As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 1/2): Premise and Experiences

Happy holidays!

How is everyone faring as we approach the end of 2012? As you know, we are in a period of time when we as a human collective on Earth are expecting something GINORMOUSLY SIGNIFICANT to happen, in particular coinciding with the December 21, 2012 restart-of-the-Mayan-calendar date. I suppose we’ve been expecting it since antiquity. I wanted to share with you my personal experiences and perspective on the topic of this “pinnacle time.”


The premise from which I share is the following: I believe that the heavenly geometry of the celestial bodies have a significant impact on the cosmic energies that are received by Earth. The particular positioning and orientation of the celestial bodies (which I view as magnetic centers) in relation to each other direct the flow of these cosmic energies that come from the galactic center and elsewhere. Our mainstream science has not yet quite developed to the point of being able to recognize or study the significance of these cosmic energies, but waves of these information-containing energies seem to be capable of propelling forward the evolution of the human consciousness and physiology at the deepest level. Metaphysically, these energies have been called “Divine Light,” “love-light,” or simply “light,” among other names. I hope that our science will soon unearth it and give it a grand, scientific-sounding name that will help the mainstream population open up to the possibility of its existence and its significance (although love-light sounds perfectly fine to me).

The date of December 21, 2012 has been reported by many to be the Mayan date for the grand Galactic Alignment, an astronomical event during which the December solstice sun is aligned with the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy. In this event, the galactic equator, the sun, and Earth exactly line up during winter solstice (when Earth’s northern axis is tilted furthest away from the sun). I recently found a very clear and illuminating explanation of the astronomy behind the December 21, 2012 Mayan calendar date on the site (Please see below the highly-recommended video from that site). It was surprising for me to find out that galactic alignment– during which the galactic equator, the sun, and Earth are in exact alignment– occurs every year, in fact. However, galactic alignment coinciding with winter solstice happens only once every ~26,000 years, and to predict the exact date of this occurrence (December 21, 2012), the Mayans had to be able to measure the length of the year to within 45 seconds (much more precisely than current astronomers). This particular astronomical geometry is certainly a rare and significant one, and coming from my premise, it is a time of maximal flow of this life-altering, evolution-driving light to Earth.

Currently, multidimensionally-inspired messages say that the time between December 12, 2012 (triple 12-12-12) and December 21, 2012 is the portal during which the highest intensities of these cosmic energies will bathe Earth. I’m not so familiar with numerology of which the multidimensional messages often speak, but simply the observation that we humans have given this triple month-day-year date tremendous focus, and thus energy, helps convince me that the date 12-12-12 is significant.

Why the Maya Picked 2012, from

My Experiences

Past 10 years

I can share with you what I’ve been personally experiencing lately during this pinnacle time. To backtrack, I woke up about 10 years ago from a very deep slumber, and have described the various physical, mental, and emotional “waking-up” symptoms that I’ve experienced since then in the blog post series here, as well as in my book Bridge to Earth. Over time, I came to understand from the responses of my body (and the reports of many other people) that there are periodic waves of energy that are reaching Earth. In my typical response to these waves (although there is no real “typical” because each wave seemed to “activate” different growths in me), my body would react with incredible fatigue and body aches, among other symptoms that varied somewhat with each wave (vertigo, body vibrations, energy movements within various parts of my body, cool air blowing on my forehead, sensations in my sinus and center of head, coldness or tightness in my chest, etc.).

Shortly afterwards, however– after what I presume is the “integration period”– I would sense a noticeable step up in my consciousness. By stepping up in my consciousness, I mean that I was able to more quickly regain my center after upsetting events, release issues and emotionally heal more quickly, understand from a bigger perspective, forgive more easily, mentally connect the dots more quickly, maintain peace more of the time, have increasing clarity, and receive inspiration more frequently, than shortly before. So with each wave came an incremental, but noticeable, shift in me.

Past two years

Judging by my symptoms, these waves of energy have been coming in increasingly frequently over the past two years, so frequently that one wave has been blurring into the next in the last two years. I will not lie: The physical symptoms, especially the fatigue and body aches, have been quite challenging, and some days all I could do was to put one foot in front of the other to accomplish the bare minimum and simply not have the energy to care about the rest. By middle of this year (2012), however, I began to feel better physically and have more energy, even though I could sense that powerful waves were still coming in frequently. I believe that my body is getting more adapted to receiving these energies. Also, although I had been hearing for several years reports of people frequently seeing double hour:minute numbers (11:11, 12:12, 4:44, 5:55, etc.) on their clocks, it was only about a year ago that I started to experience this phenomenon myself. Lately, I see the double numbers almost every time I happen to glance at the clock. Another relatively new experience for me is that whereas my body sometimes vibrated like a cell phone in the past years (involving no muscles), sometime this year, my body started to experience spasms (involving muscles) shortly following the feeling of energy rushing into my body. [Please note that I can stop any of the involuntary body, head, or face movements that I often experience by coming out of the relaxed, daydreaming, or meditating mode and simply becoming aware of the movement (in alert mode of the brain, beta wave range).]

Since the middle of this year, too, I’m finding that different challenging issues are cropping up nonstop, one after the other– in home situation, work, parenting, finances, etc.– so that as soon as I’ve taken care of one, I must immediately focus on the next before I can take a breath. As I told my sister, I felt like I was atop the tumultuous Arctic sea, jumping from one ice patch to the next before the previous one melted away under my feet. Yet, even as I’ve felt moments of stress– sometimes intensely– I’ve been surprised at how relatively well I am able to maintain my center throughout this process, and how quickly the resolutions to these issues come, compared to the past. I interpret these fast-coming challenges cropping up in my life as my opportunities to burn up my last karmic ties as we approach the pinnacle time. I should add that many, many people have been having similar experiences, and would find the ones I describe to be quite familiar.

Past two months

Although I had been feeling more vibrant by mid-year, around November of this year, I again started to feel the fatigue and the “fuzzy” body aches (especially in the back of the neck, shoulders, and upper back). My interpretation is that the waves of energies are intensifying as we reach the “pinnacle time.” In the few days leading up to 12/12/12, I woke up in the mornings particularly achy and tired, with the “music in my head” playing very loudly and vigorously with a multitude of bells ringing and ringing. On the day before 12/12, I experienced few hours of what I could only call euphoria as I took a walk in the wooded hills, feeling that overwhelming feeling of gratitude to be alive here and now, to be able to enjoy the sparkling beauty of Earth. For a few hours on that day, all of nature seemed to be speaking to me, beaming me love.

The actual 12/12/12 was a different story. As I’ve noticed before about the actual date of an anticipated astronomical event, on the day of 12/12/12, I woke up to a quiet morning with no or very faint music. When my children and I got into the car to go to school, we smelled the strongest stinking smell I’ve ever smelled. It turned out all three of us had stepped in cat poop and brought it into the car. In the process of trying to get poop off our shoes, poop got smeared all over little fingers, the car floor, and the car seat. I got all crabby with the kids, and we drove to school with the windows down, getting there after the bell rang. I spent a good part of the day bent out of shape, trying to clean up the nauseatingly-smelly residues in the car, wondering why I got so crabby with the kids and what MORE do I need to release (for heaven’s sake!), not getting my work done, and asking, “What is the universe trying to tell me with cat poop on 12/12/12?” I wish I had a beautiful experience to share with you for this day, but I’m reporting honestly from the ground here. I suppose one must have a sense of humor about these things. I know someone up there must be laughing– LOL!

In the few days following 12/12, I was exhausted and slept an inordinate number of hours. I found that tiny, insignificant happenings in my life, events that wouldn’t normally bother me, were bringing up old, familiar feelings of anxiety and discomfort from years ago. These surfacing feelings have certainly been nothing intense, but I’m mildly surprised that vestiges of issues that I thought I released a long time ago are still lingering around. I’m actively and consciously working to release them, and trying to be gentle with my body.  As of December 17, I feel the fatigue and aches starting to lift.

For a bigger perspective, please let me add here that there are others who are reporting  predominantly blissful feelings during this time.

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3 responses to “As We Approach the End of 2012 (Part 1/2): Premise and Experiences

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  2. So glad to have found your blog. Wonderfully warm writing along with similar experiences.
    Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for finding me and visiting. I dropped by your new home Sacred Spiral of Light, and found it so soft and beautiful and resonant. Thank you for being here and sharing this experience.

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