12. Note: About Discernment

Bridge to Earth

In my view, discernment is a critical starting point in your journey of discovery.  Through discernment, you are taking absolute responsibility for what you choose to believe and why.  Thus you are taking complete self-responsibility for defining your reality.

There is a lot of information out there, especially now that we have the internet.  Some of the information is conflicting, everything from where the chakras are located, to the more emotionally-challenging, catastrophic versus transformational views of the 2012 phenomenon.  How do you find your truth as you approach this vast sea of new information?

My personal belief is that there can never be enough evidence to prove anything, at least to me.  So while I know that I don’t need absolute proof (whatever that is) to believe what I choose to believe, even at the beginning of this journey, I didn’t buy everything that I read or heard.  From the beginning, what I knew was that there were some words that I read or heard that “rang true” to me, deep in my core.  It was as if I had known it all along in the back of my mind, but had forgotten it and remembered it fully again upon reading it.  These moments are epiphanies.  They touch me emotionally.  There is energy to the words.  I have read that when your Higher Self and the “personality” self are in agreement, there is a feeling of joy, a resonance from being in tune.[1] In this way, emotion is a good gauge of the resonance between the spirit and the body.  But also, for me, logic plays a part, too.  This new bit of perspective or information somehow had to make sense, in its own way, with the ever-changing and growing body of beliefs I held.  So I use both my intuition and my intellect to choose what becomes part of my reality.  This is how I discern.

With some new information or perspective, as crazy as it sounds, all the bells are going off and it’s easy to know that it’s truth for me.  But sometimes, it’s a little more difficult, especially if there are conflicting perspectives from two sources which seem to come from a place of sincerity.  I found it surprising that for me, it is not necessarily the “nice” or the “higher-vibrating” quality that pulls me.  I have visited “angelic” websites that offer slightly different perspectives, whose words I find very beautiful and loving, but not all of them attract me, “ring” with me.  I can’t explain why.  It is not just the words, but something at a vibrational level that touches and connects with me.  When that connection happens, I find myself thinking, “Aha, somehow I have always known this to be true.”

Sometimes, I may not have paid much attention to a material last week, but this day, in this moment, it has all the meaning in the world for me, and it seems as if it were written specifically for me.  I think it has to do with the timing, and that relevant information comes to each person at the right moment.  Some people call this synchronicity.

Sometimes, a piece of information fills me with fear– perhaps it’s too different from what I currently believe, or I don’t like the possible consequences if that information were to be true.  But after going away from it and learning about other things, very disparate things, I come back to it after having connected more dots, and it no longer seems so scary.  It even feels true.  What I have chosen to believe has changed once I moved beyond the fear.

Defining our reality is certainly a process– and a dynamic one, as we all know too well.

Please, take time to validate what you read or hear (including the contents of this book) by listening to yourself through your intuition and intellect.  Everything that is spoken or written by a human being necessarily comes through that person’s filter– his or her own life experiences, beliefs, thoughts.  Do the research, expose yourself to a wide spectrum of sources, follow what you are passionate about learning, and come to your own conclusions.  It is always your choice and your responsibility what you choose to believe and why.  It is your journey.

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[1] Hicks, Esther and Jerry.  The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.  USA: Hayhouse, Inc., 2006.