The Game of Duality (Part 3/3): Leaving the Game and Becoming Masters of Our Energy

Have you watched Monsters, Inc., a very entertaining Disney Pixar movie for children? My goodness, talk about a movie with a veiled message! In this movie, monsters generate power for their city by capturing energy from the screams of human children whom they scare at night. By the end of the movie, because of a friendship between one little human girl and a monster, the monsters end up harvesting the energy from human children’s laughter—a much more powerful energy source—by performing comedy acts for the children at night.

Yes, it is much more pleasant to be awakened to a comedy act than to a fright. But we’re still being woken up in the middle of the night, and giving away our energy unwittingly, aren’t we (even if this energy is ultimately used “for our own good”)? We’re not children. Wouldn’t we rather walk into a comedy club through our own choice, and consciously contribute our energy toward our own chosen purpose?

On one level, I think we know what it takes to move away from this game of duality and tune into the consciousness of Oneness. It is simply to not engage in the game, to not unduly invest in either face of duality. It is to be focused and centered inside ourselves, not being led helter-skelter by the “good” and “bad” playing outside. It is to acknowledge our multidimensional selves and our power to create reality with our consciousness. It is to take back our power, and to be completely responsible for ourselves, our choices, and our energy. It is to claim our sovereignty. We want to create our reality on our own terms, being fully aware of what we are doing.

There is one unifying point, one truth, about which I have never, ever observed contention, whether from the “Black Hats,” the “White Hats,” the “negative” extraterrestrials, or the “positive” extraterrestrials: What we Earth humans believe collectively— what we choose to see-taste-hear-smell-feel in our imagination—is eventually created in our reality. There are technologies today that suggest that the human consciousness has predictive ability: the random event generators (computer devices that generate two numbers – a one and a zero – in a totally random sequence) that display non-randomness coinciding with major shifts in human consciousness, and which have shown non-random peaks just prior to major world events; and the Web Bot, an Internet software project that is claimed to be able to predict future events by monitoring and tracking key words in the “Internet chatter.” I have often pondered the possibility that these technologies are not picking up on our collective predictive ability, but they are actually picking up on our collective creative ability.  In other words, these technologies may be showing that what we, the collective, consciously think about and talk about now—captured by the analysis of electronic noise and the words we use on the Internet– is actually creating what happens in the near future. It is an awesome power with which comes much responsibility, and is certain to manifest more and more blatantly as both Earth and we step up in dimensionality.

Here we are. It’s not about the White Hats and the Dark Hats, the good extraterrestrials and the bad extraterrestrials. It’s about us. We have no need to wait for anyone but ourselves to arrive. I have learned that we cannot change others if it is not their choice; the only thing we can change is ourselves—it is the only thing within our control. Everything happening outside of us— all this dancing of the polarities– is just assistance to help us find ourselves. As the Hopi have said, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

So, I think we understand the game of duality from one perspective, but what about on a personal level? It is a much tougher question. What do we do? What choices do we make in our personal lives? Do we support and wait for NESARA, or do we ignore/reject/warn against it? Do we continue in our work to research and expose the old, dark energy structures in our current world? Do we continue to speak of love and light, and broadcast the comforting channeled messages? Do we actively support and push for disclosure? Should we be suspicious of the motivations behind those who call themselves “White Hats,” or should be embrace the possibility that yes, there still exist extremely powerful people who care about humanity? Do we do nothing and see what happens?

As it has always been, it is our choice, following our heart and staying in our integrity, being true to ourselves and our beliefs, and taking full responsibility for our choices—our choices which will lead to our reality. But whatever we do, we also have the choice to do it outside the energy of duality, outside heavy emotional judgment of what is good and bad.

Many times, we have been told that we are “human angels.” I have heard many stories of angels assisting in times of dire suffering and pain. Whether the person whom they are assisting “made it” or not, the angels were always assisting without judgment– without judgment of the aggressor, the victim, the cruelty, or the misery. I believe that we are being asked to be human angels at this time. I know(!)– it’s a tall order, to be angels while living in a world steeped in extremes of three-dimensional duality. We, who have lived all our lives in a world of good and bad, trying to figure out what is good and bad, are being given the choice at this time to disengage from the tangled web of duality.

Your mind and heart working overtime to figure out what it means in your life, in yourself?

Yes, me, too.


On a personal note:

I would like to thank Adamu, channeled by Zingdad, for the nod of synchronicity around my writing of this post series. He knows what I’m talking about!

 I applaud Steve Beckow’s recent taking of the initiative to propose our on-board visit to the spaceship Neptune. I never saw this trip as being about the galactics; it was about us. I saw this initial act of putting forth a proposal to the galactics as a step toward the declaration of our sovereignty and assumption of self-responsibility, as seeing ourselves as equals.

 I also wanted to say that I had the fortunate opportunity to interact with Linda Dillon, the channeler who was involved in the failed Neptune trip, through taking one of her online workshops about a year ago. Although I rarely take these types of classes anymore, I felt drawn to do so after feeling an extraordinarily powerful and palpable healing energy channeled through Linda during one of her Saturday morning online broadcasts. Throughout the class sessions and communications in-between over several weeks, I very much appreciated and enjoyed the wholeness of Linda’s integrity and the purity of her intention to be of assistance at the highest level. 

<——– To The Game of Duality, part 2: Good and Bad, and the Awakening Earth Humans


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