The Game of Duality (Part 1/3): Duality in the History of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

The available literature on galactic history is replete with stories of the conflicts, wars, and mass-scale decimations that took place among the galactic civilizations eons ago. Although there are many excellent sources that tell aspects and details of these conflicts (for example, presentations by Alex Collier and books by Zecharia Sitchin), the source that I have found that describes the overall story from the highest “bird’s eye view” is the book The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage, by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest. The book talks about the creation of the galactic family from the fragmentation of the One Consciousness, and about polarized reality (duality) being encoded in our original galactic blueprint. The integration of the positivity and the negativity—through the interaction of the two polarities—is a route for our growth, a way for us to integrate back to the Source, the One Consciousness.

According to many sources, this route of growth has manifested as a struggle spanning many eons, several dimensions. It is a game that took on a life of its own, that even got away from our energetic forefathers from whom the galactic family was born. As polarities began to solidify, they generated their own polarization. Cultures grew and splintered and splintered further into opposing polarities, mixed, and changed sides many, many times. Entire worlds were destroyed, lives of whole civilizations were shattered, groups escaped and moved to other corners of the galaxy, leaving behind a wake of destruction and spawning new wars in other parts of the galaxy. At the reincarnational level, souls incarnated again and again, switching sides many times in their search for a way to bring the whole into balance.

What are at the extreme poles of negativity and positivity?

At the negative pole, there is the philosophy of service to self: If one serves the self, the Whole is served. At its extreme, it can mean the denial of the Whole through the desire for domination. At its extreme, its face is that of the aggressor.

At the positive pole, there is the philosophy of service to others: If one serves others, the Whole is served. At its extreme, it can mean the denial of the self as a valid part of the Whole; invalidation of all forms of negativity; and denial, hatred, or fear of one’s own negativity inside. At its extreme, its face is that of the victim.

At the point of integration of the two polarities, both the self and the Whole are honored, because at this level, the self and the Whole are the same.

But in this game of duality, if one is too entrenched in one polarity, without interaction with the other polarity, no growth occurs– there is stagnation, nothing to “fight” against. The nature of the game is such that the two polarities must butt heads– stimulate each other– for growth to occur. This is the “spiral dance of polarities” moving toward the Source.

So, the beings of this galaxy made choices about which polarity they wanted to play, and went on a journey of growth. This is the game of duality that is being played out on Earth today, among us– the conflict between good and bad. It’s what the movie series Star Wars is about: good vs. evil.

There are many stories of how this duality played out in our galactic family’s initial interactions with us. The motivations of the “bad” extraterrestrials who wanted to use us for their gains are easier for us to understand. However, there are stories of groups that came to Earth with “good” intentions, and got caught by the web of duality in one way or another. Ra of the Law of One series speaks of coming to Earth to give gifts of healing and technology to the Earth humans during ancient Egyptian times, but causing unintended effects on human consciousness when the chosen Earth humans eventually distorted these gifts for their own gains. Other galactic beings came to assist, but fell into the intoxication of their own power as they became worshipped as gods by the Earth humans. There are groups of extraterrestrial beings who are assisting us or otherwise closely involved with us today because they have deep karmic ties that need to be worked out with us.

Of course, I’ve been telling the story from just one stage of history. It has been very a long time since some of the events described above took place. Many galactic civilizations have evolved way beyond the stage of development that they were in during the time of the old galactic wars. Some may have even evolved beyond the game of duality. Royal and Priest of the book The Prism of Lyra even speak of some “cultures” (or rather, group consciousness matrices), such as the one from Arcturus, who remained nonphysical from inception and were never embroiled in these conflicts of duality. At the same time, many groups are still actively engaged in this game of duality to this day—I suspect many who are currently interacting with us Earth humans. In considering our interactions with our galactic family, we have to respect the huge diversity of the galactic family members—that they come from many cultures and places of origin (there are cultures with opposing philosophies even within a single star system, for example), and from many stages of development in the continuum of evolution.

I believe that during this particular time of “quantum leap” in the evolution of Earth, when we will be able to move rapidly through several evolutionary steps in succession, we Earth humans have the opportunity to evolve beyond of the game of duality. And in moving through these evolutionary steps, we can “pull” along with us members of our galactic family who are also still playing the duality game, whose energies have been so intertwined with ours for so many millions of years. How we resolve our conflicts and handle duality at this time will have reverberations in the rest of the galaxy, perhaps to a greater extent than we have thus far imagined. Let us be clear that at this time, we’re definitely NOT playing “lord/savior/ones-with-superior-technology and servant/victim/ones-with-lowly-technology.” That’s OLD—we’ve been there, done that. We’re at an entirely different stage in human development, one that presents incredible opportunities, as long as we are awake, self-responsible, and self-empowered.

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