The Game of Duality (Part 2/3): Good and Bad, and the Awakening Earth Humans

Good and Bad

What is duality? What is good? What is bad? One of the characteristics that I most appreciated about Matias de Stefano’s video Ater Tumti is Matias’s very balanced treatment of good and bad.

About good and bad, Matias says (beginning, video 4/8):

What we know as “evil,” which is not really evil, can even reach high dimensions like the 18th dimension, for example. It does not mean evil– just another way of working, another way of evolving. Light evolves through freedom, self-control, free will, support, and allows a lot of time for the process. On the other hand, “evil” or darkness is another way of evolving that establishes deadlines– quick deadlines. You have to learn this in a year; if you don’t, something bad will happen. So, it’s just another process to evolve, and because humans understand things through morality, it’s not a very well-understood level on Earth. But it’s another way of evolving more quickly, and many people decide to choose it.

Matias outlines the characteristics of “good” and “bad” in this chart: (from video 4/8, time 0:30)

Matias's Table of Good and Bad

Is it surprising that one can evolve to higher evolutionary levels through the “dark” route? Ra of the Law of One series, another source with which I resonate strongly, also says the same thing:

RA: It should be noted, and carefully pondered, and accepted, that the Law of One is available to any social memory complex striving together for any goal, be it service to others or service to self. (Bk 1, session 7.15)

RA: Those who seek to serve the self are seen by the Law of One as precisely the same as those who seek to serve others, for are not all One? To serve yourself and to serve others is a dual method of saying the same thing, if you can understand the essence of the Law of One. (Bk1, session 7.17)

RA: Those which have chosen the service-to-self path have simply used the veiling process in order to potentiate that which is not. This is an entirely acceptable method of self-knowledge of and by the Creator. (Bk4, session 85.9)

Under the Law of One, which states that “all things are one, that all beings are one,” (Bk1, session 6.14), evolution through the service-to-self route is seen as a perfectly valid path of growth. There is no judgment.

However, the service-to-self route can be used for evolution only up to a certain level. About this point, Ra says:

RA: These negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes have a difficulty which to our knowledge has never been overcome, for after 5th density graduation, wisdom is available but it must be matched with an equal amount of love. This love/light is very, very difficult to achieve in unity when following the negative path, and during the earlier part of the sixth-density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth-density positive. (Bk2, session 36.12)

RA: Thus, loving the creator and realizing at some point that the creator is not only self, but other-self, this entity consciously chooses an instantaneous energy reorientation so that it can continue its evolution.(Bk2, session 36.5)

So beyond a certain level of evolution (18th dimension according to Matias or the 5th density according to Ra, depending on whichever one of the myriad systems one is using), the evolutionary path leaves behind the game of duality and enters the Unity Consciousness. There is, of course, still service in love after duality is transcended; however, it comes from the consciousness of Oneness, rather than from a place of either service-to-self or service-to-other.

The Awakening Earth Humans and the Game of Duality

I’m observing at this moment that, we, the awakening community, are being presented with very “in-our-face” opportunities for becoming aware of and integrating duality in our world. We, who have lived all our remembered lives in a world of duality, are being given the opportunity to balance polarity at this time, and it is certainly not an easy task. In a time of the direst uncertainties and hardships, we are being presented with NESARA (a sweeping national economic plan that is supposed to more equitably distribute wealth) and its credibility or fraudulence, the satanic “Black Hats” vs. the powerful “White Hats” who indicate desire to make sweeping changes on our behalf, the catastrophic vs. transformational possible timelines for our civilization, and the service-to-self and service-to-other extraterrestrials who are interacting with us. Who will rescue us? Who will victimize us? Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys?

The most notable point is that all these groups are standing behind their masks, not showing us their faces, blurring the line between “good” and “evil.”  If I were the director of a dramatic play about duality, I couldn’t have designed a better setup. The Internet chatter reflects our confusion and conflict.

One particular area in which we are struggling with the “dancing masks” right now is our perception of those we think of as service-to-other galactic beings. I totally missed the October 2008 event– when many channels received the same message from the galactics that there would be a massive and undeniable display of spaceship(s) in our skies, which failed to show.  I did read about the galactic promise of the display of “pillars of light” by the end of 2011 as relayed to Blossom Goodchild, which failed to show, and followed the recent failed promise by the galactics to take many Earth people aboard their spaceship Neptune for a 10-day visit. We know that these galactic beings do so much to assist us, have the technology to carry out their promises, and speak to us with so much love– so much love (and certainty!)—and they couldn’t give us a 24-hour notice that it just wasn’t going to happen? Is this bad?

Although the October 2008 event wasn’t in my reality when it happened, I read about it afterwards in one of Kryon’s channelings through Lee Carroll. “There was recently what you would call a potential prediction in October [2008],” Kryon says. He says that some of us on Earth read a potential, and interpreted the potential in the best way that we could understand it in our linear 3D world– as a landing of a giant flying saucer, “biggest imaginable,” on the 13th or the 14th of October, from which would emerge entities with wisdom from beyond our planet. This predicted  potential actually manifested as a huge consciousness shift on Earth, a significant movement of our planet in an interdimensional way. And according to Kryon, because of the uplift in energy we generated in anticipation of the promised event, it was the first time that a tremendous shift in the vibration of the planet took place without the compassion-eliciting catastrophe historically needed for this kind of shift. So, these “exercises in duality” may have catalyzed or energetically supported huge shifts in the vibration of Earth and the human collective. Is this good?

Let’s suppose (just suppose, because we don’t really know, do we?), that the galactic beings knew exactly what they were doing with us all along. Well, I suspect that they never completely know, because who can predict what we Earthlings will do? We “free-willing” Earth humans are an extremely unpredictable and powerful lot; we could’ve just as well generated the energy to bring our envisioned reality to us. But suppose that the galactic beings knew there was an excellent chance that the promised event, about which they spoke with such certainty, may not happen on the day that they promised. Suppose they, knowing the powerful creative potential that Earth humans have, steered us to see-taste-hear-smell-feel their ships in our imagination, to tilt our beliefs, frequency, and creative potential closer toward a certain desired line of reality– fully knowing that we weren’t collectively ready right at the moment. Is this bad?

But what would YOU do, if you were assigned to keep a group of children playing by the highway to not run into the busy road, and you were not allowed to tell them directly, push them out of the way, or put up barriers—in essence, not infringe directly on their free will? It is a very delicate and difficult task, to assist without giving away the goal of your assistance, is it not? Would you play games with them to keep them safe? Would you keep playing these games till the children start realizing for themselves that this is a game and understand what the real goal is? Is this good?

We could go on forever with these “supposes,” and pondering what is good and what is bad. I see these exercises in duality as opportunities to turn away from all the masks dancing around us, and to look inside ourselves. These dancing masks are opportunities for us to remember that we are actors in a play of duality.


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