Matias de Stefano Presents “The Keys of Ater Tumti” (Part 1/3): Video and Outline

Here is another enlightening and important presentation by Matias de Stefano, who was introduced in an earlier post. Matias is a 20-something-year-old young man from Argentina who has had memories, since he was three years old, about the workings of the universe, the history of humanity, the nature of spirit, matter, and evolution, and this planetary transition that is taking place right now.

Matias talks about Ater Tumti, which means “heaven on Earth.” Although the transformational process in which we are currently engaged is often referred to as “ascension,”  we are actually not so much “going up,” as we are “bringing heaven down to Earth,” according to Matias. Much like his message about this process, Matias himself has an incredible ability to bring the spiritual information down to a very grounded, practical level, for use in our lives on Earth. He shares with us his knowledge of the workings of the universe and connects it to what’s going on in our physical world, to help us understand and prepare for the upcoming changes in ourselves and in our society as we go through this transition and beyond. In this way, he is helping to ground the information from above into Earth.

I feel that the material that Matias presents is critical information for our times. His website is Click here for an English translation of his website, translated from Spanish by google translate.

This post contains the video of his presentation and an organized outline of the material he covers. A transcript of the English translation of the video will follow in succeeding posts.

Outline to Matias de Stefano’s Presentation “The Keys of Ater Tumti



A. Beginning with Nothing
B. The Breath
C. The Sound
D. Love Emerges (Heat/Magnetism)
E. Light Emerges (Cold/Geometry)
F. Time Density Emerges
G. Love/Magnetism and Wisdom/Geometry
H. Form Emerges
I. The Cosmic Plan


A. Chakras
B. Dimensions
C. Emanation Level
D. Emotional Level 
            1. Appearance of Souls
            2. First Beings: Entities
E. Angelic Level
            1. First Appearance of Form
            2. Angelic Beings
            3. Christic and Wise Beings
F. Integration Level
            1. Practice of All That Exists in Other Levels
            2. Galactic Beings
            3. Humans
G. A Problem is Addressed
            1. Lucifer and Michael, Dark Angels and Light Angels
            2. Spiritual Guides of the 7th Dimension

IV. EARTH’S ROLE [1:08:04]

A. The Galactic Plan
            1. Essence of the Galactic Plan    
            2. Helpers in the Galactic Plan
                        i. Council of Thirteen: The Zodiac
                        ii. Beings from Star Groups
                        iii. Past Civilizations and Alchemist Architect Gods
                        iv. Voluntary Spirits and Souls
                        v. Humans
B. Earth’s Purpose in Our Solar System
            1. Sun: The Solar Plexus Chakra
            2. Earth: The Sacral Chakra
            3. Other Planets
            4. The Importance of Earth
C. Anchoring of Light on Earth
            1. The Kingdoms of Earth Anchor Light
            2. Humans Are Brought to Earth to Anchor Light
            3. The Terrestrial Plan     
            4. Pyramids, Trees, and Humans Anchor Light

V. HISTORY AS A CYCLE  [1:27:53]

A. Time as a Circle
B. Our Galactic Cycle [1:35:22]
C. Kundalini Movement through the Chakras of Earth [1:38:47]
D. Seeing Time Through the Ages of the Zodiac [1:45:49]
            1. Our Transition Between the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius
            2. Learning About the Ages of Pisces Through Virgo
            3. Learning About the Age of Aquarius Through Leo


A. Indigo Vibration 
B. Love in the Trinity of Wisdom, Will, and Love
C. Age of the Teenager in the Generational Cycle
D. Change through Non-Action
E. Changes in the Aspects of Our World [2:06:11]
            1. Family
            2. Education
            3. Economy
            4. Society
            5. Politics
            6. The Most Important Aspect to Change: Economy
            7. Timing of Changes
F. Possible Upcoming Experiences


A. Pillars for Living Through This Process
            1. Individuality
            2. Self-Direction
            3. Spiritual Authority
            4. Anchorage
            5. Balanced Ego
            6. Unconditional Love
            7. Stability
            8. Happiness
B. Advice for the Times: Be a Tree
            1. Breathing
            2. Eating
            3. Anchoring
            4. Being a Tree

The Video

The original source of this video is at




For the Spanish-speakers, here’s the video of the presentation in the original Spanish, found at


———> To Part 2: The Transcript, First Part


3 responses to “Matias de Stefano Presents “The Keys of Ater Tumti” (Part 1/3): Video and Outline

  1. Reblogged this on In Lak'ech and commented:
    Absolutely fascinating! Definitely worth your time.

  2. Hi Hui Sun Kim, I appreciate the video and you commitment to write. Could you provide the link to this video by Matias de Stefano in the original Spanish? Thank you,


    • Hi, Daniel,
      I just embedded it in this post. I wish I could understand Spanish! Once in a while, the English voice-over doesn’t synchronize exactly with what Matias is saying at that time. (Of course, I’m extremely grateful for the English translation, as Matias’s material would not be accessible to all the English speakers in the world without it.) — Hui Sun

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