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Contact in the Desert UFO Conference 2014 (Part 1/3 )

I went to my first UFO conference: Contact in the Desert 2014, on August 8-11, in Joshua Tree, CA. It’s estimated that approximately 2000 people attended this conference, double the attendance from the previous year. I’d like to share my thoughts about the experience, and a little of what I learned.
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As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 2/2): Perspectives for December 21, 2012

What I expect for December 21, 2012 is an extrapolation of what I have been experiencing and observing in others all along during this ascension process. Like the scientist I’m trained to be, I’m looking at the pattern of what has happened up till now, and predicting what would happen if the trajectory continues, for what it’s worth. Please understand that I’m not experiencing a clear, verbal stream of communication through channeling or telepathy from higher-dimensional beings, as those others who have soul missions to do so are. Yes, I am reading those conveyed messages and learning so much from them, but along with those illuminating messages, I’m figuring things out from what I observe directly in myself and the world, and by using my intellect, my intuition, and the deep Earthen wisdom within me.  Just like you.
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As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 1/2): Premise and Experiences

Happy holidays!

How is everyone faring as we approach the end of 2012? As you know, we are in a period of time when we as a human collective on Earth are expecting something GINORMOUSLY SIGNIFICANT to happen, in particular coinciding with the December 21, 2012 restart-of-the-Mayan-calendar date. I suppose we’ve been expecting it since antiquity. I wanted to share with you my personal experiences and perspective on the topic of this “pinnacle time.”
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Solar Activity During 2012

Here is a short commentary from the scientists at The Global Coherence Initiative (See here for an earlier post about the organization and project), with an update about the solar activity in 2012 during our current Solar Cycle 24.

Solar Activity During 2012

February 2012, by Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. of The Global Coherence Initiative 

Thank you for your participation in the Global Coherence Initiative and helping to increase coherence, peace and harmony on our planet.

We have just entered the long awaited year 2012. While there are many prophecies from different cultures about 2012, the one that has received most attention is the end date of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012. Most professional Mayan researchers (Webster, 2007, MacDonald, 2007) see this date as the culmination of a long cycle and the beginning of a new one. They agree that any predication of an apocalypse is a misinterpretation of Mayan history and culture. Continue reading

Documentary Film “THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?”

Imagine actually thriving, rather than just surviving– as an individual, as a global society. I suppose we’ve been living the way we have for so long, that many of us are just now beginning to realize that we have been merely surviving as a global population.  The Arab Spring, the various demonstrations all over the world that ensued it, and the rapidly-spreading Occupy Movement are certainly reflecting our mass awakening to our situation. Not only are these protests very clearly showing our dissatisfaction with the status quo, but most importantly, they are showing that we hold the glimmer of hope that things can be different, that things can be changed. We would not be putting ourselves out there without this hope, this vision of something new, however tiny or unshaped. It is no small accomplishment to have reached this stage, where enough of us can envision the possibility of a new way of living, of actually thriving. Bravo! It will be the seed of our change.

I was recently made aware of the documentary film THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? which will be premiering on-line at, on Friday, 11/11/11. It is based on 50 years of research that aims to uncover the variety of issues that got us to this moment in time, and offers solutions to move us into a world in which we can thrive. Continue reading

Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (2/3): Interpretation

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What’s Going On?

What I have learned to appreciate is that not only are our spiritual body and consciousness going through a radical transformation at this time, but something very real is happening with our physical bodies as well. As Lauren Gorgo’s sources say, “…the physical apparatus (the biology suit) that houses the spirit body is actually as malleable and adaptable to change (mutation) as the spiritual body itself…”[1] Somehow, it’s easier for the 3D mind to accept that our nonmaterial soul or consciousness is evolving very quickly at this time, but our physical bodies seem… well, so solid and not as capable of a quick, drastic evolution within a person’s lifetime. That defies the laws of biology, doesn’t it? (Doesn’t it?) But I think most of us have already experienced in our lifetime that there is an intimate connection between our physical bodies and our emotional bodies (emotions), and between our physical bodies and mental bodies (mental states); for example, anger or stress can make us physically sick (sometimes immediately), and maintaining an uplifted and positive attitude can have a tremendous healing effect on our physical bodies. In the same way, there is an inter-relation between our physical and spiritual bodies. In fact, what we are experiencing at this time through the ascension process, according to Lauren Gorgo’s sources, is the actual “merging of spirit and matter.” It is this fusing of spirit and matter that many are referring to as “physical ascension.” Continue reading

Connection between Solar Activity, Geophysical Activity, and Life

I wanted to share with you an article I just stumbled upon, which is a  beautifully-written summary of the connection between solar activity, Earth’s geophysical activity, and the human body from a more scientific perspective. Continue reading