2013 Update: Global and Personal

I can’t believe we’re already in the third month of 2013!

Although the world around us doesn’t look too different from last year, we are told by many multidimensional sources that we’ve passed through a huge milestone and the portal to a New Beginning at the end of last year. I believe it! It is also the consensus that, more than ever before, NOW is the time for conscious co-creation of our world.

Finally! I believe that the main focus of the first phase of our work, up to 12/21/12, was to release our wounds, clear ourselves, and raise our vibrations, so that we may prepare ourselves to be wise, loving, and powerful creators of our world; and the second phase–the one we are in now– is to actually do the creating. Our purpose is to realize and embody our true identity as creator gods here on Earth.

As we settle into this new phase, the world collective is experiencing ever-escalating turbulence, even compared to the last several tumultuous years. From the global news and other sources that I read, it’s becoming clear that: (1) The truth of how our world has been operating is being revealed at an exponentially-increasing rate, and we will need to “hold onto our hats” through this process, (2) Women are coming into power and will play leading roles in re-building our world, and (3) Economics will need to be one of the first re-visions in alignment with the new energy, to clear the runway for our unobstructed take-off into the new world.

So much has been in the global news, even within the little over two months of this just-begun year!  Here are some events that caught my attention, thanks to the Golden Age of Gaia site, my “daily newspaper”:

  • Pope Benedict XVI retires, becoming the first pope to resign in 600 years, and leaving behind a papacy troubled with mounting allegations of corruption and clerical sexual abuse of children.[1-3]
  • The finances of the Queen of England are set to be investigated by a powerful Westminster committee.[4]
  • The U.S. government is in sequester, triggering massive, across-the-board spending cuts to government agencies.[5,6]
  • Dr. Steven Greer announces the April 22, 2013 premiering of the Disclosure Project’s [7] film Sirius,[8] which will “disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified energy and propulsion systems,” based on “over 500 government, military, and intelligence community testifying to their direct, personal, first-hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.”
  • Paradigm Research Group [9] announces the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure [10] to be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013, during which forty plus researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify for thirty hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress.
  • World’s governments continue to experience turmoil: Slovenia’s government is ousted, making way for the designation of its first female leader,[11] Bulgarian government resigns,[12]  Tunisian prime minister quits,[13] Pakistan supreme court orders arrest of prime minister on corruption charges,[14] President of Venezuela Victor Hugo dies, leaving country in turmoil.[15]
  • Army Private Bradley Manning admits in court to giving secret documents to WikiLeaks, saying that he wanted to expose the American military’s disregard for human life and provoke a public debate in the U.S.[16,17]
  • In a historic case, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is challenged over the inaccurate and biased manner in which it has portrayed the events and evidence of 9/11.[18]
  • Afghan woman Fawzia Koofi declares her intention to run for presidency of Afghanistan in 2014 elections;[19] Saudi king Abdulla appoints women to the Shura Council, the country’s senior representative state body, for the first time.[20]
  • Civil uprisings: Greeks strike again against austerity measures,[21] Egypt is again experiencing violent civil unrest [22,23] and its April elections are postponed again over controversial electoral law.[24]
  • One Billion Rising, the largest global action in history to end violence against women and girls, is held, with  207 countries coming together to strike, dance, rise up, and demand an end to violence against women and girls.[25]
  • A meterorite, with an estimated initial mass of 11,000 tons and measuring 17-20 meters, explodes over central Russia, injuring 1500 people and damaging 7200 buildings in and around the city of Chelyabinsk.[26,27]
  • Banks in turmoil: More UK senior bankers resign;[28] former Stanford Financial Group Co. finance chief is sentenced to prison for fraud;[29] Bank of Israel chief resigns;[30] oldest Swiss bank is closing after us tax evasion fine.[31]
  • Report by the Open Society Justice Initiative shows that more than 50 nations are involved in the global kidnap, detention and torture operation spearheaded by the CIA.[32-34]

On a personal level, I’m hoping to write shorter and more frequent blog posts this year, focusing on conscious creation of our world and doing more re-blogging from other sites. [For the WordPress users who are following this blog, you can change the frequency of the email notifications you get by following instructions under Manage Email and IM Settings for Specific Blogs here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/following/.]

I’m also working on couple of new projects: a book tentatively titled A Story About Us, and a website focusing more on the scientific aspects of what I talk about on this site.

I’ve read from a few sources now that the vernal equinox on March 20 is the most powerful portal of this year.[35, 36] I have certainly been feeling the pressure of its approach in my personal life, as it is forcing me quite vigorously to release the last of my old dregs! I had thought the 12/21/12 time period was the height of the energy flows, but I think I was mistaken. Although it’s definitely true that my physical body has become much better able to handle the incoming energies, it’s been quite a challenge so far this year to emotionally deal with the turbulence in my life and to stay in my center.

As Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn says:[37]

Beloved Ones, as you become more accustomed to this new Flow of Intense Divine Light, you will learn how to hold your balance and to thrive in the New Reality.

And I tell myself, “Know this, and keep breathing…”

I hope you’re hanging in there well, keeping your ship in balance on these waters!



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