As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 2/2): Perspectives for December 21, 2012

What I expect for December 21, 2012 is an extrapolation of what I have been experiencing and observing in others all along during this ascension process. Like the scientist I’m trained to be, I’m looking at the pattern of what has happened up till now, and predicting what would happen if the trajectory continues, for what it’s worth. Please understand that I’m not experiencing a clear, verbal stream of communication through channeling or telepathy from higher-dimensional beings, as those others who have soul missions to do so are. Yes, I am reading those conveyed messages and learning so much from them, but along with those illuminating messages, I’m figuring things out from what I observe directly in myself and the world, and by using my intellect, my intuition, and the deep Earthen wisdom within me.  Just like you.

It’s a Process

The overarching point of my perspective is that what we’ve been experiencing and will continue to experience is a process, not a one-day thing. We have been receiving the influx of this light for many years, some say since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and others say even since the 1940s. We have been seeing with increasing frequency and intensity the uprising of people from all over the world who are questioning what they have been told and what has been in place for decades, for centuries. We are seeing the collapse of financial systems and governments, exposure of the deceptions of the media, increasing global concern about the impact of our civilization on the planetary environment, increasing anguish about the senseless killing of each other, and increasing awareness of our interconnectedness. The incremental shifts have been happening on personal, societal, and global scales, and they have been happening for a while.

Yes, we are currently in the “pinnacle time” or the very top of the wave, where the incoming light is the most intense. It may be that Earth will not be as intensely bathed in the light after this particular window of time. However, the process will continue for a while longer after the peak, too. It’s not that by a certain date, the light will suddenly be stopped and the door slammed shut to those who didn’t step across the doorway. It’s not a one-day thing.

Q: What will we personally experience on December 21, 2012?

Perspective: Everyone will have a different experience.

My belief is that everyone will have a different experience on December 21. Everyone will be affected by the huge influx of light, but each person will absorb the amount of light that they can or desire at their level of development and integrate it at their own rates. This is the way it has been in the ascension process all along. The light has been directed our way for a while now, but some people still haven’t woken up at all while others have probably already “ascended,” right? Many, once awakened, have been going “up” step by step with each wave of light that reaches Earth, with all steps not necessarily being the same height. As the waves of light have been increasingly intensifying and becoming more frequent, more and more people are waking up and the awakened ones are being propelled up the steps at an increasingly faster rate. At this pinnacle time, we are all being given a HUGE boost from the step on which we are currently standing, wherever we are standing.

So on December 21, or the window thereabouts, some people will wake up for the first time. Others who are prepared and truly finished with their missions here will go to higher dimensions or back to the star systems from where they came. I know that there are higher-dimensional galactic beings who’ve dropped into human bodies on Earth, and even etheric beings of the universe who are dropping in as humans for the first time ever for this event, so why would I not believe that it is possible to pop into another dimensional world in one day? So I believe that instant physical ascension (catapult into another dimension with the physical body) is absolutely possible for the prepared individual whose work in this dimension is done. However, I believe that most of us will still be here, “on the bridge” between dimensions, and we are going to experience– if not on that day, on the days following that day (post-integration days)– a significant and undeniable shift in our consciousness from wherever we were.

I feel that it is so critical for me to share with you the perspective that ascension, first and foremost, is a shift in consciousness. The changes in our physicality, abilities, and our world– all the goodies of the Golden Age that we are waiting for– follow our shift in consciousness as a result of our shift in consciousness. The change within ourselves will reflect outward onto our reality. However, the key ascension event that is occurring now is the leap in our consciousness.

At the 2012 Scenario conference in Sedona which I attended last October, Blossom Goodchild channeled the native American spirit White Cloud. I really resonated with the way White Cloud described the ascension process. I can’t tell the story as eloquently as he did, but basically, he said that we’re walking across a bridge. Those who are ahead help those who are behind. Once the ones who are way ahead cross the bridge, those who are mid-way ahead on the bridge will help those who are far behind. Soon those who used to be mid-way will completely cross the bridge, and the ones now mid-way ahead will help the ones behind.

So in this picture, we’re not all poised along a single starting line as if in a sprinting race, ready to jump synchronously when the starting gun goes off. It is not a mass ascension, I believe, with the world splitting sharply between those who instantly ascend and those who do not during this peak period. Rather, at this pinnacle time, we will see a massive forward movement of the people on this bridge.

As for me personally, I’m anticipating a very significant “step up” in this time period, and accepting whatever the results may be on my consciousness and on my being. I just hope my body is well prepared for it!

Q: Will loved ones disappear from my life if I ascend and they don’t?

Perspective: You can always choose to stay connected through love.

The descriptions given by White Cloud and many others suggest to me that there is overlap between the dimensional worlds. I just logically can’t see that the boundaries between dimensions are that sharp and abrupt. I have read that there are gradations even within the astral plane, where Earth people have been going after physical death.[1]

Those of you who communicate with your higher-dimensional guides in any way already know that there is overlap between the dimensional worlds. Like the guides who “drop down” a bit to interact with us, those of us who are further along can go back to help the ones who are more behind. I remember Karen Bishop writing that love will always allow you to connect across dimensions. You can “drop down” to the denser vibrations if you wish to reach one who is there, although it may be uncomfortable for you because it’s not where you naturally resonate.

I subscribe to the view that people with whom you don’t vibrate will naturally fall out of your lives, one by one, in an increasingly pronounced way as this ascension process progresses. They may move away, you may change jobs, they may not walk along the same route anymore, or the two of you may simply not notice each other or even think of thinking about each other. This is how I interpret the “splitting of the world” that some people are talking about. And the ones who vibrate in tune with each other will naturally gather. There is nothing so magical about this– it already happens. Put another way, it’s magic that’s always been in our lives, but it will become increasingly pronounced. But if it’s someone you love, even if there is quite a difference between your vibrations, you’ll find a way to keep connected if it is something both of you really desire to do. It is the love for us that keeps the higher-dimensional beings trying to reach us even when we are down in the mires, right? And who knows, if it is really your loved one’s choice, you may find sometime soon that your loved one has caught up with you.

Q: Will we see any global visual signs or event on December 21?

Perspective: Most likely not, but maybe, depending on us.

Well, we’ve never (consciously) been through this particular astronomical geometry before, so it’s hard to predict what the effect would be. I’m inclined to think that, because the galactic alignment has occurred uneventfully every year (see part 1), we would not see any particular visual astronomical phenomenon, as we do with eclipses, for example. I’m wondering whether the Mayan “three days of darkness” phenomenon may refer to the observation that as seen from Izapa, Mexico, the sun seems to be within the dark rift (the dark strip in the sky along the length of the Milky Way Galaxy band arising from interstellar dust blocking the light) at high noon for three days surrounding December 21, 2012. The pictures on the site suggest this idea to me.

Of course, it would be the first time in 26,000 years that the galactic alignment occurs on winter solstice, and there are other geometrical factors in effect here. Matias de Stefano says that when the galactic central sun and the sun of our solar system align with Earth on this day, “a great burst of light from the central sun” will reactivate our sun, creating sun storms that will send huge electromagnetic waves toward the planets. He say that while Earth will be shielded by its geomagnetic field, it’s possible that our satellites may be knocked out, causing disturbances in our communications or financial tracking systems. Certainly, I believe that our consciousness will be affected, and different people will be reacting differently to this process. Possibly, we may feel electromagnetic effects– I have noticed in the past that people around me seem more agitated during periods of strong solar activity. I also realize people hold dramatically different ideas about what will occur on December 21.

So, the most difficult thing to predict on this day is our own behavior. What happens globally on December 21 is predominantly dependent on us, I believe. My guess is that it’ll be fine.

Q: Who will go to the higher Dimensional Earth and who will not?

Perspective: All those who choose to go will go (pretty much everyone).

I have come to see and appreciate that ascension is a dynamic process, with many hands hard at work to make this project happen according to plan. The original plan was that everyone would move into the higher-dimensional, fully empowered world. However, I remember Karen Bishop writing in the past years about the utter exhaustion of the grounded humans who were leading the way and holding the energy portals open for this ascension process, as the process kept getting stalled and stalled by those who wanted to stay in duality or just hadn’t made up their minds. In a July 2012 talk (see video below), Inelia Benz said that in early 2011, much to her consternation, a decision was made that the collective would be split: Those who wanted to go forward would be allowed to continue, and those (the very few playing the high-power game, it sounds like) who insisted on experiencing the dual reality will be allowed to continue their experience (in two separate realities on Earth, it sounds like). Inelia says that the split occurred in August 2011, and the planetary soul Gaia moved into the new dimension at that time and is waiting for physical Earth and us to catch up. Recent reports are increasingly encouraging. Patricia Cota-Roble’s most recent message says that due to all the work that has been done on both heaven and earth, everyone can now move forward in the Light, and no one will be left behind. She says that those who are recalcitrant will be allowed to complete their transmuting process in another plane associated with the New Earth (my interpretation) before joining the rest of the humanity on the new Earth.

All in all, it sounds like those very few who choose to experience the dual world will be lovingly cared for. For all those who choose to move into the new world, the forecast looks good. It’s just a matter of where you are on the bridge.

Q: Will entrance into the new, higher-dimensional Earth be a gradual or a sudden process?

Perspective: It’s both “gradual” and “sudden,” and it’s going to be experienced “in the blink of an eye.” 

What do I mean by this?

As I’ve mentioned above, I believe that the process will not be a single-moment, synchronized event for the collective, because we are a collective with individual free will and choices. I also believe that ascension will not be an overnight event for most individuals, primarily because this time, physical bodies are involved– ours, and in particular, Earth’s.

What is happening this time– the physical shift of a whole planetary body and her people– is a rare event, perhaps even the first, in our galaxy (or universe). As Matias described, this time, we are bringing all that is divine down to Earth. We are absorbing the divine light through our physical bodies and anchoring it into physical Earth, so that we can pull not only our physical bodies, but also physical Earth– up “by the bootstrap,” so to speak– to higher dimensions. So this time, we’re not going to “float up” to higher dimensions. This time, we’re going to “bring heaven down to Earth,” and create heaven right here on physical Earth. In the process of our creation, we will take Earth and ourselves into higher dimensions. That’s why most of us will still be “on the bridge” between dimensions in the pinnacle time– we have work to do here.

I believe that it is well within Divine Power to enable the overnight “jumping of dimensions” for physical Earth and her people. However, to those of you who’ve been on this path for many years (I know, for more years than you care to think), think of all the physical symptoms you’ve  endured, and all the emotional clearing work that you have done through your physical body over the many years. Would you really want the majority of Earth’s human population to go through it in one day? Earth’s physical body, too, has been going through many changes here and there over the years– through earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, mudslides, etc.– healing, clearing, and integrating the light. Think what would happen if physical Earth made the leap across dimensions in one day. As Inelia Benz said, Gaia doesn’t want that scenario (please see video below). Inelia said that our physical bodies are Gaia’s babies (Yes, where do our bodies come from?), and Gaia doesn’t want to do that to her babies. I don’t think we the human collective desires it, either. I don’t believe that is our collective choice.

Inelia Benz at ECETI 2012 Global Transformation Conference in Trout Lake, Washington, July 2011

So, how long will it take for the new-reality Earth to “lift off”? Matias has said that the energy of the new age, Age of Aquarius, has already been vibrating on Earth for the past 100 years, and it would take the next 100 years for us to completely integrate (I interpret, be done with) the old energy of the Piscean Age. He says that the social process will last about 50-60 years. Inelia said that it used to be two to three generations, but that time has been reduced to one or two generations, to move into fully empowered reality (see video above). In Suzy Ward’s book Earth’s Golden Age, the galactic being Aeschyles noted that because of the massive assistance Earth and her humans are receiving for this ascension process, the Earth humans “will be accomplishing in about 80 years what took his ancestors almost 50,000 years to do.”  That’s pretty “sudden,” don’t you think? That speed is unique in our universe, Aeschyles says.  We’ve been so focused on a single day, but it’s all in the perspective.

So then, what do the number of years on our calendars mean anyway? Time has really never been linear in the way we measure it. As we all know by direct experience, we don’t experience time linearly. You know how “time flies when you’re having fun” and drags to almost a standstill when you’re bored or miserable? You know how, in an inspired state, you can accomplish in a few hours what would’ve taken you days or weeks uninspired?

When the mass consciousness is raised and the majority of us truly embrace the idea that we are all connected to one another, let me tell you, time will fly because we’ll be having fun. I know, many of us who have been on this path have not felt supported by the rest of the world for so long, perhaps all our lives, as if we didn’t belong here. I have described to you before how, although I passionately believe in a grander view of the human self, it was always a slippery slope to hold onto this view because no one around me seemed to believe it. It was an uphill effort to maintain this view of reality when most others didn’t support it. We all need the support of each other to believe, create, and manifest a shared reality, our world. When we’re “in tune” in our view of shared reality, it is so much easier to create the individual reality. The more of us who are in tune at the higher consciousness level, the easier it is for each one of us because more of us will be supporting one other. I have heard many stories of people who wanted to make a unique, heart-felt contribution to the world– whether through art, science, technology, healing, assisting, teaching, organizing, a product, or a service– but were restricted by the lack of money, the infrastructure already in place, the red tape, the legalities, the lack of customers, collaborators, or interest, etc. In short, we as a society– as a collective– did not support that endeavor. When we are in tune in our view of our reality, those efforts that benefit all of us will be supported, and the flow line will be fully open (yes, that includes the abundance flow). From those collective efforts, the world will change– in the blink of an eye. It’ll be a chain reaction, where basic needs for all inhabitants on Earth and Earth herself will first be met, then conditions for us to thrive on this planet will be established, and then before we know it, we’ll be looking toward the stars, to explore, to be of service. Time will fly because we’ll be having fun creating, and before we know it, we will not recognize this world.

The Internet Revolution is one example of the nonlinear experiencing of time for me. All I remember is that at one time, no one had personal computers, emails, or the internet. In the next moment, everyone was on the internet on their personal computers, and it’s hard for me to even remember how I used to communicate before email or found information I needed. The internet changed how this world operates and even how people think. It must have taken at least several years for technology to develop, for personal computers to become available and affordable, for huge numbers of people to start buying and using them, and for world wide web to be used widely, but it feels as if it happened overnight.

What about the instant creation of material by simple envisioning, bilocation, telepathy–all those 5th dimensional abilities? They will come, but again, I believe that a majority of us must believe those abilities to be real and support them, for those abilities to be widely mastered. Right now, even many of those who’ve had the experiences question themselves, because the rest of the world doesn’t support the experiences as reality and even fear them. It’s the same with open visitation by the galactic beings. When enough of us are ready to believe, accept, and welcome the galactic beings into our reality, without fear, they will come– not before. Things will manifest in our reality only when our consciousness is ready for them, calls to them.

So, this entrance into the higher dimensional Earth and “how fast” is entirely up to us, and how fast our collective level of consciousness changes. Our reality is a reflection of our consciousness. That is the crux of Inelia’s message: “The 5th Dimension is not a location, it’s a Creation.” The new world is not a place where we go, but it is what we create. We will have everything that have been spoken about the Golden Age. And the way we’re progressing, it’ll come in the blink of an eye.

My 12-12-12 Message Interpreted

I think I now understand the message I received on 12-12-12 (see part 1). At least, this is how I choose to interpret it and share it: Remember to be grounded during these times. I understand that it has been a long and challenging journey for us, and we are tired, we are bone-weary. It’s natural for us to look toward the heavens and want to leave behind this world to be in a more supportive one. But as Matias advised, we need to be like the trees at this time. Yes, reach your branches way up into the sky to receive the divine light, the inspiration, and the illumination, but also extend your roots way down and anchor deeply into Earth. Because this time, we’re taking physical Earth with us. We’re going to create the new Earth right here, and it is in the process of our creation that we will take Earth and ourselves into higher vibration. So be like the trees– be connected to heaven, but also remember to be connected to Earth.

We Are Creating Our December 21, 2012 Experience

Even as I’m sharing my visions and expectations for 12/21/12 with you, I realize that what I believe will happen is contributing to the creation of what we will experience together. And what you believe will happen is also contributing to what we will experience together. Together, we are creating what we will experience as a collective. As a collective, we’ve already left behind, long ago, the cataclysmic experience for this time, do you see? What I’m saying is that you don’t have to subscribe to my beliefs– you dream your dreams! Contribute your unique, beautiful perspective. What do you believe? If your beliefs resonate with my words, so be it. If not, so be it. It may very well be that you have a grander vision.

As for me, I’m very excited for this pinnacle time of our transition. We have made it. We have reached the peak. I see the date December 21, 2012 as the emblem for the rebirthing of humanity, and a time for celebration.

Happy birthday, everyone! Happy birthday, humanity!

Happy holidays! (Indeed, these are the holy days.)

Much love to you.


[1] (a) Much information about the gradations of the spiritual planes is covered in the 2012 Scenario site, for example: “Ascension May Mean Going to Different Levels,”, and “The Reality of Ascension on the Spirit Planes.”

(b) What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson (I realize this is a novel, but much research was done for this book and I believe it is reflected in the writing.)

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6 responses to “As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 2/2): Perspectives for December 21, 2012

  1. I am feeling as if you are a direct reflection of me when I read this. Unable to sleep (a common occurrence) I found this, no accidents!
    I am elated & relieved @ the honesty & explanation of the beauty it is for all of us individually crossing that bridge at different times both with the help of those already ascended & the reality is like a chain reaction. Different levels beautifully & timely to assist one another in the inevitable course Gaia is taking . I have felt, as 12 21 12 approachs I’m behind, therefore failing. That is just not the case at all. My personal journey of the last many years has been in perfect timing allowing me to experience both spiritual & human challenges from all directly close to me as well as my own health scares of cancer putting me in a healing mode. As a healer, nurse & Reiki attuned I’ve been beating myself up for not meditating enough, or becoming more emotional & easy to rage. Now I understand of course I’m not across that bridge yet) I am. however half way or so & finally at peace knowing the change of consciousness is going to be complete
    eventually, with all. I thank you for helping me see the grand picture & that daily all will ease at own rate in this beautiful new time of peace & collective love. Relaxing on this day 12 20 12 is such a blessing! I’m embraced & not being left behind))) while my higher self knew this the 3D mind was being pressured by the many others who seemingly ‘get it ‘

    • Thank you for so beautifully sharing your experience and thoughts– I feel the joy and light straight from your heart. I hope you’re doing well in the post-12/21 energy.

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  3. Hui Sun,

    Thank you for sharing this excellent article series. It’s always interesting to hear another perspective on the ascension process. These are holy days, indeed!

    Best to you,


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