How Is Everyone Holding Up?

Hi, it has been a while! Please excuse me for having been away for so long. I’ve been in the midst of an on-going chaotic transition in my life (Maybe you know what I’m talking about, from your own life). I regret that I have not been able to respond to every email, and will not be able to. I do, however, read and appreciate every email and every sharing.

My recent growth period

Around mid-July, I had an unusual bout of intestinal distress which forced me to semi-fast for a week. It came after over a month of navigating many unknowns, a move, dealing with many inter-personal challenges, body aches, and physical and emotional exertion. At the end of this semi-fasting week, I felt an inspiration (a push) to write here again.

If I had thought the challenging physical and life symptoms would rapidly fall away after 2012 (which I used to think marked the pinnacle of the incoming transformative energy), I was sorely mistaken! The incoming cosmic energies are relentless now and stronger than ever before. After this past grueling month, I was ready to throw in the towel (although not sure what “throwing in the towel” would entail). I know that these days, I am living day to day with no attachments and no expectations, losing track of the day and time. It’s the bills, the appointments, the ringing phone, and the leaky sink that have me briefly touching down into this 3D reality, moment by moment as needed. Nowadays, even when I try to meditate, I immediately sink into deep sleep. In-between, in my waking hours, I’m floating in that land of no attachments.

We’ve always been advised by the multidimensional sources to “surrender to the process,” and let me tell you, it’s very easy to surrender when you’re knocked out. 🙂

According to all channeled and intuited sources I’m reading now, we’re in a “veritable flood of light” that is only going to increase till every minute crevice of darkness is lit and every human soul on this Earth has been stirred. As the Constant Companions of Aisha North said in the June 15 post:

“You see, the rapid shifts and the heightened level of energetic activity is not to quieten down for quite some time yet, so for those of you who hanker for a quiet port after a prolonged exposure to these agitated seas, we can offer little but our sympathy at the moment, but for all those already sensing the huge energetic change taking place at this very moment, we can offer more of the same, at an ever increasing frequency in the days ahead.”

“In other words, this flood of light and life will enliven even the darkest of corners and it will do so in a fashion that has not been seen before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. For now, it will be as if the very ground beneath your feet will start to shimmy and shift about, and even the very bedrock of your life will at times seem to be nothing more than a thin gossamer layer undulating in the breeze, ready to rip apart and leave you all ready to step away from the old remnants of your former life and embrace something very new.”

Looking back, I know I just went through another major period of clearing and growth. The many “opportunities for growth” that were showing up in my life, the sudden floating up in my mind of old and forgotten memories of past traumas (even trivial ones), and the intestinal distress give me the clues. I used to try to consciously address old traumas that float up, but these days, I don’t even care to find their source; I just allow them to leave without even saying hello (I’m just too darned tired). It wasn’t just my personal issues, however. There were couple of days during which I felt a deep unexplainable anxiety or grief. I’ve been long enough on this journey to recognize that the emotions on those days weren’t mine, but perhaps the collective’s.

I believe it was Matt Kahn who really impressed upon me that the light digs deeper and deeper to help you remove each layer, so that you will be ready for even more light, for an even higher frequency of light. (I was recently introduced to Matt Kahn through the Golden Age of Gaia site, and really enjoyed watching his videos.) But seriously, how many layers does this onion have?

During this period of growth, I looked deeply into my body to see how I could relieve the physical distress and how I could assist my body. I know that many of you are quite familiar with the aches and pains that I’m talking about, and have the same question. I don’t know if anyone has found the magic solution (Please share with us if you found something that worked for you!), and suspect that what gives the biggest relief is different for each person. For me, I know that my body has been telling me for a long time to exercise and to be out in nature more regularly– a herculean task for me when I’m so tired. I’m holding on too much to the incoming energies and getting a bit fried, and exercise and being in nature will help move the energies out to where they need to be. I know that I have to make that hero’s last move seen in the movies, when the left-for-dead hero rises out of the pile of debris with a roar using the very last nano-drop of his will. Wish me luck on my exercise plan. 🙂


In the past couple of days or so (July 25, 26 onward), my head is beginning to clear and my physical strength is returning. I don’t know if it’s because (1) I’ve been exercising and out in nature for the past few days, (2)  I just received a Children of the Sun transmission, or (3) we just passed through the New Year of the Planet. One thing is for sure: Over this growth period, even through all the challenges, my commitment to my purpose in life has definitely and noticeably strengthened. I have to confess that I’m still “in the closet” about this purpose-in-life work that I’m doing (What do I call it? Lightwork? Helping to create in the depths of my heart a world that works for everyone? How do I explain it to my neighbors?). I’ve been doing this work “on the sly.” I must be the only blogger who tries to hide her work from people– LOL! Actually, of course I’m not. I know there are many of you who are in the same situation that I am.

I don’t want to work like that anymore because it limits me and my life’s purpose. I would like to fully and openly live my life’s purpose. I intend to fully and openly live my life’s purpose. I see now that I’ve been working hard over this last growth period to “clear the table”– clear myself and my life of thoughts, emotions, obligations, and situations, so that I can live this way. I ask myself whether, at this point, this “hiding in the closet” is really from habit, and not from fear.

As usual, the channeled and intuited messages that flow to me are synchronously and delightfully in tune with my life. The use of Core Power in Archangel Michael’s most recent message through through Celia Fenn (Turning Inwards to Core Power: A Planet and Population in Transition| Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn: New Year July/August 2014) spoke to my heart. I totally resonated with the definition of spiritual warrior that was brought up in Suzanne Lie’s most recent post, a conversation with the Antarians and Arcturians: “…as a Spiritual Warrior you fight for the fulfillment of your personal Mission/ Reason for Incarnation with the “Sword of Truth” and the Shield of your Three Fold Flame.”  Matt Kahn’s presentation, “A Galactic Message,” which I watched just a few days ago, put out a call to live by the code of intention. These messages validate for me the masculine aspect of me who is stepping forward now, who knows that now is the time to act and to shape the energy with will, direction, and discipline.

in the world

I do see the world changing. In the sphere of people I know, so many are coming to major crossroads in their lives. Huge life-changing decisions are being made, and I’m awed to tears by the courage I’m witnessing and excited by all the new possibilities that will open in people’s lives. I see that it’s partly the courage of the people in my life to embrace the new and unknown that is giving me the courage to live more openly.

In our society, too, I see a big marker of our transition. One thing that has always stood out in my mind from one of Matias Stefano’s presentations is his assertion that the economy must first change before all the other aspects of our society– like family, education, politics, etc.– can change. It makes complete sense. We cannot move forward as a species until the basic needs of everyone on this earth (food, water,  shelter, and healthcare) have been met, and we have transcended the survival mode of being. Because the exchange of goods and services is currently based on the monetary system, it is critically important for us to reform the economic system to transcend the survival mode. I’ve been hearing that huge, game-changing activities are going on in global finances right now, under the mainstream radar, but the recent public report of the formation of the New Development Bank by the BRICS nations really struck me (more info here and here). For some reason, this news stood out for me like a Stonehenge boulder, a monumental sign in our current reality that things are really changing.

How are you?

How are you doing? How have things been going since 2012? After 2012, did you at times, like me, wonder what is the point and what is the purpose now? What is getting you out of bed to meet the new day these days? Are you going through transitions, major growths? Have you found your place or are you trying to keep still and sane in the tornado? Are you living with many moments of euphoria and manifested creations; are you in the new reality already? I’m so curious about you.


5 responses to “How Is Everyone Holding Up?

  1. Hui Sun, I can only say I found your site as gesture of grace, as always, from the “universe”.. I can’t even begin to tell you how my experince is so similar, in spirit, to what I read perusing your e-book. Thank you so much. I so often feel alone/isolated in all my unusual experiences.

    Here, briefly, is what happened to me: In 1989, I had a Kundalini exp. that I thought would take my life. It was triggered by a hypnosis session, attempting to get to bottom of family abuse issues. Had no idea what had happened ’til a few yrs. later a friend directed me to a book on the Kundalini by Gopi Krishna. Anyway, so many yrs. have passed. So many difficult, life-changing moments…so hard and difficult. I’ve channeled 4 Ancient beings for sometime now (one Asc. Master since 1991) and currently am trying to come to terms with deep fears and hot/cold flashes that have ramped up, since the recent eclipses.

    I also have a profound love for the beauty and wisdom of astrology. This is fairly new for me. In 2006 I heard an intervw. on CBC (I’m in Canada) with Richard Tarnas, Ph.D, about his book “Cosmos and Psyche”. It was an epiphany moment for me….the heavens, I realized are a map of the Divine..for my life, and everyone else. I’ve relied on my Birthchart to guide me, through the interps. of some wonderful astrologers, as I try my damnedest to navigate all the crazy events that have marked my supposed “awakening”.

    Anyway, said I’d be brief. There’s so much more.

    Before I go, I have 2 questions:

    1. Do the hot and cold flashes make sense?? Have others mentioned this to you?? (I’m healthy otherwise, tho’ weary.)

    2. I need to know others who share/understand my experience.
    Do you ever do “consulting” or even just visiting sessions ?

    Thank you again for your site and the hope it brings ppl. like me.

    My best,


    • Hi, Lynn,

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences! There’s always so much recognition and resonance that touch the soul when hearing from others with the same heartbeat.

      I know that hot and cold flashes are common “ascension symptoms,” and Denise Le Fay has talked about them ( I think hot flashes have to do with kundalini activity but not sure about cold flashes. Certainly a lot of activities (adjustments, transformations) of our chakras are going on, and I believe that’s where the temperature changes are coming from.

      As far as consulting, you sound like an ancient soul yourself, and you could probably consult for *me*- haha! Honestly, I’m just trying to figure things out like you, using the internet and my intuition. But I hear you about wanting to connect with others with similar experiences and understanding. That is a message I’m repeatedly getting myself– get together with others, now is the time! And it’s not only through the internet, but connecting physically with others is important at this time (I think our physical connections, no matter how brief, are actually connecting and building this “web” of light over Earth). I have met people like myself in my local area through finding groups through, briefly attending a Unity church, taking a course in psychic development, and attending some of the conferences (such as New Living Expo, social enterprise alliance, a UFO conference, which I report about on this site) and workshops (eg., one of Kryon’s channeling). You may not find that any one group completely “fits” you, but you will start to make connections here and there, and eventually you’ll find your community. I’m immediately reminded, when I hear “Canada,” of Steve Beckow in Vancouver who started the site. He just took a tour through North American west coast, and reports on the feeling of isolation and life challenges many of us have had. But I really believe this situation is changing rapidly.

      Blessings, you beautiful soul! Wishing you peace and grace on your journey during this rather chaotic time, Hui Sun
      (P.S. Although I don’t understand astrology very well, I have also personally found that the birth chart is shockingly accurate, and also got very helpful guidance from Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul.)

  2. Hi, Judy,

    I hear you! This really has been going on for a looong time, and you don’t know how much more of it you can take! And interestingly enough, not everyone experiences it, and you’re looking around thinking, “How is everyone not feeling this?” When you’re physically weary all the time, it’s easy to get depressed.

    I’m sure you know all about first getting a thorough checkup by a doctor, taking care of yourself, and being kind to yourself during these times– very important! (Please see my “Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body” post series, on the right-hand column, if you haven’t.) During the periods of strong symptoms, I just try to conserve my energy as much as I can, drawing inward, not interacting with others as much, sleeping a lot, and dashing outside the house just long enough to do whatever I need to do. It’s just “put one foot in front of the other” for a while, and not being hard on yourself for it.

    What I can tell you from my experience is that the symptoms do lessen as the years pass by. I guess your body adjusts to the incoming energies with each influx. Around summer solstice is always a hard time for me, with this year being no exception, but it was much easier than the previous years. So it does get better.

    It may be encouraging to hear that August so far has been wonderful for me. That’s quite a long period of time (in a long while) for me to be feeling energetic, creative, vibrant, and clear. What were the factors? A huge factor is that I’ve been camping and hiking and been outside in nature way more than usual — almost constantly– during this time. That also means I’ve been physically active more. So I did try what I suggested to myself in the post above. I’ve also made a big effort to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid meat (but I guess I’ve been doing that for a while).

    I believe we’re going through a strong influx of energies right now, an influx that started around 16th or 17th (my body clues are that “music in the head” in the mornings, and the aches, interrupted sleep, and “zingy” feeling returning). Yet the symptoms are very mild, milder than in the past. It’s just really hard to pin down the variables for each person. I don’t know if it’s all the exposure to nature and exercise, or just where I am personally in the process, or what’s going on with the divinely-orchestrated energetic flow process itself. I’m searching and learning, too, and I hope to keep the readers updated. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this August experience is a continuing trend, onwards and upwards.)

    Do try different things to see if it helps you feel better– exercising (preferably outdoors) more, varying your diet, getting healing transmission, drinking more water, continuing to clear your fears and traumas, or it may be a very physical thing, like taking a vitamin you’re deficient in.

    But please do know that it gets easier, as the light does its work on your body.

    Hui Sun

    • Thanks so much for responding. Since yesterday, things have improved and I think I might see why. So now I will be looking for a pattern of habits and thoughts that release the intensity..

  3. I have been experiencing rather severe sensations since the first of the year and most particularly as the summer progresses it becomes more constant. My body is getting very weary and lately I sleep most of the time doing little activity. I’m finding it too much, really and I am getting depressed with a don’t give a damn attitude. None of my spiritual friends can identify in the slightest, so any encouragement you can offer would be appreciated. It’s been off and on now for 2 1/2 years.

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