Waiting for Our Cosmic Family (Part 3/3): Disclosure, Open Contact, and Our Responsibilities as Earth Humans

Disclosure. How will it happen? The real question here may be: How are WE allowing it to happen?

Disclosure can occur in many ways. It may not be the momentous announcement by our President or the leader of another nation that many have been expecting. In fact, it looks more and more likely that disclosure is already underway— as a “soft” disclosure. Besides the recent channeled messages from the galactic and enlightened beings pointing to this situation, the biggest evidence for disclosure that we can see in our world is the growing outflow of information about our involvement with extraterrestrial beings, along with information about what has been going on behind the scenes in our world— in our financial system, media, and governments. This rapidly-growing outflow of information is a combination of at least two factors: 1) the very brave work of witnesses, whistle-blowers, experiencers, and alternative and citizen journalists on the (thus far) unbridled Internet, and 2) the gradual lifting of the suppression of information flow. Events like those listed in part 1 of this post series show that information— such as formerly-classified UFO files released by governments, and meetings of high-profile organizations discussing extraterrestrials in “plain view” of the public— is being allowed to seep into the mainstream population, desensitizing the public to the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial life engaging with us. The mainstream media now reports on unidentified aerial phenomena without ending with the obligatory joke or laughter. Significantly, some high-impact, independent efforts that widely broadcast information classified at the highest levels of secrecy (a prime example being Project Camelot) have not been “terminated” as they may have been in the past, the inference being that these efforts are being protected and/or allowed to continue (Unfortunately, not all are).

This disclosing process seems to be a very complicated undertaking, understandably, involving both very transparent efforts as well as efforts behind the scenes of various groups. On the surface, at least, it doesn’t seem to be a centrally-organized effort (involving just the governments, for example), but seems to involve many players and groups that may not even necessarily be aligned with each other. While it doesn’t seem to be a centrally-organized effort, however, it does seem to be a concerted effort in that all events are pushing in the same direction— that the public becomes aware of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, rather quickly.

That we may be undergoing a soft disclosure is not saying that an official announcement by the government won’t be made. However, this current spreading of knowledge is like one of those glowing alarm clocks whose light softly increases in intensity until you’re awake. I have heard that the sudden, jarring blare of an alarm clock in the morning that startle your body to awaken is bad for your health. A sudden announcement of a reality before the public has been primed can also be bad for our health. The long-awaited official announcement may come eventually, but more as a soft chime, as the endnote of a song that we already know, rather than the sudden, jolting blast of horn in the midst of sleep. Admittedly, the light of the alarm clock is intensifying at an ever-increasing speed at this time, but many people continue to sleep.

In this view, disclosure is happening in the way that we as the Earth human population are allowing it— in the way that we can assimilate it, at a speed that will not throw us into an irreparable mass crisis, in the way that we are calling to it as a collective. If our collective population had been open to it, ready for it, and supported it years ago, full disclosure would have already happened, despite resistance from any opposing “powers in place”— whoever they may be, secret or not, extraterrestrial or human. We know the power of the collective, just from looking at the effects of recent civil protests in many nations around our world. Many forces are at work here to disclose the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, including the efforts of the galactic beings who are doing everything they can on their part to help move disclosure along. I have read that in their efforts, they are taking into consideration every aspect of the impact of disclosure on us— political, social, religious, emotional, mental, and physical.

The ball is now in our court. Strangely enough, we, the Earth human population, find ourselves holding the ball. We’re the ones who are holding up the game. We have responsibilities on our part in meeting our cosmic family.

Our Responsibilities in Disclosure and Open Contact

In my view, the responsibilities on the part of the Earth human population in disclosure and open contact are to:

  1. Open up our minds to the possibility of our engagement with intelligent extraterrestrial life and be able to psychologically integrate this reality.
  2. Be willing to give clemency to the perpetrators of the secrecy and the suffering.
  3. Be self-responsible, self-trusting, and discerning.

 1. Earth People Can Open Up Our Minds to the Reality

I feel certain that the galactic beings aren’t going to make their presence known to us physically if, upon seeing them (or even hearing about them), we all run screaming and trampling on each other in a fight to the exit, take out our guns and start shooting, or lose our minds because we simply can’t deal with the fact. Certainly, no official organization of authority will make the announcement if this is the case. For full disclosure to happen, enough of us must open up our minds to the possibility of something new—the reality in which we are engaging with extraterrestrial beings. We must be able to imagine it, and be able to hold the image in our minds without uncontrollable panic.

Much work has been done by so many to get the information out into the public domain over the last several decades, and we have come a long ways since the 40s and 50s. A 2005 survey in the United States by the Center for Survey and Research Analysis at the University of Connecticut found that 60 percent of those surveyed believe extraterrestrial life exists on other planets, and even more encouragingly, most of those who believed agreed that they would be “excited and hopeful” upon learning of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Furthermore, a 1997 CNNTime poll showed that 80 percent of U.S. citizens think that the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. The ever-increasing speed with which our awareness is continuing to expand suggests that we are close to meeting this responsibility—the responsibility of being open to the reality of our engagement with intelligent extraterrestrial life.

 2. Earth People Are Willing to Give Clemency

Once the truth about our engagement with extraterrestrial life starts to be uncovered to the mass population– in whichever way– the WHOLE story will start to unravel. People will begin to ask, “What else have we been deceived about? How else have we been lied to?” We will look back through major events in our history and at the major structures that have been in place in our lives with new eyes. Already, the story is unraveling—the population is learning about the deliberate financial fraud of the masses, media fraud, false flag terrorist operations, the orchestrated war on drugs, etc. But once full disclosure occurs for the mass population, the entire foundation of the illusory world in which we currently live will begin to unravel. We will find that the scope of deception in which we have been living is massive. The manipulations that changed the course of our history and the direction of human progress, and the gargantuan scope of indescribable and unnecessary suffering and loss deliberately inflicted on innocent lives, including the lives of children, will come into light.

The realization will be staggering. Nothing will ever be the same. We will be shocked and horrified. We will shed oceans and oceans of tears for all that was suffered and lost. And we will be FURIOUS at the perpetrators of this suffering that never, ever needed to be. We will want accountability, justice, and punishment fitting the crimes. We will show up in mobs with our torches and pitchforks.

I don’t know how to say this, but we cannot lose ourselves in retribution at this juncture. Yes, definitely, we need to hold the perpetrators accountable, but we cannot lose ourselves in the retribution. We will need to be willing to give clemency, to forgive.

The huge majority of those involved in these crimes were not in them of their choice, or even their knowledge in many cases. It is a very miniscule percentage at the very tip-top of the echelon that were actually in control. But even for the worst of the worst offenders, I realized from watching Inelia Benz’s interview (starting time 54:48) that the Universe will always give the opportunity to ask for clemency and to be forgiven, to be “transformed into light”—one only has to ask and make the choice to turn to light. (I highly recommend watching this powerful narrative by Ms. Benz, if not the whole interview.) Even Darth Vader went to heaven in the end, right?

As a human, it’s very difficult for me to understand this level of forgiveness, or predict how it would actually play out (even just within myself, much less the whole world). I just know in my gut that being willing to forgive will be key in our ability to move forward—through disclosure, toward contact, and in building our future.

3. Earth People are Self-Responsible, Self-Trusting, and Discerning

There will most likely be a moment of chaos when everything comes to light. How could there not be, when the view of our world is turned upside down for so many? But I think it will be a very brief period of time, all considering. It will also be a more important time than ever to be self-responsible, self-trusting, and discerning. All the work that we have done up to now to know ourselves better, to know our world better, to discern, to take responsibility for what we choose to believe, and to trust ourselves will come into play here. Those who have not done much of this work will have the opportunity to awaken, to grow, very quickly.

In this very brief moment of chaos, we will need to be centered in our power and not give in to fear. Many forces will be at play, and what will occur is very difficult to predict. For example, Dr. Carol Rosin, who was mentored by Dr. Wernher von Braun (a German-born rocket physicist who led the American space development after WWII and who was a fervent advocate of the prevention of weaponization of space), says that her mentor in the 70s revealed to her a hidden agenda of the “powers in place” to justify weapons in space based on hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat. “Their last card is the alien card,” he used to say. I have since heard from other sources that a hoax alien invasion will not be allowed to play out. Another potential scenario could be “three days of darkness” that could be orchestrated with a global electrical blackout. Or, the scenario could simply be a few days of confusion during which people don’t go in to work and the grocery store shelves aren’t restocked, with things going back more to normal afterwards. The point is that whether or not external manipulations actually happen, it is easy to play on fear during times of unpredictability. We must stay centered, and use our power of discernment through both our intellect and intuition at this time. We also will need to lend help and support to others to minimize any fear that may arise.

From chaos is born order. Even our scientists say this. This momentary disorder will pass, and lead to order.

My guess is that our cosmic family will make open contact with us when we are ready— when we are self-responsible, self-trusting, and discerning. At the most basic level, we will need to be able to discern for ourselves whom we are meeting, and be able to trust ourselves, without being told and led by a figure of authority on what to believe. We will also need to assume full responsibility for the reality that we have created. We will need to be ready to clean up our mess and move forward, fully knowing that we already have everything we need to move forward in creating our future—even all the technology. I suspect that the last thing our cosmic family wants upon landing on Earth is to have all the Earth humans clamoring to be saved and to have our mess cleaned up, blaming them for not having helped us earlier or enough. Ultimately, I believe that we, as a self-responsible, self-trusting, and discerning collective, need to desire and request contact, for our cosmic family to finally meet us.

We are waiting and waiting for the arrival of our star brothers and sisters, peering anxiously into the skies, at times shaking our fists at them in our impatience. Perhaps they are waiting and waiting anxiously for us to gain our self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence, so that they can arrive.

I choose to believe that we will surprise ourselves in a very short time with how fast we grow up.

<—— To Waiting for Our Cosmic Family, part 2: Why? Our Many Perspectives of Our Interaction with Extraterrestrial Beings


11 responses to “Waiting for Our Cosmic Family (Part 3/3): Disclosure, Open Contact, and Our Responsibilities as Earth Humans

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  2. Yes, dear, you were right!
    We need WAIT for Steve to decide by himself, not because Ken said so.
    We need WAIT for Steve to Know who Hatton is.
    We need Wait for Steve to read the Phoenix Journals an again!!! – decide with his own heart about the TRUTH in them.
    And as long as we behave like SILLY children and want to take our Gorilla with, we certainly need to WAIT to finally be adults.
    In LOVE, theo

  3. Hi, Hui Sun!
    thank you for your loving answer.
    It was all about GO!!! – not waiting.
    And i meant it dramatically!
    For…how many more 100 years, your guess is,
    should we be waiting?
    Wished, your title would not have been ‘Waiting’…
    – too dangerous for you.
    And I mean it.
    We are 2012.
    High time to make a leap.
    Anybody there needing flying classes?

    • Yes, Theo, I hear you! I assume you’re keeping up with what’s going on on Steve Beckow’s site, the2012scenario.com? (Please check it out, everyone!) Talk about someone who is not willing to wait a minute longer, and is taking action, assuming full self-responsibility, in his own way and through his own convictions! Whatever actually happens tomorrow, I know his effort IS raising mass awareness, expanding our consciousness, helping us believe, helping us see-smell-taste-feel-hear the reunion, bringing the meeting of our star family ever closer to the collective reality. (You and he have the same GO!! energy, which I really appreciate!)

  4. Hi, Hui Sun!
    Look at our logos, they are pretty the same!
    In my first comment I claimed we all suffer of a sheeple mentality, so WELL DRESSED to WAIT for others to DO it for us.
    I must tell you, I have enough of waiting.
    Reading on many sites, I notice all are ready, ready BUT WAITING!
    WE ARE ALL WAITING…and WAITING…we so brave good sheeple …
    Well, I’m a dancer (and mother of two great sons) and I must confess,
    never ever was my body moving, jumping, flying

    Here is my CALL to do the first step.
    I do trust us WOMEN to do it, and not wait in vain… for the men.
    I feel we can do it better and NOW.
    As Steve said, it is Mother God, the GREAT HOLY SPIRIT
    who brought the MOVEMENT, VIBRATION, SOUND into ACTION!!!!
    We ALL hear the ringing each day, and MOTHER EARTH even
    responds with tremendous, huge sounds.

    Let’s ACT, Hui Sun!
    Let’s UNITE our VOICES as ONE
    and just CALL our Galactic Family to finally COME DOWN ON EARTH.
    There must be a way to UNITE.
    Internet is such a good tool.
    SO BE IT.

    • Theo! I love your exuberant dancer’s energy– it certainly lifted my day! I think that when enough of us on Earth are ready– self-aware and awakened– we’ll be in the same (frequency) neighborhood as the galactics, and won’t be able to AVOID bumping into them. I think of it as a matter of changing ourselves, our vibration, then naturally attracting and being able to see others who’re in the same vibrational mode. I see it as matter of working on ourselves. We’ll be there, in no time! –Hui Sun

  5. Yes, in our sheeple/blunt/stuck state of mind we DO wait for GFoL descend on our Earth.
    It will never happen.
    “Man has to always do the first step”, Jesus said.
    And they repeat it over and over each day.
    Should we then utter the word “COME! all as ONE,
    they will stand right before us in one second.

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  8. Hui, thank you for sharing your knowledge in this article series. I have no doubt that humanity is up for the task at hand, and as you know, it’s just a matter of time until the mass majority wakes up to the truth behind the nature of this reality. I will certainly check out your eBook and follow your blog from now on. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi, Skyler,
      Thank you, and thank you for your vote of confidence for humanity! I hope one day soon, we’ll be having a big party to celebrate our coming of age 🙂
      — Hui Sun

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