11. Ascension

Bridge to Earth

I went to the internet to try to figure out what had happened.  Ah, the internet!  It has been an amazing and limitless source of information for me, almost like a primitive, physically-wired version of the consciousness field that I believe we live in.  I had been following the website of Lee Carroll, a channel for an angelic being called Kryon,[1] who spoke of the “shift”– a massive, transformative shift in energy that Earth and her people are currently undergoing.  Kryon’s messages had been particularly attractive to me, as he often wove together fascinating science with his loving and illuminating spiritual messages.  When I went to this website shortly after my experience of January 2008, I found that transcriptions of two channelings had just been posted, distinguished from the other postings with pink highlight and  bold, red “IMPORTANT” stamps.  These channelings spoke of the transition between the years 2007 and 2008 as being one of the milestones in the ongoing process of the shift, as a time of completion (2007) and new beginning (2008).  Kryon advised those hearing the message to just hold on at this time, as it is a time when the familiar old energy is leaving and being replaced by a powerful, enhanced, new energy.  The contents of these messages helped me fit my particular experience of January 2008 into a bigger picture.

Others on the web had also been talking of this energetic shift, or “ascension” that Earth is going through.  This topic had recently begun to attract to my attention, because I was starting to recognize the collection of changes in myself in the past several years, which others were also reporting, as “symptoms” of the ascension.  Certainly, after the experience of January 2008, I became much more focused on learning about this process.  Possible symptoms connected to the ascension include:[2] interruptions in sleep pattern (for me, periodically waking up between 2 am and 4 am for several nights in a row), unfamiliar activity in the head area (tickling sensation on crown of my head, moving pressures inside my head, and points of cool air on my head), extreme sensitivity of any of the five senses to people and environment, drastic changes in eating habits, feeling electrical energy waves through the body, spaciness, memory lapses, flu-like symptoms without actually getting the flu, unexplainable emotional fluctuations, fatigue, increased intuitive abilities and awareness, increased experiences of altered states of consciousness, invisible presences, visions, increased synchronicity in life events, life-altering events that force the slowing down and re-examining of one’s life, past issues coming up for clearing, moving through personal learning at a rapid pace, friendships and other connections suddenly dissolving, a need to clear out and clean out one’s life, a deep need for  introspection and solitude, creativity bursts, a deep yearning for meaning and purpose, an insatiable desire to read everything spiritual, and suddenly having perspectives one would never have considered before.  I am so grateful for the guidance of those who came earlier, who identified these and other “symptoms” on their websites, and shed light on them with explanations and coping strategies.

What exactly is it, this ascension or great shift?  Perhaps you have heard of one perspective of it, the one currently being put forth by the popular media as the 2012 phenomenon, which connects the Mayan calendar to an apocalyptic event in the year 2012.  No one seems to agree on quite what it is, but there is definitely a sense in the air right now, that we are in, or on the brink of, a great change on a global scale.  Perhaps it is the collapsing of our global economy which is causing much hardship around the world, and the sense that business can’t go on as before.  Perhaps it is the controversy about global warming and ice age, and the realization that we face a very uncertain future with the unsustainable way we’re living.  Perhaps it’s the election of the first United States president with a black heritage, who is trying to do things quite differently from the way they have been done in the past.  Perhaps it has to do with the ancient prophecies of the religious scriptures and of the indigenous peoples around the world, which all seem to be saying the same thing, more-or-less.  Or perhaps it has to do with the numerous, catastrophic geophysical changes and weather anomalies that are being experienced around the world.  Personally, I have come to believe that I am a part of something massive that is going on, one that is affecting not just my personal life but the whole of Earth in every respect.  I will share my perspective with you, a mix of science and metaphysics, but please take it as that only– my personal perspective.

According to what I have read and my discernment of those readings, Earth and her humanity are currently undergoing a monumental transformation to a higher vibratory energy level, in which we are shifting to a higher dimension above the third dimension and the dimension of time in which we currently exist.  This is a time of a quantum leap in the evolution of the humankind, in which a profound shift of our consciousness, a rise in our consciousness, will be experienced.  It is a time when we are evolving beyond seeing ourselves as separate beings in survival mode, and see the connection among ourselves and Earth.  It is a time when we will be able to balance and transcend the polarities of light and dark, of good and evil, and see from a higher, integrated perspective.  It is a time when we come into a full realization of our dual spiritual (energy) and biological (matter) nature.  It is a time of reaching heightened compassion and greater harmony.

It is believed that this process is being facilitated by incoming galactic energies, which are reaching Earth via our sun.

It is scientifically known that we receive not only heat and visible light from our sun, but also bombardments of extremely high-energy particles and the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation through periodic solar winds, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections.[3] All this turbulent solar activity arises from the sun’s strong and dynamic magnetic nature.  In fact, the sun’s magnetic field influences all the planets in our solar system through its heliosphere, a massive bubble filled with magnetized solar wind plasma that extends beyond Pluto.  Life on Earth, which depends on the delicate balance of solar energy it receives, is shielded from the detrimental effects of this powerful solar activity by the Earth’s own magnetic field.[4] The intrinsic magnetic field of the Earth interfaces and interacts with the effects of solar magnetism, forming Earth’s magnetosphere.

Just as Earth is influenced by the magnetism of the sun, the sun is influenced by the magnetism of our galaxy.[5] The strongest magnetic field in the galaxy can be found in the galactic center,[6] which emanates very-high-energy electromagnetic rays [7] and harbors a massive compact object obscured from view by interstellar dust.[8] Metaphysically, the galactic center has been referred to as the great central sun, the source of the central force of the galaxy.  The galactic magnetic field lines form an overall spiral pattern, and control the density  and distribution of high-energy particles– the cosmic rays– in the interstellar medium of the galaxy.[9] As our sun orbits around the galaxy every 225-250 million years,[3] taking its planets along for the ride, it naturally travels through areas of varying energy densities.  It is put forth by David Wilcock, [10] a researcher of consciousness with a significant compilation of scientific data, that the entrance of heavenly bodies into areas of higher energy densities in galactic space creates a dimensional shift, or a shift in vibratory rate, in those heavenly bodies.  As I understand it, the space itself– the region of space traversed by the heavenly bodies– is of a higher dimension because of its particular energetics.  It naturally follows that as the sun enters the higher-energy interstellar medium, it transmits the received energy to Earth and other planets within its heliosphere.

How does this translate to human evolvement and the ascension?  It is believed from the metaphysical perspective that the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with the magnetic nature of the human DNA.[11] Although the magnetic properties of DNA have not been well studied by current science, it is now well accepted that DNA can act as an electronic conductor.[12] In fact, recent experimental evidence shows that DNA can act as a superconductor of electric current.[13] It had also been discovered earlier that the structure of the DNA telomere (end of the chromosome) is a closed loop, rather than an open-ended strand as long believed.[14] Thus, the most basic principles of electricity, which say that an electric current flowing through a loop creates a magnetic field, support the presence of a magnetic field in the human DNA.  In this way, through the interfacing of magnetic fields, there is a connection from the energies of the galaxy to the sun to the Earth to the human DNA, and finally to my “ascension symptoms.”  It seems that our very DNA is changing in this ascension process, and in some way that I don’t yet understand, is taking on a higher-dimensional aspect.

One premise that needs to be taken from the outset in this whole perspective that I present is that the galactic energy– or rather, the universal energy– which permeates us and the heavenly bodies, contains intelligent information, which defines and can transform the most basic nature of matter and life.  Indeed, it is my personal belief, as is of many others, that the energy itself is intelligent, it is conscious, it is the “stuff of God,” if you will.  Some call it the consciousness field, and some equate it with pure love.  I realize this is a huge paradigm shift for most people.  However, we have only recently found out how abysmally little we know about the nature of the vast majority of energy and matter in this universe.  In fact, as one NASA website puts it, maybe the 4% normal matter whose properties we do know something about “shouldn’t be called ‘normal’ at all, since it is such a small fraction of the universe.”[15]

Whatever the fundamental nature of energy-matter, we are made of the same stuff– the heavenly bodies and us.  Thus, it is of the metaphysical view that like us, the heavenly bodies, including Earth, are conscious beings.  The Earth, too, is said to be going through her ascension symptoms, along with her people.  The turbulent geophysical disturbances and weather patterns reflect the releasing of the dense energies of Earth’s human inhabitants, which are currently vibrating at an overall level that does not match Earth’s rising vibratory rate.  It is believed that our very consciousness collectively interacts with, and is reflected in, the physical Earth.  Indeed, we are intrinsic parts of each other, Earth and humanity.

The movements of the sun and Earth in the galaxy are periodic and measurable by time, making predictable their positions and orientations in galactic space at any given time.  This advanced knowledge was the basis of the Mayan calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012.[16] This date marks the alignment of the winter solstice sun with the galactic center, during which the galactic center, the sun, and the Earth with its North Pole tilted furthest away from the sun will be perfectly aligned on the equatorial plane of the galaxy.  According to the Mayan calendar, this time will also mark the end of the 25,920-year precessional cycle of Earth, in which the rotational axis of Earth will have traced out a complete circle in the sky through its precession.

Aside from ancient calendars and prophesies, there is quite a bit of scientific observations to suggest that we are indeed in a special time.  A huge amount of scientific data from various sources, relevant to this view, has been pulled together by David Wilcock.[17] It has been speculated by scientists that the journey of the solar system around the galaxy has been a factor in the periodic mass extinctions on Earth, [3] which are followed by a massive rise in the evolution of new species.  A recent study of fossil records uncovered a mass extinction/evolution cycle of every 62 ± 3 million years,[18] placing our present time right on top of the next cycle.  Indeed, environmental scientists say that “the largest mass extinction in 65 million years” is already well under way.[19]

There have also been observations that show that not only Earth, but all the planets in our solar system, are currently experiencing a period of unprecedented, anomalous space weather and global changes.[17] Our sun, which accounts for 99.86% of the mass of the solar system, is the predominant force behind our solar system’s space weather and goes through 11-year cycles of solar activity.[3] The last solar cycle, cycle 23 (1996-2008), showed unprecedented activity, producing the most powerful solar flares on record.[20] During this period, it was found that the sun was more active than it had been for a millennium judging by the sunspot activity,[21] and that the overall strength of the sun’s magnetic field had more than doubled between 1901 and 2000.[22] However, the furious activity of solar cycle 23 has been followed by an unusually deep solar minimum [23] leading into the current solar cycle (cycle 24), a lull in activity which started in 2007 and which was the longest solar minimum in nearly a century.[24] In 2008, scientists announced that that the sun’s heliosphere had weakened by more than 20% since the mid-1990s, bringing it to a 50-year low and compromising its ability to shield the planets in our solar system from the galactic cosmic rays.[25]

Meanwhile, the Earth’s magnetic field, our closest layer of protection from incoming space energies, is weakening and has declined in strength by 10% since the last 150 years.[26] The position of Earth’s magnetic field is also rapidly changing, the fast speeds of its fluctuations and shifting of its magnetic poles surprising scientists and causing speculations of a magnetic pole reversal of Earth.[27] In 2007, NASA discovered a giant breach forming in the Earth’s magnetic field, which was ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist and which formed in a completely anomalous manner, allowing in a torrent of streaming solar wind particles an order of magnitude greater than what was thought possible.[28] Of course, we have been seeing an unprecedented rise in the magnitudes and frequencies of earthquakes, volcanic activity, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, and other disruptive geophysical events, very possibly in connection to the space weather.[17]

As well, reports compiled during the last solar cycle showed that other planets in our solar system are undergoing a variety of anomalous changes, including signs of global warming (Mars), dramatic increase in brightness (Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune), surprisingly substantive magnetic and atmospheric changes (Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn), and increased energetic charge (Jupiter, Saturn).[17] According to Russian scientists, our solar system has been moving into an anomalous area of the interstellar medium with “a highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity.”[17] More recently, according to NASA news, “In 2009, cosmic ray intensities have increased 19% beyond anything we’ve seen in the past 50 years,”[29]due to the lengthy solar minimum.

From the astrophysical perspective, it seems that something is going on at this time.

Naturally, there is a lot of controversy about what it will mean in terms of daily life on Earth as we go through the shift and receive this incoming energy.  Some, as I do, see it as a joyful ending of the old and the beginning of the new, in which the incoming energies will support the rising of our consciousness and a new way of being.  Others are afraid that the incoming energies may be catastrophically disruptive, and lead to a massive ending of life on Earth as we know it.

My belief is that we are already in the midst of this transformational energy, and have been for a long time, since around 1987.[1] It has been calculated that because of the diameter of the sun, it would take about 36 years for the entire sun to pass across the galactic equator, and the precise alignment of the center point of the sun’s body with the galactic equator occurred in 1988.[16] The shifting of Earth is well under way, and you are already seeing what it is like.  What we are experiencing today, in the world at large down to our personal lives, is the transitional phase.  On the planetary level, we’re seeing the turbulent geophysical events.  On the societal level, we’re seeing the crumbling of the old, established ways, in financial structures, in governments, along with an unprecedented rise in the awareness of our global interconnection.  On the personal level, perhaps you are feeling the effects, as I have, in your life and personal growth.  Old energy is being cleared now, making way for the new energy that is coming in and gradually being rooted here.

So Earth is already undergoing the shift according to the predictable cycle of time, but as always has been, each human being has a choice.  As individuals, we can choose to raise our frequencies to match that of Earth’s as she is going through the process.  We can also choose not to, but it will then be a more inconvenient transition, as higher vibrations cannot co-exist with the denser, lower-frequency vibrations.  We as humans of Earth have made such wonderful progress in the very recent years, in our dawning awareness of our responsibility as stewards of our environment, the most basic rights of all living beings, our connection to each other and the rest of Earth.  I have read that we have averted the experience in our reality of the apocalyptic disaster predicted by the numerous ancient prophecies because of our recent choice to rise in group consciousness.  Each one of us is a powerful creator, and each one of us, through our individual choices, has a role in this planetary process.  Collectively, we can influence the very experience of the transition.  As a group, we have the power to affect the the geophysical behavior.  As well, I have read that our bodies, while remaining physical, will change in their intrinsic nature to one that is more compatible with the higher incoming energies.

So, how do you begin the process of raising your consciousness, your vibration, your frequency– whatever you want to call it?  Where in the world do you start?  I once read a very simple advice to this inquiry, which was: “Allow your curiosity to open doors.”[1] I love it!  Just allow your curiosity to open doors and discover the truth about yourself and the world.  Simply intend to be open and to find your truth.  Become aware.  The search, the journey itself, will help the planet vibrate higher.  I believe that once you start the journey of opening yourself to new knowledge and new experiences, the rest will follow.

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