10. Something Happens

Bridge to Earth

It was January of 2008, just at the beginning of the new year.  I had been experiencing difficulty connecting with my spirit guide.  I had been having interrupted sleep, waking up between 2 and 4 am for many nights, sometime for unknown reason, sometimes in the midst of morbid dreams.  I was settling down in bed one night, drifting off to sleep, when I felt my bed start to shake.  Living in California and having experienced minor earthquakes before, I immediately thought that there was an earthquake going on, but I saw nothing else in my room moving but my bed.  Then I realized that it was not so much that the bed was moving, but that it was me vibrating and my vibrations were shaking and rattling the bed.  The powerful vibrations emanated from the core of my body, not from my outer extremities.  Of course, I was scared out of my wits!  In my head, I started to call out to angels and God and whoever else could hear me, to protect me, help me, anyone, please!  I frantically tried to visualize protective light all around me.  The panic!  I eventually jumped out of bed and started walking around, till the sensation gradually went away.  These bodily vibrations came back for several more nights as I settled down to sleep, becoming less and less intense each subsequent night.  Although I’m someone who always feels cold with cold hands and feet, I would wake up in the middle of these winter nights kicking off the covers because I was vibrating, hot, and sweating.  My toes started to get itchy, red, and swollen on top, which I attributed to chilblains arising from the rapid changes in my body temperature.  In those days, even during the waking hours, I felt my body gently vibrate when I had been sitting down quietly for a while, working in front of the computer.

During this period, at night after my kids had gone to bed and the house had settled down, I also heard ringing tones.  It somehow reminded me of the echoing of whale songs, but the ringing tones were more distinct and there was a definite musical quality to them.  I heard them so loudly and clearly, that I initially looked for an outside source instead of assuming that I was hearing it inside my head.  I remember walking around the house with my head tilted, trying to catch the direction of the source.  Unlike the bodily vibrations which had initially frightened me, I found these sounds beautiful and fascinating.  This, too, continued for many nights, although not as loudly and clearly as the first night.  To this day, I can hear this beautiful ringing music.  Many nights, I fall asleep listening to it.

An interesting side effect of this experience is that I started to feel the presence of an amazingly loving, soft, feminine energy whom I visualized in my mind as a beautiful, glowing shepherdess of the Biblical times.  The beauty, purity, and nurturing essence of femininity that she emanated were breathtaking.  Her appearance was followed by a more masculine, yet just as pure, energy.  They were definitely of a different nature than my spirit guide, who was full of personality and with whom I could chat back and forth easily.  These beings felt more like pure light, had less of the human personality, and frustratingly, I could not communicate with them as easily.  Based on what I’ve read and heard in the past, they seemed like angels to me, so that is what I started calling them.  For the next couple of years, they would be the guides with whom I would predominantly choose to consult.

I wondered whether this whole experience was facilitated by the electromagnetic force protector[1] that I had recently installed in the home, which was supposed to provide shielding from man-made electromagnetic waves.  Upon asking during meditation how to help my daughter overcome the constant colds she had that winter, I had been guided to look into electromagnetic radiation– the dense sea of artificially-created energy in which we live our modern lives.[2] I also wondered whether I had gone through a kundalini awakening experience at this time.  I remembered reading that the kundalini, believed by the yogis to be a powerful spiritual energy at the base of the spine, can awaken and rise up the spine with possible heat and vibration accompaniment.

I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but I knew that I had entered a new level.

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[2] For interesting perspectives from a medical researcher, see: Becker, Robert O. and Selden, Gary.  The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. New York: Morrow, 1985.