self” group making up a very small minority, especially as the dimensions get higher.  Because of this, we have always had available the assistance– of an unimaginable magnitude– of so many evolved beings whose very joy and reason for being are to be of service to those in their growth process.  It is up to the Earth human to use his or her free will, and become aware enough to tap into this source of assistance.  From the higher vantage points, there is an understanding that all things and all events are intrinsically connected, and that the effects of Earth’s shift will have its reverberations.  From the highest dimensions, the whole process is being lovingly watched over and cared for, planets and galaxies being moved around and worlds being created to move the process along.

Not to be Earth-centric, but I do distinctly get the idea from diverse readings that Earth and her people have a special place and role in our galaxy.  Besides the uniquely diverse genetics and our distinctive creative capabilities, I have also read information such as that Earth has been the only planet of complete free will until recently, that our planet has been quarantined for some reason, that we are a galactic experiment, and that the well-being and balance of the rest of the galaxy may hinge on our successful transition.  Supposedly, no beings of extraterrestrial origins are allowed to enter our Earth space without our consent, which may be explicit or implicit.

There are many people today who are working to disclose the ongoing relationships between the extraterrestrials and our governments around the world.  There is even an active discipline– exopolitics– which focuses on the study of the politics of human interaction with extraterrestrial life.[9] Personally, I support the revealing of the truth of this relationship.   It opens up a whole world– information about our origin and our past, the possibilities of our future, a doorway to the realization of our full potential, and the taking of our rightful place among the greater galactic community.  It is our birthright to know who we are.

Any of this sound unbelievable?  Please, don’t take my word for it.

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