Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (3/3): With More Grace and Ease

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There are many who embarked on the transformation process decades ago, there are many who more recently entered the process, and no doubt, there will be many more who will soon be feeling the effects of these energies. The energies are getting more and more intense as time speeds by, and each person opens up to invite in these energies according to the Divine Timing that is absolutely perfect and appropriate for him/her. In the words of Harry Potter’s world, there is not a single one of us on Earth today who is a Muggle. Each one of us is a magical being. It is only a matter of our realizing it, a matter of when we choose to wake up from the mundane, limiting view of ourselves.

So having chosen to do so, how does one go through this massive transformational process with grace and ease? I have read that with anything in life, how you experience is your choice. So it is a choice to go through a process with much struggle and difficulty, or with grace and ease. I completely believe it; the only thing is that I haven’t mastered it yet. Some days (such as in the past several days), I do wonder, “How much more of this can I take? I’m… just…. so… tired…” Recently, I made the clear intention to go through this process with more grace and ease, and to more consciously nurture myself through this process. According to Lauren Gorgo’s Pleiadian sources, there is an end to this phase, the phase of the “embodiment process.” They say (in Lauren’s Aug.14, 2011 post) :

“Now, we say this with great care, for we understand that you are tired, and you are prostrate from exertion, and that you may feel as though rest is needed after all the work you’ve accomplished…but we assure you that the invigoration that you will feel from a fully-fired system (kundalini), an activated sacred template, will replace any feelings of fatigue you are enduring. We also say this so that you are reminded that there is great work to be done in this phase of the global process, and lovingly we add that there will be ‘no rest for the weary’.” – Seven Sisters

Okay, they do say there is work to be done afterward we’re finally “on-line,” but hey, they also say that our fatigue will be replaced with invigoration after fully activating our sacred template. I choose to believe it! Following the above quote, Lauren says:

There is more information on this to come in subsequent updates, but for now we are being urged to continue to nurture ourselves thru the remaining days of the embodiment process, and allow our physical selves to come into complete alignment with the rest of us, in our own perfect timing.

Sharing with you the perspectives and tools put forth by channeled sources and the ones who awakened earlier will help remind me how to ride this process out with more grace and ease.

The Other Symptoms of Ascension

I think it’s important to remind ourselves that there is so much more happening with us during the ascension process than just the “physical symptoms,” which can seem so “in our face.” I loved the January 2010 post of Inelia Benz, in which she reminds us that the following are also symptoms of the ascension:

  • Bliss
  • Ecstasy
  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Completeness
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Humility
  • Heart Centered
  • No judgment
  • Good health
  • Compassion
  • Completion of your Soul Journey
  • Oneness
  • … ok, so you will wake up at around 3am every night still 😛

Can I add to the list: “glorious changes and expansions in consciousness, perceptions, quantum knowing vs. linear thinking” from Denise Le Fay (Aug 2 post), and “access to higher levels of information and knowing […] often experienced as a rapid opening up of psychic ability, which is nothing other than access to the Spiritual DNA or Codes of the Higher levels,” from Celia Fenn?

Well, you ask, how can you be in a state of bliss and completeness while your body’s vibrating and zinging like a short-circuited buzzer, aches and pressures are moving through your body and head, and you’re totally slumped over because you have not an ounce of energy left in your body and haven’t had a continuous night of sleep in the past three, four nights? Okay, maybe you’re not in the midst of ecstasy at these times. 🙂 And there are those days, on top of the physical symptoms, when I observe myself feeling like piece of dead wood or feeling an anxiety or agitation or another uncomfortable emotion for reasons I can’t explain. I still don’t fully understand what’s going on with the energy or how to move with it. However, I’m learning that there are ebbs and flows, step and stages, “change-over” points, “events,” and stillness and movement to the energy. And somehow, through the unpredictable tidal waves and “the calm before the storm” and the thunder and lightening, I feel like I’m existing, floating within the warm, quiet embrace of joy, completeness, gratitude, and security. It’s the background and the anchor of my existence. It feels somewhat like being in love, being madly in love. No matter what bad day you had, you know that all is well and the world is beautiful because the One You Love is in your life.

I suspect that all those who are going through this process have experienced profound changes in themselves since they started this journey. I know I have. It goes back to those “other” symptoms Inelia Benz is talking about.

  • That feeling of Oneness: I never used to care about what’s going on in the world outside of my life. I take that back—it’s not that I didn’t care, but I was so busy with my personal life and survival that that the rest of the world was really not in my sphere of concern on a daily basis. It was a struggle to find the time and the level of interest to keep up with the news of the nation and the world—something that I thought I “should do.” Now I feel very connected to Earth as a planet and spirit; I’m very curious about what people from different backgrounds, lives, and corners of the world are experiencing, thinking, and feeling; and I’m passionately drawn to the past, present, and the future of ourselves as humanity, to cosmology, to history, and other areas that had never really called to me before. It’s as if my view expanded from the tiny, narrow slit I used to peer through, to encompass the whole of Earth, the galaxy, the Universe. It is as if I myself expanded, from a tiny isolated point, to encompass so much more. As a result, my compassion has grown, as has my desire to be of service. There is a lot of joy in this feeling of connectedness.
  • Lightness from resolution of issues: As I began to actively examine and release my past traumas and issues, I began to feel lighter and more peaceful, and many psychological “buttons” and difficult relationships have abated or have been removed from my life.
    What are your buttons, the ones that are so easily pushed by outside events and other people, and provoke an intense and uncontrollable reaction in you? Is it what happened in elementary school or high school, is it being unfairly fired from your job after years of being dragged through a toxic work environment, is it an abusive parent looming over your childhood and haunting your adulthood, is it the shame of poverty, is it something that I cannot even mention here because it’s just too much to even speak of? What horrible things we humans have endured, and what we can do to each other!
      Imagine clearing all that, and not have the anger and pain rise up over and over again. You’ve played that tape over and over again over all these years. Who wouldn’t give a million dollars to be healed from that, to be okay, and to be able see from a higher understanding, from a state of peace? What I want to emphasize is that, if you choose to release, the energies are very, very supportive of the releasing process at this time. You may be amazed at how quickly you’re able to finally release the things you’ve been carrying for years. Perhaps you’ll tell me that you had already tried to tackle it for years, with the help of a therapist even, and it did not work. I’m encouraging you to muster up the courage to face it one more time and look at it, because the energies and the support that we have around us right now are like never before. The clearing may not always be immediate (it may be), but the speed of your progress may surprise you. It has also been my experience in the past few years that one by one, my issues have been literally showing up in my face and on my doorstep until I do consciously address them. It’s not always fun, but bit by bit, as I do the clearing work, I feel more and more


    . I discuss some “clearing methods” that have worked well for me in the following section.
  • The knowing and interdimensional abilities: Since I entered this process, I have had from time to time what I found to be rather bizarre experiences, such as a brief out-of-body experience, a time slip, and access to information I couldn’t have known by normal routes. I believe that it is due to my consciousness starting to go back and forth between dimensions during the waking hours, the beginnings of my “interdimensional abilities.” I actually have a very practical attitude toward the whole phenomenon, and what I value most among my slowly developing interdimensional capabilities is the ability to access my inner wisdom and higher-level guidance, and the stronger connection with my Higher Self. Imagine having a whole team of very wise and experienced advisors (which includes yourself in the highest, most evolved state) who love and support you unconditionally and always surround you. Imagine being able to tap into that pool of wisdom, guidance, and unconditional support. I use it to get guidance on parenting issues, to get insight on conflicts and difficult situations that arise in my life, and when I’m trying to find out more about myself as I struggle through personal growth issues. Being in touch with my inner guidance and wisdom is like being able to achieve calm in the midst of the storm, to be in the eye of the storm. I just ask in my meditative state. The higher understanding and clarity can give me such peace instead of my ego going around in circles for a long time. Of course, not all answers are given to me, and some days I just can’t seem to get through at all– and then some days, the knowing comes through with such resounding clarity, and the synchronicities in my life are exceedingly meaningful and pointed.

Let’s make it clear. I still have doubts, confusion,  and times of not knowing what to do; still judge; still say and do the “wrong” things at times; allow outside events and people to stir up anger and frustration in me; and have things that I’m desperately hanging onto in my material world even though I know it’s time to let go. It’s an ever-ongoing work, throughout this life and further as I go through this journey, right? But my goodness, life is so much better, easier, more enjoyable, more peaceful than before, and issues that come up get resolved so much faster than before. There is so much peace and clarity.

I’m seeing similar changes in people around me, people in my life who I used to think would never change. It’s very exciting to watch!

Some Practical Tools

There is quite a bit of information online about coping with the physical ascension symptoms. To me, the information boils  down to three prominent messages: (1) Take care of your physical body! (2) Clear your emotional baggage. (3) Take time for inward reflection/communication.

Taking Care of Your Physical Body

With respect to taking care of your physical body, Matthew gives the following advice in his June 11, 2011 message through Suzanne Ward:

[…]16. Get as much sleep and rest as possible, even if this means foregoing usual activities except exercising in moderation, which also is helpful in keeping yourselves in balance.  Walking—not sauntering, but as fast a rhythmic pace as you can manage without overexertion—is the best exercise during this time.  Spend as much time as possible in natural settings—the energy of trees is immensely beneficial—and listening to soothing music promotes smoother energy flow throughout your bodies.

17. Eat less than usual, and a diet of primarily fresh fruit and vegetables will be more beneficial because those foods contain more light than cooked foods.  Especially now those foods are more easily digested than meat, sea food and starchy foods, and it is advisable to reduce your intake of salt, sugar, sodas, tobacco and alcohol.

18. Drinking a lot of pure water helps your bodies’ electrical systems to function properly, and monatomic gold will be helpful in ridding confusion and permitting clear thought, also in restoring temporarily faulty memory. If you are taking prescription drugs, especially antidepressants, ask your health care specialist if the dosage can be reduced—the chemicals in all drugs always have adverse side effects, and these are exacerbating the effects of the conflicting vibrations.

So here’s the list I personally try to follow (though not nearly as closely as I’d like):

  1. Get as much sleep and rest as possible.
  2. Exercise regularly (especially go for walks and do stretching exercises like yoga).
  3. Eat plenty of light-filled foods, i.e., fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugar, caffeine, refined flour products, and alcohol.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Be in nature as much as possible.

Quite sensible, right? They’re nothing your mom or doctor wouldn’t tell you, but they take on a particular importance at this time. Simply put, your physical body is going through a tremendous and strenuous change right now, and it needs to be taken care of like a precious baby—consciously and with vigilance. For example, I’m finding that I’m needing to sleep an inordinate number of hours, as much as I can while still meeting my daily obligations. Just like the body of the infant or the teenager, your body is also going through a period of amazing growth and change, and needs that extra rest and care.  

I also don’t know what I’d have done without my walks in the open hills near my home. There really is something about being in nature (especially among trees!) that is healing and calming. Here is what Hilarion says about being in nature, through Marlene Swetlishoff, on The Rainbow Scribe’s post for October 9-16, 2011:

A greater appreciation of Nature will bring much relief from the stresses that assail your physical bodies and your energetic fields. In this environment the new energies and the codes within them can be assimilated and integrated with greater ease and grace, for being in Nature is giving reverence to the Planet on which you live, move and have your Being. There is a symbiotic relationship exchange that takes place between you and this is something that will now become more apparent to you.

About exercise, Lauren Gorgo’s sources say (in her July 28 post):

“We would like to emphasize the need for activity during this time by reminding each of you that it is vital to begin moving your physical bodies in a way that will support the systemization of your new cells.” -Seven Sisters

About eating, I’d like to add a reminder that while focusing on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t neglect to get adequate protein in your diet. Ceila Fenn has recommended a balanced diet high in proteins (primarily plant-based) because “the body is going to be using amino acids in the process of firing the DNA codes and rewiring the system” (articles “Becoming Light(er)” and “New Earth Healing Techniques for the 21st Century”). I have found that my body has different nutritional requirements during different stages of my life and according to my activity, and it may be similar with the different stages of the ascension process. The best advice is to listen to your body, be sensible, and eat accordingly.

Clearing Your Emotional Baggage

Clearing yourself of fear, pain, and other emotional baggage has to do with “purifying your vessel” for the embodiment of spirit, as Lauren Gorgo says in her May 22 post:

We know that in order to unify spirit and matter, we have to first become the purified vessel by which divine energy can flow thru.  Ultimately, we have to raise our physical vibration to match the vibration of our spirit body so that the two can become one vehicle…which means that we must be cleared of all discordance, to the absolute point of non-resistance, so that the divine body (blueprint) can freely manifest in physical form.

I believe that clearing emotional blockages can be done in many ways, and different ways can be used for different issues or occasions. It is probably useful to have a toolbox of several different techniques, and experiment with which ones work best for you. Here I talk about just a few methods I found powerful.

In my book Bridge to Earth, I talked about working with the Divine Light through my Higher Self Point as taught in Barbara Martin’s book Change Your Life Change Your Aura.  In this method, one calls upon and envisions the down-raying of light of different colors onto one’s chakras for direct healing of the aura. Different rays are invoked for the dissolution of unwanted energies, for renewing, for balance, for peace, etc., depending on the particular issue on hand. Looking back on the very beginnings of my journey, I realized that my communications with my Higher Self and “guidance team” started after a certain period of clearing of my emotional traumas and issues through this technique. It was very illuminating to realize that I had to clear enough of my heavier emotional energies before the higher energies could come through, before I could “hear” them, before I could hear my own inner wisdom.

The method I’m currently using predominantly, which is very powerful, is Inelia’s fear processing exercise (It’s actually good for any other dense emotion, even ones you can’t quite identify). In the simplest explanation of this exercise, you’re just observing the fear in your body and what it’s doing without analyzing it. I was surprised at how powerful just “looking” at something without judgment is, what it can do. I came to see that looking at something with an absolute lack of judgment is like focusing the lens of God on it. You may feel, see, and hear different things in your mind as you sit there observing your fear around whichever issue. For example, you may see a black swirling cloud changing into a scene from your past, you may hear yelling and screaming, you may feel tremendous anger rising in you. Once, to my amused surprise, I saw my “issue” grow into a giant purple gorilla bigger than a highrise, and several times, I have watched my inner child having a temper tantrum on the floor. If you think what you’re seeing is just your imagination, then just watch your imagination play out, see what it shows you. I read in one of Suzanne Lie’s books that imagination is the thought of the Fifth Dimension. Your imagination may be more profound than you think. You may feel a physical lightening sensation or a “woosh” away from your body as your dense energy is released to the Source. Inelia has a lot of helpful advice and insight on the ascension process on her website www.ascension101.com, and you may enjoy getting to know her through her interview. Also, Steve Beckow discusses and very bravely shares many of his personal experiences of “flattening vasanas” ( a process of resolving upsets, very similar to Inelia’s) on his website www.stevebeckow.com, which are helpful and illuminating (search “flatten vasana”).

Another method I just learned about is Ho’oponopono. I know very little about it– just what I picked up from a few websites– but I found this simple ancient Hawaiian technique to be extremely powerful. The basic premise is that you are 100% responsible for everything, even what another person did, if you are aware of it (Yes, it’s a slightly different way of thinking, but when seen from the perspective of Oneness, it intuitively made sense to me). The clearing process consists of repetitions of the four phrases: “I love you,” “Please forgive me,” “I am sorry,” and “Thank you.” Very, very simple, but wow! I felt it working.

Another simple technique I learned from Linda Dillon is to just let go– release your fear, anger, pain, etc. to Mother Mary, Jesus, angels, ascended masters, God—whichever Higher Source you believe. That Higher Being will be glad to assist and knows what to do with your released energy. An important point I learned from Linda Dillion is that right now, we are being encouraged to simply release our issues and dense emotions, rather than process them (i.e., sit in them, wallow in them, turn over every pebble, dissect, explore, and analyze them from every angle). There is a sense that there is just not enough time right now for years and years of “working through the sludge” processing. Again, the message here is that there is an incredible amount of support and assistance for you right now, should you choose to engage in the clearing process.

Taking Time for Inward Reflection/Communication

I find it tremendously helpful to take time every day to go within. You can do it in whichever way feels comfortable for you– in meditation, in prayer, in the first waking moments in your bed, in journaling, in walking in nature, etc.

Although I think Hilarion (through Marlene Swetlishoff) is speaking about the energy of the week in this Oct. 9-16, 2011 post, I think the same description could be applied to the daily quiet, inward time that I’m referring to:

This period is a time of reflection and going within, of connecting deep within the core of your Being and becoming more attuned to your own rhythms in life. A state of relaxation and quietude will facilitate greater awareness of your Higher Presence and what your Presence wishes you to know. Open yourselves to the gifts that are filtering down into the atmosphere of the Earth while in a state of reverence and gratitude for this grand opportunity.[…]

Along the same vein, I have personally found it very helpful, after  reflecting inwardly, to compare what I’m feeling and experiencing to the energy “updates” on various websites. As I’ve intimated previously, the energy seems to shift up in steps—or rather, it feels to me like it’s “lurching” forward in gigantic steps at irregular intervals: moving with heavy groaning of the massive gears, lurching to a stop and throwing me about everywhere, staying still in a period of integration during which I sometimes feel “blocked,” followed at some point by a noticeable jump in my perceptions, knowing, and “being.” Keeping up with others’ channeled, intuited, and experienced energy updates helps me get a better insight into what’s going on with the energy, validating and often giving explanations for the emotional state, physical state, and life events that I’m experiencing. It’s very comforting to me—and useful!— to have this information on the energy flow, and know that there are others experiencing it, too. I have found these energy updates to describe what I’m feeling and experiencing with amazing accuracy.

The energy reports I keep up with are on the sites I’ve already mentioned:

Lastly, I’d like to point out a few specific meditations that I’ve found practical and effective:

Tom Kenyon also has other meditations on his website which you may find helpful, such as Holon of Balance, Holon of Healing, and The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti (pineal gland attunement and contacting Higher Mind).

May your travel through this transition process be full of grace and ease!


23 responses to “Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (3/3): With More Grace and Ease

  1. Thank you so much for your writings. I thought I was going mad as my whole world fell apart and now I’ve come to understand it’s part of my process of ascension. I thought it was deep depression, tried that route and discovered that wasn’t it at all.

    I feel completely blessed, but still feel as only a fraction of myself and who I should be. In may ways it feels like I’m coming full circle to who I was as a child. It was then I felt the anything was possible, the colors were vibrant my memory of worlds was so vivid.

    The unfortunate point is I’m so debilitated in energy and focus, that making a living is near impossible and I may not make it much longer in human form. I have come to conclude what is meant to be is. I think the purpose is let go of control, trust in my soul blueprint and feel content with the outcome. I continue to evolve and stay in the Now, respecting and enjoying the moment more than not. Moving forward in the process…although sleep would be appreciated. The energy is extremely powerful and that feeling is spectacular. it’s so nice to have a place to write my thoughts with others that experience the same 🙂

    • Hello Laurie! I have been aware of my awakening, for almost 7.5 years. I now know that awakening was happening to me, more in a subtle way, for much longer. My knowing experience has been an ever growing copious flow, of energy through my feet and toes. (Pain challenging) Most, if not all of the time, I also feel vibration throughout my body. My experience was so intense that I had to stop working… concentration, motivation, just not the same. So yes I would agree, that you are awakening. However, I also believe that most of us going through this experience, are meant to get through this, stay in our body, but be 98-99 % awake. Our purpose is in part, to help others start or coach them through their awakening. In addition, add energy/vibration to the world and planet to help her increase her vibration. Thus adding more and more light to everyone/everything, so our planet can be lighter and drastically/eliminate reduce the darkness. If you do not feel any energy coming through your foot chakras, you may want to have a good clear healer open up your foot chakras or at least, mentally concentrate on that and wear just socks in your home and when outside, go with bare feet when possible, and leather soles, when not. The plastic and rubber tends to insulate you, from that energy. I truly believe that the earth energy both grounds you and allows earth’s healing energy to help you physically balance your energy. There are articles on Google about thi, and of course, parts of books. Wishing you the best! Hal

      • It’s really wonderful to know I’m not alone in this…thank you so much. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated and sounds like we have been going through this in the same timeline. Yes, my feet burn off and lately it’s been awful. In the winter I live in Uggs and now the spring is here so I am more to nature. Yes, wearing footwear isn’t my favorite thing and funny that my feet could be burning off because Divinity is reminding me 🙂 I moved to a place that is very forested and on water which is very Zen to the experience. I believe moving to the area has increased the process and time is missing at points as it’s moving very fast. It is an experience and you’re correct that we are here to help heal and pass it on. It was what I knew when I was a child. Thank you for letting me think my thoughts in writing. It has been an alone experience and sharing is extremely helpful. 🙂

        • You are welcome Laurie! Yes, Awakening can be kind lonely. Hoping that your challenging symptoms, will calm down soon 🙂

  2. hui sunn–how i wish i came across this information 2 years ago! your process of learning and getting support and validation, and information as to how to navigate these shifts and basically trying to figure out what was happening—sounds so similar to mine. i’m not a scientist, but i am a social scientist 🙂 and i just came across this wonderful article you wrote. thank you for sharing it. it is such a familiar story 🙂

    • It always fills me with so much joy to connect with other awakened ones like you! Soon we will all share this common experience of awakening (although not in exactly the same way). Thank you so much for reaching out!

  3. Hi- I find this all so very interesting! Lots of it seems familiar. I have been constantly fatigued for over 20 years and was wondering what I can do to be able to participate in life again. I spend my life in bed. Among other things, I have Exhausted Adrenals, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos (thyroid)- they are all physical ailments that drain my energy. I know that physical manifestations arise from blockages, fear misunderstanding, etc. I’ve tried many things for over 20 years- energy healing/ many types, frequencies,supplements, readings, variety of holistic treatments & more. Nothing is giving me any physical energy or stamina- I keep trying but I’m just get worse. Any suggestions? Overall, I’m happy and often forget how tired I am. I’m excited to heal on all levels and have fun! I just don’t know how. Thank you for all of your information- it’s very enlightening.

    • Hi, Linda,
      You sound like a master, on so many levels! It’s inspiring to hear you say, “Overall, I’m happy and often forget how tired I am.” I’m trying to figure this out, too, and don’t know what to say when masters like you ask for suggestions. I don’t think all such physical manifestations arise from blockages and fears; sometimes it’s a contract that you have entered yourself into, which can be changed/broken upon completion, too. It sounds like those ailments really helped to put you on a spiritual path in this lifetime. Maybe explore being done with this contract, having gotten everything you wanted to get out of it? Blessings and best wishes, Hui Sun

    • Hi Linda! I have met quite a few people that have similar symptoms. Unfortunately you are suffering from many parts of your body. I am a balanced (male/female) energy healer. I was given this ability, I did not have to take Reiki to receive it. Along with the crown universal energy, I receive the female(earth) healing energy, through a constant poweful flow from the earth through my foot chakras (for 6 years). After all this time, energy sensitive spiritual people can feel my energy field from a distance. My understanding is that most of everyone over time, have ignored their feet chakras and therefore we have not been the most healthy of a species. We need both energy flows to get healthy and stay healthy. So I would suggest/hope that you can find a powerful healer that knows that they are receiving both energies (if they are , they should be able to continuously heal people all day long.) Their energy should be limitless). When you do please have them make sure all your chakras are open/clear, spending most of the time on your feet. It may take a few sessions, as the light finds/builds new/bigger pathways through your legs. Unfortuately, I live in Canada, so I probably do not live close enough to you to help. Wishing you much improvement, Love and Light Hal

      • Hi, Hal,
        Only recently I have fully understood and personally experienced what you’re saying, about *receiving earth energy through the feet*! Oh my goodness! Recently, I re-read a part of one of Shapiro’s books, and it was talking about consciously breathing the earth energy through the feet. I tried that, and I believe it’s really helping me balance these “ascension symptoms” which I was really struggling with for years! Thank you so much for your validation (I just happened re-read your post now)! Wow! I will try to do a blog post about this as soon as my time permits. Maybe it can help many others. Blessings, love, and gratitude! Hui Sun

        • Thank-You for your response Hui. I am heart happy, that this information has made a difference with your awakening symptoms. (By the way, the energy is doing a lot more for you and others, that want help.) All I ask is that you spread the word and that others, see these posts and do their best to get their foot chakras open!!

  4. Thought I was going mad with intense, unexplained heat surges. These occurr at night and relate to my solar plexus and plantars of both feet and result in insomnia
    I have PMR and succumbed to taking steroids 5 years ago, so thought the heat was a side effect.
    Since reading your articles I now realise that my spiritual body is involved in dramatic changes that affect me physically.
    I have channelled the loving Reiki energy for many years, but now feel a more intense vibration is flowing with it.

    • Hello Kaye! If you read my comments of March 18th, 2014, You will see some common experiences, between us. The foot thing is the opening up of your foot chakras. So that you can become a larger conduit of balanced universal energy/light (male& female). Obviously the female part comes from our planet and the male energy comes through your crown chakra. It is a tough process, but it is playing a role in the tansformation of both you and many others, who deeply desire to awaken and and bring compassion and love to Earth, while ditching all the negative thoughts and feelings (EGO) Hal

  5. There are changes occuring within people all over the world. Mine are intense and dramatic. I was awakened just months ago, I stumbled across it through self-realization. I have been experiencing great changes since, a transformation that I think will complete in October. Read my experiences and progress here… http://mindofmedic.blogspot.com/

  6. William Kucic

    Was a spoiled drunk drug addict and a nurse went to a 100 year old woman patient here in pgh on Christmas 2013 a week later sitting there jump out of my body. Never touched a drink or drug since. Waves of energy constantly pouring through my body. Feels like cool water always running out of my ears back of my head and down my forehead. Bliss does not do the feeling justice. When saying the rosary feeling intensifies crazy stuff. Only want to help people now.

  7. Thank you for this site! I have been experiencing extreme fatigue needing tremendous amount of sleep, and then suddenly this evening waves of bliss, all chakras spinning , calm, centered and clarity, so much love my heart felt like it was overflowing into the world. I thought possibly something was wrong with my brain and it accidentally released too much serotonin and maybe I was having a psychotic episode, but also was very hopeful that it was on a spiritual level and reading this and knowing that others are experiencing the same thing gives me so much joy!

  8. My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different website and
    thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you.
    Look forward to looking at your web page again.

  9. This is an excellent article and I concur with many of the difficult symptoms given. However, I have been experiencing a very unusual symptom and energy pathway, for 63 straight months, with out a moments break. A flow of energy connected up with my left foot, toes and chakra. It came out of the blue with an initial short period of vibration. The difficulty is that it seems to be always getting stronger and my foot and toes continually suffer from a burning high energy feeling. This is so non stop, that I have to take Doctor prescribed painkillers to get any sleep. .The energy continues up my ankle and leg and into my lower 2 chakras. Some or all(?) of the energy continues, litterly up the inside of my body,through my chakras and then into my head. Most of the time now, I feel like all my cells are vibrating, plus a number of similar symptoms as written. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED ANY CONTINUOUS ENERGY FLOW ON A STRANGE PATHWAY, LIKE THIS? (It seems that this is Female Earth energy, going into the female side of my body?)

  10. Glad I found this. Thank you for posting! Great work!

  11. everything you are talking about is what im feeling and has been feeling for the last 6 m. and its very hard.. i very happy i found this and in joyed reading it and knowin im not the only person..

  12. Many thanks for the stories that illustrate these very important keys to living through this time. We’ve known it was coming, whether on a conscious level or not, and the overall sense of joy felt on the ‘up’ side of ascension keeps me going! These are great tips and affirmations that our experiences are shared by many. Love & Light to all!

  13. onmywaytolight

    great info! was ready to go for catscans, rmn, etc. as too many different symptoms occured. now i’m sure what’s happening

  14. what an excellent and thorough post for the ascension process

    thanks very much

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