Contact in the Desert UFO Conference 2014 (Part 1/3 )

I went to my first UFO conference: Contact in the Desert 2014, on August 8-11, in Joshua Tree, CA. It’s estimated that approximately 2000 people attended this conference, double the attendance from the previous year. I’d like to share my thoughts about the experience, and a little of what I learned.

Overall impression

To establish where I’m coming from, I have never felt that great inner push to learn ufology. It’s surprising to me, as I passionately believe that our interaction with extraterrestrial beings is a critical component of moving forward in our evolution and achieving our higher-dimensional existence. I believe that my lack of a “burning desire to know” is because: (1) I’m not a starseed. I define “starseeds” as people whose souls incarnated predominantly on planets other than Earth, in numerous past lives. These people feel an incredibly strong, often life-long association to off-planet home and peoples. On the other hand, I relate strongly to planet Earth, even feeling, strangely enough, as if I were a part of physical Earth millions of years ago. (2) In my personal truth, I already KNOW the extraterrestrial beings are out there and we are interacting with them, much of the interactions being interdimensional. Since it is a given in my personal truth, I’m not so hungry for physical validation.

However, I did feel that “strong inner push” to attend this conference.  I had wondered what kind of people go to UFO conferences (Yes, I had my prejudices). I found out: People Like Me. It was a bit of a home-coming. I met people of every profession and walk of life– a bank teller, nurse, engineers, pilot, scientists, machinist, retired military people, psychologist, marketing person, yoga instructor, web designer, artist, real estate specialist, business owners, you name it. I met no-nonsense, fact-driven types and intuitive “New Age hippie” types (I say that with affection), and everyone in-between. Here’s what they had in common: They see the big picture– the grand connection among our hidden history involving extraterrestrials, what is going on in our world, the future of humankind, and the limitless human potential that most people don’t dare to even imagine. They were really savvy– they knew a lot about history, the sciences, technology, health and medicine, government and politics, current events, and the power of our consciousness, and were bright-eyed to learn more. They were passionate, open-minded, independently-thinking, and excited about our future. They were awake. I imagined a time when the whole world is like this and everyone is sharing this reality.

The speakers covered a diverse range of topics, from UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, and the disclosure movement, to ancient  history, modern history, advanced technology, archeology, consciousness, cosmology, spirituality, and health and medicine. Attending the lectures, it was immediately obvious that the speakers were, without exception, extraordinarily intelligent, strikingly articulate, and charismatic people (charismatic because they engaged with others from the truth of who they are) who would have been at the top of their professions had they stayed in the mainstream. However, they risked their careers, reputation, financial security, safety, and in some cases even their lives, to pursue their research or advocacy and to publicly share this information. Their passion for their work was palpable, and it was absolutely clear that they were being driven by the sincere desire to be of service. They are what I would call “advocates for the human potential.” I was inspired.

This post is not meant to be a journalistic coverage of the conference, but a share of personal impressions and thoughts based on the lectures I chose to attend. I have loosely grouped the speakers I will be discussing into the following categories:

  1. Science and Technology: Michael Tellinger, [William Brown/ Nassim Haramein], Steven Greer
  2. Ancient History: Eric Von Daniken, Byron Belitsos
  3. Modern History/Current Events: Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, Michael Salla, Donald Schmidtt, Yvonne Smith, James Gilliland

Science and Technology



Michael Tellinger is a South African explorer and researcher of an ancient advanced civilization in the southern tip of Africa, which existed approximately 200,000 years ago and where he believes humankind originated. His research suggests that the Sumerians (dated 6000 years ago and generally credited to have formed the first human civilization) and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from this civilization in southern Africa. As a scholar of Zecharia Sitchin’s work, he believes that the first humans were developed as a slave race by the extraterrestial beings Anunnaki to mine gold, and that the over-one-million stone circle ruins left behind on the South African mountains by this civilization had something to do gold mining.

Stone circles in southern Africa, image by Michael Tellinger

Stone circles in southern Africa, image by Michael Tellinger

He suggested that the stone structures were built with sound technology, and that the peculiar cone-shaped stone tools found scattered in the area were instruments used in the sound technology work. He talked about Adam’s Calendar, a particular stone structure among the stone circle ruins that was not only used as a calendar (aligned with the N,S,E,W cardinal points of Earth), but also emits very powerful electromagnetic frequencies (14.5 GHz, up to 120 decibels), has an unusual heat signature, and confuses the GPS. He theorizes that the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa (1899-1902) between the British Empire and the Boers (Dutch settlers of South Africa)– the most expensive war fought by the British Empire up to the time–was motivated by the British Crown’s belief that Paul Kruger (then president of the Boer-run country South African Republic) had discovered the vast gold reserves stored in the area from the time of the Anunnaki.

While I was fascinated by the history and archeology in Tellinger’s lectures, what captivated me the most was his discourse on sound as the basis for creation. It’s a topic that I had been exploring since listening to Matias de Stefano’s talks and seeing Hans Jenny’s work on cymatics, but one that I was not quite able to grasp intellectually. What triggered that moment of epiphany for me was when Tellinger emphasized that sound is three-dimensional, and put up a slide showing John Steward Reid’s image of the three-dimensional sound bubble.

Sound bubble from violin, image by John Stewart Reid

Sound bubble from violin, image by John Stewart Reid

Like most of us, I was used to seeing sound visualized as relatively simple line waves or patterns on two-dimensional surfaces (for example, on paper, oscilloscope screen, or Chladni plates), but it was the first time I had a visual of the three-dimensional sound. It radiates out in all three dimensions (possibly more), and this three-dimensional spherical wave form can be very complex depending all the intricacies of the vibrating source, whether it be a voice or an instrument. In that moment, I could fully integrate and appreciate how the sound vibration is the universal force that patterns the geometry of matter and creates matter. (“In the beginning was the Word,” as the Bible says.)

Tellinger says that sound:

  • Levitates
  • Boils water (viz., Peter Davey)
  • Moves beyond the speed of light (viz., hypersound, SASER)
  • Creates light, DNA (viz., Dr. Luc Montagnier)
  • Makes things invisible (viz., Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 2014)
  • Energizes water (viz., Christian Lange)
  • Is precursor to electromagnetism

Lots of material for me to research further!

Tellinger also founded the UBUNTU Liberation Movement and Political party in South Africa. It is a movement to build a new social structure based on his principles of Ubuntu Contributionism, which suggests completely removing money from our society, and allowing every citizen to contribute his/her natural talents and acquired skills to the greater benefit all the people in the community. I can see how his research gave rise to his conviction that our reliance on gold as the exchange medium for wealth (i.e., money) since the origin of mankind has led to the demise of human society.

It’s my dream, too, that one day we will live this way– everyone contributes his/her natural gifts and passions to meet the entire society’s needs and much more.


Website: The Resonance Project

William Brown is a scientist with The Resonance Project in Hawaii, who was scheduled to speak at the conference but could not be present (His flight from Hawaii got held up by the tropical storm). I was particularly looking forward to his presentation because his scientific background in biophysics and biochemistry overlap quite a bit with mine. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out he couldn’t make it.

However, his being on the speaking schedule led me to learn more about the work of the director of the The Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein (not on the speaking schedule). I’ve become totally captivated by Haramein’s work since. I vaguely remembered Haramein as one of the scientists featured in the movie Thrive. He is a self-educated theoretical physicist (I know, unusual– but from the videos of his presentations I have seen since the conference, he has always been unusual, having had esoteric experiences even as a child). He showed through mathematics that the proton can be modeled as a black hole in the center of the atom, and found that this model very accurately predicts many previously-measured physical characteristics of the atom. Indeed, Haramein’s research suggests that there is a black hole in the center of every organized matter in the universe, from the atom to the human to galaxies to the entire universe. His radical premise is that the vacuum– the “empty” space– contains everything instead of nothing; and it is the vacuum, full of quantum energy fluctuations and an incredible density of energy, that acts in local areas to give rise to matter. Thus, the center of every organized matter is the source vacuum– the area densest in energy, or the black hole.

Cuboctahedron, from

Cuboctahedron, from

In collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, he came up with the mathematical formalism that elucidates the geometry (the cuboctahedron, or isotropic vector equilibrium) and the swirling dynamics (double torus–two stacked toruses– spinning in opposite directions) of the vacuum. The spinning seen universally in all matter, from galaxies to the atom, is caused by the rhythmic, toroidal collapsing and expansion of the geometric structure of vacuum.

Double torus manifold, by Nassim Haramein

Double torus manifold, by Nassim Haramein

His work is a radical departure from mainstream physics because while the mainstream recognizes that what we call space or vacuum is full of an unbelievable amount of energy, this “zero point energy” is routinely ignored (subtracted out) when doing theoretical calculations.  A physical interpretation for it simply doesn’t exist in our current physics framework or model. Not only does Haramein directly address the reality of this vacuum chock full of energy, he proposes that it has a specific geometry and dynamics, and names them. Importantly, his theory predicts many observables in our physical reality very accurately; for example, it precisely predicted the most recently and accurately measured charge radius of the proton, before the measurement was reported (ref). Correctly or incorrectly, his theory offers a logical explanation for the fundamental workings of nature (involving matter, energy, space-time) and unifies gravity with the three other forces thought to be present in nature (strong, weak, electromagnetic), thereby uniting quantum theory with the general theory of relativity (the holy grail of physics). I do believe that he “stands on the shoulders of giants,” as Isaac Newton has said of himself, in that the work of many past great thinkers and researchers have helped him arrive at this results. However, I believe that he is the first person to pull together all the relevant concepts and tie them together with mathematical formalism to offer a unifying theory.

I was primed for Haramein’s work because I had been studying (on and off) the work of Walter Russell, and was immediately struck by the similarities between the work of the two people. Walter Russell (1871-1963) was a highly accomplished painter, sculptor, musician, author, builder, and philosopher who, over a 39-day-and-night period in 1921, received a mystical download of the scientific workings of the cosmos. During this time, he feverishly recorded the copious and complex scientific information that was being streamed to him, and in his own words, “…of many thousands of words there was never an erasure nor correction.” This was a man who had no education above primary school. His family, so alarmed by his behavior, called in specialists to see whether he needed psychiatric care. At the end of this enlightenment period, Russell put forth a unified theory of physics and cosmogeny founded on the principle of rhythmic balanced interchange– very much like Haramein’s rhythmic toroidal dynamics of the vacuum structure. While not completely understanding every detail of Russell’s writing and diagrams, I deeply I resonated with his material both intuitively and intellectually. As I’m trained as a chemist, you can imagine how my eyes popped out at his beautiful version of the periodic table of the elements. The proof is in the pudding– through his theory, Russell was able to predict the existence of the hydrogen “isotopes” deuterium and tritium, and of the elements plutonium and neptunium (now used in nuclear weapons), many years before they were discovered. While Russell was not able to convince the mainstream scientific community the validity of his theory, he was told by Nikola Tesla to hide his theory for a thousand years (Tesla feared what humankind would do with it). (The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe is a biography about Walter Russell.)

I think Russell and Haramein’s theories are very complementary, with Haramein supplying the math. Both people very freely speak of the divine interlaced with the science, and of the limitless human potential based on their views of the human within the context of the organized cosmos. I think we are on the very precipice of finding a unifying theory, and it’s going to cause an almost-instantaneous, Earth-moving shift in how the entire human population views the world and ourselves.

Steven Greer


Steven Greer, born in North Carolina, was an emergency physician before he dedicated his life to the the disclosure movement (of suppressed information about our interactions with intelligent extraterrestrial beings). He founded The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project, and Sirius Technology Advanced Research. He presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club disclosure event in May 2001, during which over 20 military, government, intelligence, and corporate witnesses presented testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of extraterrestrial crafts. His website has a large archive of documents and testimonies from witnesses with high credibility.

His lecture was the last one I attended at this conference, and he totally blew me away. Here are some of the main points of his presentation:

  1. We have had extremely advanced technologies (hundreds of years ahead of what is known to mainstream science) for decades, which have not been made available to the public and which could completely transform our world by ending our reliance on petroleum-based energy sources and allowing us to live in greater harmony with Earth. He says that we’ve had gravity control technology since the 40s and 50s. Townsend Brown had demonstrated antigravity lift back in the 1920s.  High-level electronics were already developed between the 20s and 50s. Fiber optics, night vision, and integrated circuits all came from reversed extraterrestrial technology.
  2. He emphasized the non-hostile nature of the extraterrestrial visitors. He says that there is nothing on this planet that the extraterrestrials need. They don’t need our gold– they can use resonance frequency to materialize any metal. They don’t need us for our DNA (All you need is a flake of skin for DNA.) So far, Earth has not been taken over nor its population decimated. There is just one thing they need, Dr. Greer says, and it’s universal peace.  The extraterrestrial visitors are very concerned about universal peace, as evidenced by the numerous craft sightings over over nuclear weapons facilities, which often coincide with the unexplainable failure of activated weapons. Dr. Greer says that the extraterrestrial crafts that were flying over Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s were doing reconnaissance on the only atomic bomb squadron in the world at the time, which was stationed in Roswell (ref). These reconnaissance crafts were hit with our scalar weaponry (a longitudinal electromagnetic weapon) while fully materialized in this dimension. The extraterrestrial beings wanted us to go to the moon not in competition with Soviets but in collaboration with the Soviets. Our ticket to entering the galactic society is as a peaceful society. They’re waiting for a consciousness shift in the humans on Earth; thus disclosure is in the hands of the people.
  3. Dr. Greer says that what is needed is the courage of true leadership, because it’s not going to come from the government, where we’re looking. It has to come from us, we the people. He says that when when he talks to high-powered people in the government for support and funding, “Everyone wants to know, but nobody wants to do.” Everyone is hungry for the information, but no one wants to risk their careers and reputations to take any type of action.
  4. We can educate others by providing information. Dr. Greer advised that when we talk to other people about these topics, we strive to come from the heart of compassion– that is, it’s not about what I want to tell you, but what is it that you need to know? We need to respect the belief system of the person to whom we’re speaking, and tailor our information to it. We can become galactic ambassadors and emissaries for Earth.

Here is an excellent collection of excerpts from Dr. Greer’s books and talks.

Dr. Greer gave a quick run-down on the physics behind advanced technology. Here’s what I can make out from my notes: He said that in antigravity propulsion, the craft is polarized (one positive end and one negative end) to form a dipole, and the electromagnetic Poynting vector is pointing toward zero point energy. Thusly charged craft in a counter-rotating vortex causes mass cancellation. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic gravitics, and is a part of transdimensional physics. All spaceships are transdimensional, which means they are able to drop out of our space-time. Beyond the speed of light, the craft is shifted into other  dimensions. When a craft emerges from another dimension into this dimension, we experience anomalous phenomena like seeing balls of light or partly transparent images, or hearing strange noises, etc. In transdimensional physics, things can bilocate– be fully here and there at the same time, or be partially here and partially there at the same time– or even trilocate. It’s like being able to tune a radio to several different frequencies at once. Transdimensional beings include angels and spirits.

Honestly, I didn’t fully understand everything he was saying, although I had heard most of the terminology before. What really hit me in the gut while listening to Dr. Greer speak on this topic was, “Oh my gosh, there are people on Earth right now who actually understand this physics (even though I don’t)!” It is so well understood that working devices have already been built based on it! And this physics can be understood using terminology and concepts that overlap with our current science– the gap of understanding between current and ultra-advanced sciences can be bridged! All the phenomena that are now so mysterious can be easily explained!

To tell you the truth, I’ve heard before a lot of what Dr. Greer was talking about, but there is a difference between hearing something with which you whole-heartedly agree, and fully realizing it in your gut. You know how you could have heard a wise saying or advice a million times, from your parents or what you read, but you don’t fully integrate it till you actually have that pivotal, personal life experience? That is what happened to me. Listening to Dr. Greer speak of the physics immediately brought into my now reality our antigravity vehicles streaming by in our sky-highway, our pristine and flourishing environment, everyone having what they need and thriving–  the transformed world made possible by this technology. In that “aha” moment, this world became real to me– a knowing instead of a belief that it will come. I think this is exactly what Dr. Greer was trying to do: He was trying to trigger us into a new timeline, by helping us expand our consciousness just… a little bit… more. Yes, I believe that I did literally jump timelines in that moment, and the experience of jumping timelines is as simple as that. It knocked the breath out of me.

[Edited 09/28/14]

–> To part 2/3


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