I believe that we live in an immensely privileged time, a pivotal time, in which we have the opportunity to build our world the way we envision it from scratch. There is a reason that each one of us is here and now.  

Something very real is happening to people on a planetary scale at this time– on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. We are going through a quickened evolutionary period which is transforming us at a profoundly fundamental level. Although this phenomenon has not yet been recognized by our scientific and medical communities, information and experiences of it are being widely blogged by the growing numbers who are going through the process consciously. The world collective, too, is at unrest– still largely unaware of the process but increasingly affected.

With the full realization of our expansive human potential comes the opportunity to leave behind the old world that we passively allowed to happen, and to consciously create the world that we desire.

My story is that of an ordinary scientist mom who woke to a reality that was far beyond what she had been trained to believe as a scientist. The experience brought a profound shift in the way I view our world and ourselves, literally opening multiple dimensions. I have recounted my entry into this consciousness in the online book Bridge to Earth. My story is not a unique one– many people have similar stories at this time.

A fair warning: Some contents of this site may challenge your current belief system.   Please exercise your power of discernment, and remember that you alone have the responsibility in choosing what and why you believe.

Happy Journeying, and thank you for being here.

Hui Sun


To assist us to live freely and realize the highest potential of our creative power

site Author

Hui Sun Kim, Ph.D. is a writer, scientist, artist, and conscious creator currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area, USA.

5 responses to “About


    Hi HUI.I have come across your web site accidentally. But realized later this is the one I was longing for years. I too have parallel views to share in the days to come.

  2. Vanessa Garrett

    Bless you for sharing your experiences on line. They resonate with my own journeying and are enormously helpful at this time

  3. I love your site. It’s so cosmic! I’ve been meditating for over 15 years and studying spiritual cosmic knowledge for nearly 20, but I have to say the shift in my energy, understanding and overall consciousness has really quickened in the last couple of years. I’m especially thrilled because I used to feel very different from most of humanity, but now it seems more and more people are ‘waking up’.

  4. Thank You. Much Gratitude!!!

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