Matias de Stefano Presents “The Keys of Ater Tumti” (Part 3/3): Transcript, Final Part

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The following is the continuation and final part of the English-translated transcript to “The Keys of Ater Tumti,” by Matias de Stefano. The translation is from the English voice-over in the video. In this transcript, I have minimally edited the English translation in grammar and wording for easier readability, added screenshots of some of Matias’s slides, and added a few of my own images which were created based on my interpretation of Matias’s material.




A. Time as a Circle

P20. Matias's Explanation of Circular Time

To understand this all, it is important to understand first what time is, and how it’s going to affect us. In time, we have the past, present, and future. Anybody knows what past is? This can be quite confusing, because we’re going to talk about a paradox in time, and it’s important to understand why we’re going to live what’s coming. Can you see this? [1:28:36, P20. Explanation of circular time] That is the past [arc to left]. This dot here is the present. And this is the future [arc to right]. We call it the curve of time. The past is
what happened. So what’s the present? Here and now. Do you know that this concept of present is completely illogical? Because we are always in past or future. I can only say I’m here in the present if I say, “Now, now, now, now, now, now, now.” It doesn’t make sense. At school, we learned that the concept of time like this is like a calculation of time, to understand better the historic events. We understand time this way because the historians decided so. This concept of time is completely illogical. It’s just an organizing method like ordering books in the library, but it doesn’t really exist as so. So we have an illogical present, and an extensive past and future. Now that we’re accessing the fourth dimension, what must be understood is that time isn’t a curve with something illogical and another curve.

Time is this: a curve joined with another curve. [P20. Explanation of circular time]  So its’ not something that happened that we are living now and we’re going to live after. So what is time then? Time is circular. It’s a circle. Where is the present then? It’s in everything: the eternal present. From being nothing, it became everything. So the present is eternal. Imagine we are here and here [on the circle]. So on the other side of the circle, the parallel line, the same thing can happen. Things repeat themselves. Is time something that happened and will happen? What was universal time? It was the degradation or the corrosion of matter. So will time be strict in what happened and what will happen? Here is where time doesn’t exist, because I can be in one point of the circle and go to another. Because time is different vibrations in matter. The past is a low vibration, the present is a static vibration, and the future is a high vibration in constant movement. If I vibrate statically, which is what we tend to do, I’ll constantly be in the present. If we are able to change the vibration, making it very high, we will go to the future. If we vibrate very low, we can go to the past. So time depends on the vibratory state of matter, and not what has happened. This is the paradox of time. The idea that I explained is not to explode your mind, but for you to understand that time isn’t a line. It’s not linear, but circular. So do you remember what happened after the fall of the Roman Empire? Anyone knows history here? In Europe, what happened? Which age came? Yes, the Medieval Age. Was it any use for you to know this; was it useful? No. Normal. Sorry to the teachers, by the way. This is normal because it doesn’t make sense learning history this way. But if we study it as a circle, as something that repeats itself, things begin to change.

So, look, we have the sun dawning in 2012, two years until then. After the sun dawns, what comes? Do you remember the whole thing about “Be aware, he’s coming back?” It’s not that Jesus is coming back this time, but that christic consciousness is coming back to Earth. When the christic consciousness comes to earth, which is already coming, an empire will fall. Which empire is this? Yes, it’s the United States of America. And after the fall of the empire, what comes? The Medieval Age. The difference is that what happened is in the Pisces age, and what’s to come is the Aquarius age. So the medieval isn’t going to be like before. This time it’s going to be technological. What’s important to understand here is that history repeats itself. And this doesn’t happen just because. It repeats itself in a spiral so that we can understand what’s going to happen and get prepared for it. If we get disconnected from the circular time concept, then we won’t know what to do or where to go. And that’s what happened with Atlantis, for example . And the end, they got disconnected from the circle of time, and they thought, ‘We can do it, we can go, we can continue being an empire because we can.’ But time said, “No, you can’t,” and this is how it ended up. The Mayans understood this, and when the time came, they just left.

B. Our Galactic Cycle [1:35:22]

So we have the earth turning around the sun, and we’ve also got a sun in the middle [of the galaxy], around which our [solar] sun is turning. In the whole galaxy, we have these twelve beings who are going to influence our process during this circular time. So the new age is not something that’s going to happen, remember, but something that we have to vibrate in tune with. And how can we vibrate in tune with it? By vibrating in tune with Earth and with our sun. Anyone knows what we call each period that happens? We call it an age. Each period that the sun goes through is an age. How long is the whole cycle? About 26,000 years, the cycle history of 26,000 years. So every two thousand one hundred and so many years, we go past a constellation with our planet and the sun [P21. Galactic cycle]

P21. Galactic Cycle (Image by Hui Sun Kim)

There are two major things that set the division in this process. On one side, the light of the central sun reaches us less than on the other side. That’s what we call the galactic night and day [P21. Galactic cycle]. Now we are living the galactic night. Why? Well, for about 12 to 13,000 years approximately, we went into the galactic night. This means that for about 12 – 13,000 years, humanity began to disconnect from the central sun. And we began to lose all our connection with the spiritual wisdom. Before, during the galactic day, we had a close relationship with many universal beings, like ETs, angelic beings. We had our cosmic consciousness awakened, and we brought the technology of the beings, etc., etc. So wisdom used to come to the people by its own. When the galactic night came, the wisdom could only come through the experience of matter. This is through religion, philosophy, books, wise ones, monarchy. Why is this? Because Satan decided so? No. It’s just a natural process in the galactic system. It’s normal. We mustn’t get frustrated with what happened. Everything that we have been through in the last 12-13,000 years was to experience everything that we had learned during the galactic day, but disconnected from the central sun, and in matter– to test if we had learned it well. Is this understood, then, disconnection for 12-13,000 years and connection for another 12-13,000 years? It’s a natural pattern of all evolutionary process. We all go through it. Now we are at the transition between the end of the galactic night and the beginning of the galactic day. That’s why it’s called the galactic dawn. This dawn or transition is going to last about 150 years. So relax, again.

C. Kundalini Movement through Chakras of Earth [1:38:47]

Table 2. Chakras of Earth

While all this is going on, the kundalini energy is going through Earth. When the planets go through the different constellations, those constellations have an effect on Earth and activate Earth. How does it activate? Through the fire energy that travels through our planet. So everyone knows what the kundalini is? It’s called this way by the Hindus. It’s a snake of fire that get activated from the root chakra, purifying all the matter with its light until it reaches the crown chakra, where it activates and aligns the whole being [Table 2. Chakras of Earth]. In each moment that the kundalini begins to move, it goes through an initiation. At the root chakra, we go through a sexual initiation. At the sacrum, we go through a creativity initiation. At the solar plexus, we go through the knowing of thyself, and so on, till everything activates. It’s very difficult to purify a being, and sometimes you spend a whole life to purify a single chakra. Just take that into consideration. Earth also takes thousands of years to purify its chakras. About 300,000 years ago, it began to activate in Africa. Which chakra is Africa? Africa is the root chakra. All that happened during that period in Africa is the purification of the root chakra. After this, it began to purify the sacral chakra in the period of Lemuria and Atlantis, all of the water civilizations. Then the solar plexus activated in Asia. So the civilizations after 10,000 BC up to about 2,000 BC began to practice philosophy, medicine, the discovery of the being of the center, the integration of history, all that in the oriental philosophy. That’s why the oriental philosophy is coming into the western world. So that we begin to integrate with all of it, with all the things we are frustrated with. So that’s the reason why it is starting to come into the Western world. Afterwards, the heart chakra begins to activate in Europe, even though it doesn’t seem so. This doesn’t mean that Europe is loving because it activates the heart chakra. Remember that the heart chakra isn’t love; it is movement and unification. That’s why Europe moves and creates revolutions, artistic movements, social movements, organizational movements like NGOs, Green Peace, all of those things. It also moves wars. Why? Because when the heart explodes, what happens? Divorces and clashes. So Europe is the movement of the planet. That’s why it ‘s the heart. North America is the throat chakra, because its function is to communicate. It’s the communicator of the planet. So when North America began to have the energy, it began to unify the planet through globalization, through one language, and a kind of government and economy. It doesn’t mean that it’s anything negative; it’s just a practice. A different matter is what the system is doing. The error isn’t the machine but those who control it. That’s the main problem, really. But North America has the function of communicating and unifying the planet through its systems. And now the kundalini energy is activating itself in South America. In Lake Titicaca. This means that Earth is going to initiate its third eye. And when in 2050, more or less, when it goes down to Antarctica, which chakra will activate? The crown. That’s probably when the pole shift will happen. And Antarctica will become the North Pole, because Antarctica is the chakra that activates the whole planet. That’s why no one can touch it and put a finger on the head. We have the mental conception that Greenland and the North Pole are up. It’s just because the magnetism draw us toward there. But if the magnetism changes and draws us to Antarctica, our conception will immediately change toward Antarctica.  You can see the universe in one way or the other, and it will continue to be the same. Actually, the Bolivians still draw Antarctica in the north. Although it doesn’t seem so, the Bolivians in this aspect are the most evolved on Earth. They understand that the integration of everything is toward Antarctica.

The structure of the Earth is the nucleus, the magma, and it’s hollow in some areas where there are cities inside the earth, which also belong to the galactic confederation and are put there to protect the center of the earth. So while we work on the surface, the galactic confederation also protects the inside part, and the outside part from the atmosphere upwards. Each one has a role, and because we are a bit unstable on the surface, the people below make sure we don’t reach the nucleus, and the people above make sure we don’t go too far away [into space]. So humanity’s history is also going to be understood this way.

D. Seeing Time Through the Ages of the Zodiac [1:45:49]

1. Our Transition Between the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius

P22. Zodiac Wheel and Approximate Years of Ages (Image by Hui Sun Kim)

What I am interested for you to understand is about the age of Pisces, when we have been though many things with which we are still frustrated—with divisions, sex, religions, political control, and all that. Really, the Pisces age was necessary. What I want to explain is its relationship with Aquarius [P22. Zodiac wheel]. How can we understand what’ s going to happen in Aquarius? Anyone knows or has an idea? Well, there are many ideas– a world in peace, love, and unity where we’ll open to our consciousness and be spiritual again, that from one day to another, the whole humanity is going to improve, or a technological humanity of war and destruction and all that. Because remember this. Imagine that I am here. If I vibrate negatively, everything I see afterward will be negative. And if I vibrate positively, I’ll see everything afterwards positively. So maybe in Aquarius, many will suffer, and others will love it, enjoy it. So what’s important here is the circular history.

To know what will happen in Aquarius, we have to see what happened in previous ages. Do you know in which age similar events happened, what will happen in Aquarius? In Leo. Here’s Aquarius, and on the other side [of the zodiac wheel], we have Leo. And for Pieces, on the other side [of the zodiac wheel] we have Virgo [P22. Zodiac Wheel].

2. Learning About the Age of Pisces Through Virgo

What happened in these ages, Pisces and Virgo? The first thing that happened in Virgo was Atlantis, and it happened about 15, 000 years ago. Atlantis had its empire, its fall, its Medieval Age, its Renaissance, its technological development era– ecological and artistic period, a period of union with the spirit and Earth, work with new technology, unification of empire, global domination, decay of society, the fall of family, education, society, and politics, and all this influenced by a climate change which made it fall. Does this ring a bell to anyone? In Pisces, it’s going to be practically the same. The big difference is that in Virgo, everything was done in order, with structure, and according to what had to be done. But in Pisces, it’s not going to be this way, in that order. But it’s going to be done by dividing the plan– one fish goes one way, the other fish goes the other way. So everything that we are going to practice in Pisces is going to be done through duality. That’s why we are so frustrated with it, because we’ve been practicing it for 2,200 years, intensely. We got science-religion, man-woman, capitalism-communism, war-peace– do you notice this? The dualities were necessary to experience. The problem is that we are only two years from the beginning of a new age, which has a new tune. And we are still frustrated with 2,200 years of history. So during this life, we have the opportunity to forgive and integrate 2,200 years of history. I would advise you to begin soon.

3. Learning About the Age of Aquarius Through Leo

So now, to see what’s going to happen in Aquarius, we should see Leo. What happened in Leo? When Atlantis fell, the Atlanteans emigrated to Egypt, what we now know as the Mayan land, and so on. What were created during these period were the machines that would make sure that the mistakes that were made in Virgo won’t occur again. Because in Virgo, they knew that the galactic night was coming. So they tried everything possible to anchor the plan on Earth, because the human was going to be disconnected in 2,000 years time. So they had to guarantee that even if the human was going to be disconnected, the plan could be continued. So during Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries, they worked with different groups of knowledge, wise ones, sects, to bring this knowledge through the galactic night, through the confusion.

So what happened during Leo was the unification of humanity according to political and spiritual plan, for all to be connected again. That was the intention or idea why they all unified in Leo.  The difference between Leo and Aquarius is that in Leo, everything was done through the kingdom, the glory. In Aquarius, we are not going to work this way, but it’s going to be through flowing, through going with the flow, let’s say. So in Aquarius, we are going to unify all that became separate and divided. In the same way that they were trying to integrate all that was done wrong by the Atlanteans [in Leo], the Aquarians are going to have to integrate everything that was done wrong by the Pisceans, from Pisces. So in Aquarius, we’re not going to fly up to the fifth dimension. From the third dimension, we can still easily vibrate in the fifth dimension. Probably, we won’t see angels. We’re not going to experience an age where we are connected spiritually. Aquarius is an age where we’re going to work socially in constant communication with new technology and the unification again of the plan on Earth.  This means to become conscious again of that plan on Earth. Inside Aquarius, we’re going to have a period of 150-200 years when we’re going to have to integrate the age of Pisces.


1. Indigo Vibration

P23. Indigo Vibration

So what’s happening with Earth today? Today on Earth, we’re going to go through this vibration. [1:53.32, P23. Indigo vibration] As you can see, this vibration is constantly on Earth. What happened in Virgo? Atlantis, yes? And now we’re entering Aquarius. So what does this vibration mean? Can you recognize the color? It’s the indigo vibration. It has always been present in the history of humanity. It’s not new. It’s not as if there are indigo souls. It’s the planet that vibrates in indigo. Indigo is the color of transmutation and change. So during history, there are higher or lower levels of indigo vibration. Can you see the highest peaks, at the end of Atlantis and at the current date? Indigo means the transmutation of everything that is stuck. Atlantis got very stuck. In Pisces, we’re also in the same situation. So now we need a group that deconstructs everything. That’s the idea.

B. Love in the Trinity of Wisdom, Will, and Love [1:54:38]

P24. Zodiac Wheel with Cycles (Image by Hui Sun Kim)

So during Virgo, what was mainly experienced was wisdom– working the process through knowledge. For 7,000 years, during the ages of Virgo, Leo, Cancer, and part of Gemini, they worked with wisdom on Earth, through the wise ones, the kingdoms, the priests [P24. Zodiac wheel with cycles]. That’s why in those ages, the example to follow was the wise elders, you know with long beard and so on.

From the age of Taurus onward, anyone knows what happened during this age? Egypt. In 4,000 BC, we have Egypt, Persians, Mesopotamia, Babylon. In Taurus, the age of will begins. So during Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, the humans are going to practice the will of the being. So from here, humanity is going to work through wars, professions, work, effort, studies. Who is going to be the example to follow in all this? It’s going to be the adults. Everyone follows the guidance of the adults, the importance of work and effort.

Afterwards, during the age of Aquarius, what age begins? Do you remember the sacred trinity? Wisdom, will, and love– but not the cheesy type [of love], OK? It’s unconditional love. So during Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius, we’re going to work for 7,500 years of love on earth. So what does this mean? It’s not that we’re going to be loving. During the ages of wisdom, we worked on will and love through wisdom. During the ages of will, we worked on wisdom and love through will. During the ages of love, we’re going to work on wisdom and will through love.

C. Age of the Teenager in the Generational Cycle

This is what’s going to happen, and this is why so many adults are suffering with the young ones today. Because during Aquarius, the pattern that we’re going to follow is the teenager. That’s why we are sometimes sent to share this information, being younger than 25 years old– for people to get used to it, yes? This is why society is so focused on the teenagers today. The adults and the old ones want to be like the teenagers. Everything is made to the teenagers’ style. It has its logic, OK? No, it’s not that the elders will disappear. The vibration is young. Before, there were children even though the vibration was older. It’s just the example to follow, the teenagers, because we’re going to live in a vibration that is based on love and fluidity. Who flows the best? The young ones. We can’t continue with the structured world of the adults. That’s why the transition between will and love is creating so much suffering. The adults now call the young generation the “No Generation”– no work, no studying, nothing. They were born to lie down and wait—in  the mean time, play video games. Why is this? Because somehow we have to break with the structured system. And many times, it’s going to be non-action and peaceful, the way its’ supposed to be done. What is the peaceful way? To not interfere in the process. I sit down and wait. “He doesn’t do his homework.” “Why should I?” “He doesn’t do anything at home.” “Why should I? I don’t care.” “You won’t be able to make a living.” “How do you know? Maybe yes. Who know what happens tomorrow?” So we’re going to do things through flowing. We’re not going to work just for the sake of working. We’re going to work because we feel we must work. This is will through love, and one is not going to learn to have a great CV, but learn what one has to learn, and for this to be applied– that’s why I say working through fluidity or love. So we’ve got the elder, which is wisdom; the adult, which is will; the young one, which is love; and the child. To reach the child, we still have to wait for a long time. We’re now entering the [age of the] young one, which means at least 200 years of social teenager. This is going to hurt. This means constant transformation. It’s good to know for those adults who are having a hard time as teachers or parents. Because this is what’s new: teenagers. Not necessarily a group of beautiful spiritual beings connected with god. We have to understand that all of them are part of the process.

P25. Young People

This is why I put up these images. [2:00:08, P25. Young people] Every young person who is helping to transform society is doing an indigo process. It’s not a specific kind of group with an indigo ID. What I’m trying to show here is that we shouldn’t try to classify the young people. For example, a very common categorization: Can you see those two images at the top left and right? Who are they? Yes, they call them dark, “emos,” “goth.” Who would you think they are, and from which level are they coming? From the dark, from the demons? Well, normally, they’re coming from the christic level, because they’re here to channel the pain and the suffering of the society through their body and soul. They are purifying the planet through their being and life. So darkness is not always a negative thing. We must understand that all of them are doing their process and work here. These generational changes affect society to transform it.

D. Change Through Non-Action

This is going to be done basically in two ways: action and non-action, passive. We’re used to the action because we have been working with will for 7,000 years. So we have the tendency to implement action, political parties, revolutions, unions, transform politics through politics, one has to study to make a living. You have to work all your life to afford a beautiful coffin, for example. Yes, we have reached that point in our society, haven’t we, that inherited mortgage and all that? Does this make sense? Not anymore. Because everything that is will– will with no love– is falling. Everything that is change through change, action through action, begins to fail, because it’s no longer the action but the non-action [that’s important]. And what is non-action? It doesn’t mean to be inactive; it means to not participate in the process. I look at what is happening, and I don’t participate till I feel I must. This is to make all this excessive action slow down and crash into a wall.  The ones who are working through non-action, they’re basically waiting to begin to do what they have come here to do. In the meanwhile, they work as a filter– the filter of action. Before, we needed a revolution to transform society. Now, it’s going to be through an anti-revolution. Many are waiting for world peace. But when we have to transform war, it’s pretty illogical to declare a war for peace. We are very stuck with this point, to fight for peace. As I said, it’s very illogical. What should be done is to not participate in the war.  How do we finish with war? By stop feeding the system. I just sit down and wait. This hurts a lot, both for the one sitting down and waiting, and for the one observing the sitting down and waiting. There are souls who have agreed to be stuck for 30 years, not because they want to, but society forces them to, because it frustrates or has frustrated action. They know they mustn’t feed the society and participate in it. But when they come here and are born, society tells them what they have to do, they have to do this and that, but he or she feels he/she mustn’t do it. So they become stuck and get socially deserted, and they begin to be oppressed by family, education, culture, religion, and so on. And one ends up spending 30 years of one’s lives not knowing what to do when one should have done it before. Also many adults of these days are going to have to go through it. Some adults are so adapted to the age of will and work and action. Those are the ones who are obsessively thinking that they have to work to survive, and then the universal system brings something down to the physical plane which is very painful, called unemployment. Have you heard of it? All these systems that appear on Earth are previously made by the mathematical universal geometric systems. What does unemployment do? It stops you by force. If you don’t stop and contemplate what is happening around you, it will force you to stop so that you can calmly observe it. But there are people even in these situations who can’t see it, can’t see it. And here’s where the problem comes, because one must continue and walk. The less one is worried, the better one can do what one has come here to do. That’s why non-action is an example of how to work with the new vibration, at least for a short period of time. Adults don’t understand this very well, and they think, ‘How can I tell my son to move on into work?’ The best thing is to not say anything. Just let them do it when they have to do it. Adults should just support them in their process and for each of them to do their process. Adults don’t have to worry about the young ones, but worry about themselves. The rest will work itself out.

E. Changes in the Aspects of Our World [2:06:11]

Table 3. Aspects of Our World

1. Family

So things are going to begin to change by parts [Table 3. Aspects of Our World]. We have family, education, economy, society, and politics. Through these, the systems will fall and regenerate. Why does the family have to change? Because it’s a Pisces type of organization: male-female, mother-father, son-daughter, grandmother-grandfather. It’s just a practice that was absolutely necessary to experience during the last 2,000 years. In Aries, for example, about 2-4,000 years ago, the family structure was very relative. They had groups where there were many women married with many men, and the other way around. Afterward, in Pisces, things had to be dual. Now in Pisces, things are going to have to flow. You know, I go here, I see this, I go to another place. Now I can have many couples in the same week, to try, to experience. And if I don’t like any of them, I just go on my own. The family is just a joint process to evolve. The family can be two or a 100 people.

2. Education

Education also begins to break down because it doesn’t work anymore. Because it only works on a small part of the left brain: retention and memory. This produces poor synapses. Everyone knows what a synapse is? It’s the relationship between two neurons which connects and produces a kind of learning. If I’m experiencing something new, a synapse begins to occur in a different location of the brain to learn it– well, just to make it simple. [2:07:51] At this level of education, we have poor synapses, which makes you yawn, and suddenly someone in the class says something stupid, and you begin to have synapses, synapses, synapses, and then the teacher says, “Quiet!” and then you go back to the poor synapses. By the way, laughing and saying stupid things is a good method to join the two hemispheres of the brain. This is important for the new education, to work with theory and practice, with both hemispheres of the brain. We don’t have to eliminate theory just because we are frustrated with it, because we’ve been using it for such a long time. Theory is also important, but it must be constantly adapted to practice, experimentation , imagination, and creation. I can teach five subjects– mathematics, language, chemistry, geometry, and physics– in just one hour of cooking. This is to adapt the theory to practice. This is the idea that the school should follow in the future– not to eliminate theory and do absurd things, because sometimes we tend to do the same systems, but in disguise, yes? The reverse. For example, before, people used to do homework. Now they’ve decided to make the children play mandala. Before they used to punish the children, now they make them meditate. Before they used to do P.E., and now they sing around the tree, for example. We shouldn’t disguise the form, but change the content and the structure of it. We live in a physical world, so we have to learn how to live and survive in a physical world. We can’t live based on fairy tale ideas flying about. All the ideas should have a practical use. So use the understanding of god, spirituality, angels, masters, to work here. How can we use this and express it here?

3. Economy

When it comes to economy, we know the economy is collapsing and will collapse even more when the solar storms affect the satellite systems, but that’s another story, and we’ll see it later. The economy doesn’t fall because it’s bad or negative. It begins to collapse when it gets worn out, when its overused and abused. This is what’s happening now. There are so many numbers, banks, that it’s beginning to fail. It ends when it begins to empty itself. That’s why many young ones are emptying the adults’ pockets. This doesn’t mean it’s positive or the only way of doing it. It’s happening by force because it got stuck.

4. Society

So society will end up falling also, because during Pisces, a tendency for society was to unite in groups, associations, with a name, a flag, for everyone to collaborate on the same thing. But in Aquarius, society is flexible. This means that I can create a group that can just last one day. But during that day, I collaborate with something; I help to make something. It’s like, I met with a lot of people, I did what I had to do, and it’s time for me to continue my process. And again, meet with another group, collaborate, and continue with my process. It’s a continuous process. It’s a kind of wave that we practice between individuals and groups. So we go from groups, to being again alone, we go back to another group, we become alone again. So the group isn’t going to be the most important, but it’s going to be for each an individual journey. So society is going to change by breaking down everything that is social organizations, to create social networks. Before, we would meet in a house to discuss how to solve the world problems, and now we’re going to go to Facebook, for example. In Facebook, I can connect. I’m in, if I feel like it. If I don’t want to, I don’t exist. As I said, I decide where I go, what I share, and when I want to share it. It’s flexible. So it’s going to be a total flexibility.

5. Politics

And politics will fall on its own, because politics is just propaganda. Politics is the pineal gland of our physical body, the part that controls and organizes the rest. But if it’s based on something absurd, the rest won’t work. Politics or the pineal gland is a propaganda that all the rest of the chakras listen to. This whole thing of saying that, for example, Coca-cola is bad and don’t drink it. Most surely, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to think about that Coca-cola and end up having one. If I say, for example that politics is bad and negative and that there are political conspiracies, then one is going to think constantly in conspiracies and end up giving it energy. How can we end with the propaganda? When one begins to ignore the propaganda. This way, the propaganda ends up losing strength and ends up falling by itself on its own. Some say, if we don’t vote, the bad ones will win at the end. So what? Let them win. When they win, they’re going to face such disaster, that they’re not going to know what to do. So, worse for them. Just let them be, then.

6. The Most Important Aspect to Change: Economy

What I’m most interested in sharing about all of this is what is the base or the pillar of society. What is the most important aspect to change, which will change the rest? Education? Family? What do you think? The economy, yes. Economy is the pillar of any society. We don’t like it because it has been perverted. In our physical body, which chakra is the economy? You’re going to want to die [when you hear this]. Yes, it’s the heart. The heart is the bank, and the blood is the money or the material goods. What’s wrong with the current use of the economy today? Where does all the money go? To the heart, to the bank. And if all the blood, or money, goes to the heart, what happens? You have a heart attack. That’s what’s happening with the economy today. All the blood is going to the heart. That’s why the economy is exploding everywhere, because the system can’t bear it any longer. The heart has to give blood to all the parts of the body, and wherever it’s lacking blood, it must go there. It has to be balanced. Why? Have you ever heard the saying “Full belly, happy heart”? The physical society doesn’t sustain itself with the mind or the heart. It can only sustain itself by feeding itself; alimentation is crucial. To start the change from the family is a bit difficult, because the family has to survive economically. Without a balance in economy, the family can’t sustain itself. How can I teach my son or daughter to create a new society if we’re sustaining ourselves in a banking society? It’s a bit difficult. Education, neither. Because the teacher has to pay his or her rent, tax, and other things. So he or she ends up tired at the end of the day, and when she arrives at school, she just tells the students read page 28 and shut up. Society is formed by the movement of its members, who move the economy. If the heart doesn’t change, neither does the movement of its members. Politics is the pineal gland. If the heart stops, the mind dies. So the heart-economy is the change of all societies. The best way to begin a subtle change is to combine the changes of the economy and the education, so that education can help to create a new sustained society—not a political society, but a sustainable society. So it’s going to be very important to heal the beliefs that we have about economy. One has to relax, breathe deeply, and let free.

7. Timing of Changes

P26. The Transition: Overlap between Pisces and Aquarius

When will these changes take place? That’s where we are now, between Pisces and Aquarius, 2012. This is how the changes are going to take place. Can you see the line that splits both ages? Can you see that the blue goes into Pieces, and the red goes inside before and after 2012? That process is what we call “transition,” [2:17:55, P26. The transition] which lasts about 200 years. The Aquarius vibration began about 100 years ago on Earth. Especially in the ‘40s and ‘50s, it began to vibrate more and more intensely. Now we’re vibrating a fair bit of it. In 2012, we go to the Aquarian age, more or less. But look how the Pisces vibration continues into the Aquarius. During this period, we’re going to have to integrate the history of Pisces. In the next 100 years, we’re going to have to integrate Pieces, as I said. We’re still going to be having systems and social conflicts. Things aren’t going to change from one day to another. In one day, maybe things begin to collapse so that we can begin to integrate it. But it doesn’t end. It just collapses, which is quite different.

F. Possible Upcoming Experiences

On the 21st of December, 2012, the two suns [our solar system sun and the galactic central sun] align. After this, we enter into a process during 2013 and 2014 of a constant transformation of things. Remember that the future is just a projection of the past, which means that it’s predictable, but not exact, because it’s constantly vibrating very high. So what we think or say is going to happen will not necessarily happen. What’s going to happen depends on how we are vibrating at the moment. I can tell you what should happen in 2013 according to the plan, but because it depends on what will be done and happens here; it’s never going to be exact. So, during the alignment of the two suns with our planet, a great burst of light from the central sun is going to affect us. For you to understand, our planet represents our finger articulation. The sun is the wrist articulation. The elbow represents Sirius. The shoulder represents Alcyone, the important star located in the Pleiades. And the heart is the central sun of the galaxy. We all move this way, [2:21:05, body turning around, arm moving up and down] and during 2012 we’re going to do this [2:21:09, arm straight out from shoulder]. All the suns align toward Earth. This means that the pulse of the central sun points directly toward us. Another sun isn’t going to appear on the horizon, as some have said. If this happens, I’d advise you to run away now. This pulse of the central sun will reactivate the other suns, especially our sun, creating sun storms that will burst out huge electromagnetic waves toward the planets. The first planet to be affected will be Mercury, then Venus, and afterward, Earth. Earth has an electromagnetic shield that protects us from excessive electromagnetism. The problem is that this doesn’t cover our satellites. What does this mean? Maybe all the communication around our planet will collapse. When this happens, everything that is communications or finances will be deleted. And this may be the crisis that everyone is talking about. Because when the computers begin to fail, you’ll end up with the four Euros you had in your pocket. [I hear] the comments of the lady, “Will my mortgage also be deleted?” [audience laughter] Who knows? If they printed it before, maybe you’ll still be screwed. Everything that appears as zeros and ones on the computer begins to go crazy. The main problem will be for those who are attached to the financial system– those with the credit cards and those types of things. It’s not that money will disappear forever. What will end is the financial accumulation of money—that’s the only difference. During this process, maybe many people will go vibrationally unstable, because when the vibration of the planet begins to increase, our brain vibration will also increase. And here’s what the whole consciousness change of 2012 talks about. This doesn’t really mean we’re going to connect with the spirit again, but probably it’ll create in some people certain imbalances whereas before they were very structured. So for some people who were vibrating in a structured manner, it will suddenly activate the right brain, and they will begin to see things and be half schizophrenic for a while. And maybe those who were connected will suddenly close down. So this doesn’t mean we’re going to be entering an age where we are all connected again, but we’re going to transform ourselves– that’s the important part. There’s going to be a new consciousness because there’s going to be something different. This will last for some years. And the social process will last for about 50 to 60 years. So, relax, again. It’s a social process, not a process in our life. Your life may change in two days, but to change a society, it takes years. So don’t expect things to change drastically suddenly. The satellite system may break down suddenly, but the rest will take its time.


A. Pillars for Living Through This Process [2:25:04]

Table 4. Pillars for Living

The main bases and pillars to understand how to live through this process now, I’m going to explain that [Table 4. Pillars for living]. We have to understand that to be able to channel light, we have to know that we’re here for that purpose. In Aquarius, we’re going to channel the light through a different process.

1. Individuality

First of all, what is important to know is that it’s going to be a process of individuality. During 2,000 years, we’re going to practice, experience, an individual process– not so much to depend on others. Each person should know what they have to do and when they have to do it. That’s why associations and relationships are starting to fail. And people are feeling a bit lonely, more than ever. Even the spiritual guides who were constantly around us are letting go, to start to see if we’re walking all right. So if you feel lonely, try to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid of being alone, because individuality is going to be a process to work on.

2. Self Direction

Number two is self direction. From now on, the spiritual masters are going to become learning partners. They were helping to guide us before when we were completely lost, but now our process is going to be individual, not in groups. So we don’t need masters. Each person knows what he or she has to do, and where he or she has to go. If someone tells you to begin to stock on food and run to the mountains to save yourself, don’t necessarily take notice because maybe your part must be done in the middle of the city. Each person knows what he or she has to do. They have agreed to it before. So it’s important to flow and do what one feels one has to do.

3. Spiritual Authority

Number three: spiritual authority. We don’t necessarily have to become spiritual or authoritarian. We have to join light with darkness. When we begin to join and understand both, then we begin to be our own spiritual authority. This means we become integrated beings who know what we have to say when we have to say it. And it doesn’t matter if it bothers someone. If it does bother someone, there must be a reason for it. Something must have affected them inside.

4. Anchorage

Number four is anchorage: to be here and now, to be present– not to fly around the atmosphere. To be here, because our process was to get born here, to bring Earth back to heaven.

5. Balanced Ego

And number five: ego. Anyone knows what ego is? It’s our personality. There is a misunderstanding about the ego. Many understand it as something negative– this idea of deleting the ego to become pure again. Ego means “I” in Latin. I can’t delete my “I.” What I can do is balance it. So it doesn’t become egocentric or selfish, I have to balance it. This is an important difference. We have to be full and balanced during the time we are doing what we have to do here. And for this to be possible, we need our ego. Ego Supreme is Big I Am. So even if someone is trying to influence your process, you have to determine your boundaries for everyone to know it’s your process. You can’t decide for others; no others can decide for you. And for this, it’s important– the ego.

6. Unconditional Love

Number six: love, unconditional love, which means to accept the process of the others. The day we begin to accept the process of even the worst politicians, the occult, the Illuminati, and all this, to accept that their role is important for certain things– just that they’re doing it in a negative way because they don’t really know how to do it well– the day that we integrate this, we will begin to live unconditional love. Unconditional love isn’t selective. It’s not just for the few good ones. It’s for everyone. We are all in the process. So take this into consideration when the time comes to practice it.

7. Stability

Number seven: stability. It is very important, and it can only be achieved through detachment. Not detachment of leaving everything, but to not be affected if one has things or not. If I have a lot of things, don’t be affected. If you have a lot of things, don’t be affected by it. What’s important is to live in harmony and balance so we don’t get emotionally affected by what’s happening outside. This way, we can obtain stability.

8. Happiness

But we can’t achieve any of these things without happiness. For approximately 10,000 years, humans have made an important mistake, which was to search for happiness. People did things to find happiness. What is humanity’s aim? To be happy. That’s probably why they never find it. Happiness shouldn’t be an aim, but a state of being during the journey. Happiness is the pillar to achieve the rest, not the rest to find happiness. So you should try to be happy. How? However you want to– laughing, saying stupid things, enjoying matter and spirituality in matter. We as Westerners don’t have a doctrine; we have a fluidity. So enjoy the fluidity and laugh in that fluidity. Laughing raises the vibration of our body up to the 7th dimension. So it’s important to laugh and say stupid things. So if you reach the 7th dimension and say, “Oh, my master!” you’ll probably hear him say, “Look what a stupid face you got on you.” [audience laughter] Don’t worry if this happens. You probably just needed a bit more laughter.

B. Advice for the Times: Be a Tree [2:31:46]

Table 5. Advice for the Times

1. Breathing

Here is my advice to live during these times [Table 5. Advice for the times]. First of all, breathing. To breathe appropriately, deeply, and constantly, and with the abdomen– not with the lungs. With the lungs, we mobilize our emotions and work outward. With our stomach, we integrate everything that was all to be useful for what’s now.  So a lot of abdominal breathing, because it also affects the energetic pattern that surrounds us.

2. Alimentation (Feeding)

Number two: how we feed ourselves. To eat what the body needs, not what you believe your body needs. If the body just needs water, give it water. If it needs meat, then meat. It’s important to respect the needs of our body.

3. Anchoring

Number three is anchorage. To be here and now.

4. Being a Tree

The three things in this order reflect the following: To be trees. Everything that you do with breathing, feeding, and anchoring can be understood by being a tree. They’re the best masters we can have during the next 2,000 years. Why? First of all, because they don’t speak. They only respond by being. They breathe in light, they channel and transform it through their feeding system, they take it down to earth by being present on Earth, and they give it back to all the other beings who are outwards. That sums up everything, from the reason of the universe. So we are universes practicing inside another universe, helping this big universe to understand itself by understanding ourselves. We have to do it by living happily everything that is in this universe, allowing ourselves to flow in that universe, experimenting everything we can in this universe. And the best way to do it is as simple as eating, breathing, and being present like trees. From now on, each of us has the answer within, to know how to live our future. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen in the future. What’s important is for it to happen, and for you to enjoy it. So when you finish listening to this, do something stupid, go to the cinema, eat something solid, go for a walk, whatever you want to do. And please try to forget about everything you heard here for couple of day. Because the idea is for the information to resonate in yourselves, and not in your left brain, like up to now. Seeing that it’s so late and they’re going to close us in here, [I want to leave you with] just this: my advice, please enjoy yourself, laugh, forget about this for a couple of days, and thanks a lot for being present here in this process now. Thanks.


3 responses to “Matias de Stefano Presents “The Keys of Ater Tumti” (Part 3/3): Transcript, Final Part

  1. Bravo! A diversified fountain of information. Taking all this within oneself requires many readings. The highlights were, of course, present situations we are all processing. I especially found interesting that when we laugh it raises our vibration to 7thD. When I was young I laughed always. As of late there isn’t much to laugh about and so seriousness has taken over. Must change that pronto. There are many names for off-world beings and I wonder if the Galactic Confederation, Galactic Federation and Federation of Light are one in the same. If anyone knows, please respond.

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