Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (2/3): Interpretation

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What’s Going On?

What I have learned to appreciate is that not only are our spiritual body and consciousness going through a radical transformation at this time, but something very real is happening with our physical bodies as well. As Lauren Gorgo’s sources say, “…the physical apparatus (the biology suit) that houses the spirit body is actually as malleable and adaptable to change (mutation) as the spiritual body itself…”[1] Somehow, it’s easier for the 3D mind to accept that our nonmaterial soul or consciousness is evolving very quickly at this time, but our physical bodies seem… well, so solid and not as capable of a quick, drastic evolution within a person’s lifetime. That defies the laws of biology, doesn’t it? (Doesn’t it?) But I think most of us have already experienced in our lifetime that there is an intimate connection between our physical bodies and our emotional bodies (emotions), and between our physical bodies and mental bodies (mental states); for example, anger or stress can make us physically sick (sometimes immediately), and maintaining an uplifted and positive attitude can have a tremendous healing effect on our physical bodies. In the same way, there is an inter-relation between our physical and spiritual bodies. In fact, what we are experiencing at this time through the ascension process, according to Lauren Gorgo’s sources, is the actual “merging of spirit and matter.” It is this fusing of spirit and matter that many are referring to as “physical ascension.”

According to many channeled and intuited sources, we are currently being gifted with intense energies from outside of Earth that are catalyzing the transformation of Earth and ourselves. This “light” is of a higher frequency and contains transformational information, the likes of which we have not been exposed for thousands of years. The human DNA and our physical bodies are receptors and transmitters of this information-filled energy. The more that the individual’s body has cleared itself of the heavier, lower-vibrational energies (fear, pain, anger, etc.), which tend to block the absorption of the “lighter,” higher-frequency energies, the more the body can open up to and allow the flow of this higher-frequency light through the body. According to many sources, the absorption of these higher energies begins to allow our bodies to manifest our original divine blueprint, allowing more of our spirit to fully ground into our physical bodies.

As our bodies integrate these energies, many things happen (as I understand in the following way):

  1. Kundalini Activation: Purifying kundalini energies begin to move to release all remaining, dense, trapped energies[1,2].  You may have heard of the kundalini energy through Yogi teachings—it is a powerful energy that sleeps at the base of the spine until awakened, at which point it rises up the spine. It’s a hot, “fiery” energy that “burns up” the dense emotional blockages in the body, and its activity is often associated with heat in the body.
  2. Body and Brain Rewiring: The body and brain begin to be “rewired” to higher-dimensional DNA strands. According to many sources, in the original divine blueprint of our bodies, we had a bundle of 12 DNA strands– two of which are physical and are still intact today, and the other strands being light-based/multi-dimensional. The integration of the higher incoming energies helps to re-assemble and re-bundle the rest of our DNA strands (the light-based ones) and allows the wiring between the new DNA strands and our body system.
    Here’s a helpful explanation from Celia Fenn about the nature of our DNA:[3]

What Humans term DNA is in fact a vast library or information centre that stores and contains the sacred geometrical template for each and every incarnation and lifetime. The Physical Body contains the DNA records for the Physical vehicle – but each of your subtle or energy bodies contains a similar set of DNA records. Most Old Earth Humans were “wired” up to the DNA records only of their Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies. They were not connected to their Spiritual or Cosmic DNA. Part of the shift to the Crystal State is the “reconnection” or “rewiring” of the being to include the Spiritual or Cosmic DNA. This means that the Crystal Being has access to the full set of DNA records, also known as Akashic records, both for their own individual being and for the Planet, the Solar System and the Galaxy. At this stage, most of you will not have the capacity to access these, but you will develop it as you shift and change into your full potential.

Body rewiring is associated with vibrations, electrical sensations, and moving sensations in the body; brain rewiring is associated with headaches and moving pressures in head, seeing light flashes behind eyes, and hearing buzzing noises.[2]

  1. Aura Upgrade/Opening and Connecting of Chakras: According to Lauren Gorgo’s sources, “…the body has created new systems based on the intelligence contained within each strand of activated DNA, and the energy vortices (chakras) that enliven and govern each center are opening more to sustain these systems.”[1]
    As best as I can tell, the “new systems” relate to the auric systems (the aura). According the Barbara Martin’s writings, the aura is a complex system of various sets of energetic manifestations associated with each physical body, which serves both as “the individual expression of the universal life force,” and as a foundation for supporting the physical body, thought transmissions, the soul, and energetic exchanges for spiritual growth.[4]
    Chakras have been described as energy vortices—little wormholes— that connect multiple dimensions, and are, according to Barbara Martin, the “receiving and transmitting stations for spiritual energy flowing in and out of the aura.”[4] Chakras are believed to interact with our physical bodies through the endocrine system, with each chakra corresponding to a particular endocrine gland– for example, solar plexus to pancreas, heart to thymus, throat to thyroids, third eye to pituitary gland, etc. (There are some discrepancies among different sources in the exact locations of the chakras and their relationship to particular glands, but the overall picture remains consistent). Thus major energetic transformations in a particular chakra may lead to physical symptoms in the corresponding endocrine gland, or in the area of the physical body where that charkra/endocrine gland is located.
    Also, through receiving and integrating the higher-frequency incoming energy, our bodies begin to connect the lower chakras (associated with sex, survival, power, etc.) with our upper chakras, through our heart center as the meeting point or the bridge. This connecting process, which Lauren Gorgo’s sources call “marriage of the lower and higher chakras,” allows a continuous path for the light to flow through the entire human body, and certainly clarifies the significance of “opening up your heart” in this process.
  1. Crystalline Template Overlay: A new “crystalline” template begins to be laid over our bodies, as the current, carbon-based template of our physical body is released. The body’s template has been described as a system of interconnecting lines or gridwork that forms the energetic framework for our bodies. I visualize this framework as being similar in nature to the gridwork that Earth is thought to possess, whose lines follow seismic fault lines, lines of underwater volcanic ranges, and ley lines; whose intersection points pinpoint locations of vortexes like the Bermuda Triangle; and which affects the form and energy of the land.[5]  In the same way, I think that the body’s template guides and supports the materialization, form, and energy of our body, but I still don’t have a solid intellectual grip of this Crystalline Template, which has been said to lead to “silicon-based” or “diamond” bodies.

What is our original divine design or blueprint? According to many, it is a state of Perfect Health and Well-Being– our bodies in complete perfection. The original human body is healthy, vital, and literally radiant, with a much-extended longevity. It is a super-processor of information, having right and left brain halves which are much better connected (rather than almost completely separated as it is now), with a higher capacity to store and process information, and the ability to access the collective information field. It also has telepathic and other psychic capabilities, and is “able to juggle realities through the shifting of consciousness by intent from one view to another.” [6] It can communicate and travel inter-dimensionally. Its very structure at the cellular and molecular levels is different from the current. And as Lauren Gorgo says, through the integration of the energies which allows our birthing  into our divine blueprint, “we enable our connection to earth to fortify so that we can stabilize ourselves as we become one with the cosmic heartbeat.”[1]

An important point to bring up here is that not only are the incoming energies transforming us humans, but they are also transforming Earth—through us. Our human bodies are the conductors for the energies, the grounding rods for pulling in and directing the energies into Earth so that Earth herself can transform. We are anchors for the information-filled light for supporting Earth’s ascension/evolution. According to Barbara Marciniak’s sources, “Without a [human] receptacle, these creative cosmic rays would create chaos and confusion.”[6]

As we open ourselves more and more to the incoming, higher-frequency energies, which are intensifying quickly at this time, we may experience symptoms as our bodies adjust to and integrate the energies. A particularly large influx of energy may make it difficult for the body to hold onto its usual balance, or this energy may be working against resistant energy blocks. Personally, I think our bodies are just working hard going through such a major transformation (Think back to “Aaaghhhh, what’s happening to my body?” of going through puberty multiplied a millions times). The process can lead to physical/emotional/neurological symptoms.

How Is This Possible?

I know, it sounds like the basis of a fantasy or sci-fi movie. Really, how could this be possible? (my logical 3D mind asks). I recently finished reading David Wilcock’s new book The Source Field [5] that significantly helped me mesh together what I know intuitively with the information that is being unearthed through the current capabilities of scientific inquiry. [I highly recommend The Source Field! Although I had already heard quite a bit of this information in bits and pieces, David has brought it all together very logically and masterfully into one big body of work, resulting in a powerful and enlightening presentation.] David has pulled together many pieces of scientific research that show that our DNA does have an unexplained, “light-based” aspect; that DNA can, through light, transmit physically-transformational information to other molecules and organisms; and that the living organism is capable of very quick, radical, and sustainable biological changes inconsistent with our current understanding of biological evolution.

Here, I briefly point out just a few of the numerous scientific observations described in the book that jumped out at me; I encourage you to read to entire book for a better big picture:

  1. Scientific research has shown that our DNA does absorb and emit photons (basic units of light and other electromagnetic energy). Living cells absorb and emit light through a “delayed luminescence” process. In fact, research with a variety of living organisms suggests that all living things absorb and emit light.
  2. It has been scientifically shown that DNA leaves behind a light “imprint” in the space from which it was removed. As measured by a highly sensitive, light-scattering analytical instrument, physical DNA suspended in water in a vial will scatter light in a characteristic way, as expected. However, when the vial of DNA is taken away, the instrument still picks up the scattering of light characteristic of the DNA in the space where the vial used to be, for up to 30 days. This suggests that there may be an unexplained, lingering energetic aspect that is associated with the physical form of DNA, which gives us clues of its existence through its (unexpected) interaction with light.
  3. It has been shown that light shined through healthy organisms, and transmitted through space into unhealthy ones will transform the unhealthy organisms into healthy ones (eg., in plant seeds, rats, humans). Similarly, light shined through salamander eggs into frog eggs will transform the frog eggs into salamander eggs. It is as if a template for a specific biology from one living specimen to another is being transferred through light. And significantly, the transformation seems to be a very fast process, not over generations, but within the generation and over days.
  4. It has been shown that exposing organisms to electrical/electromagnetic energy under the right conditions can radically transform the organisms into another organism, which is fully viable (eg. fern seeds into a formerly extinct species found only in fossils, chickens into chicken-duck hybrids).

These are results of research obtained by traditionally-trained scientists through the accepted scientific method of inquiry.  As a body of work, these and other examples in David’s book show me that (1) we humans are indeed able to absorb and transmit energy; (2) there is nonphysical information or energy associated with physical biology that is encoded within the DNA– information or energy we cannot see but which interacts with light and other electromagnetic energy, and which is transmissible; and (3) under the right conditions, exposure to light and other  electromagnetic energy is capable of inducing radical but viable biological transformations within a surprisingly short time, through a process other than physical, biological genetic transmission.

This nonphysical information or energy associated with the physical form of DNA—whose existence we’re aware of only through the unexpected way that it’s interacting with light– reminds me of the dark energy and matter that I mentioned in my book Bridge to Earth, Chpt 8. Dark energy and matter make up about 96% of the existing energy-matter content in the universe, yet we currently have absolutely no scientific understanding of them. Although dark energy is the most prominent component of our universe by far, “it’s something fundamentally different, outside our current understanding of physics – a substance totally new to science.”[7] We just know that it exists, there’s lots of it, and it’s everywhere. And this energy, which cannot be seen and “has escaped direct detection by every instrument that physicists and astronomers have trained on it,”[7] gave us clues of  its existence through its anomalous interaction with light—the unexpected way that it bends starlight.

Let me throw in one more piece of information here, and it is that there is a scientifically recognized electromagnetic resonance to Earth– the Schumann resonance. According to Wikipedia, this global electromagnetic resonance occurs because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere act as a waveguide, a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves. Its fundamental frequency has been measured to be about 7.8 Hz, and is influenced by factors such as lightening and solar activity. This frequency, which is the basic frequency of Earth, coincides with the alpha frequency of our brain—the brain frequency accessed when we are in the relaxed, creative, meditative state. So in essence, when we meditate or are in that state of mental and emotional coherence, we are vibrating in resonance with Earth’s resonance.[8]

With this body of information, I can start to make a pathway in my mind that connects the cosmic energies to myself to earth. Strangely enough, the information is starting to fit into what the channelers and intuitives have been talking about for years. I fully appreciate how absolutely little we know, at the current scientific level, about the basic nature of matter and energy and how they relate to biology, including human biology. Also, after reading David’s book, I fully see how the ignored and marginalized bits of scientific results that don’t fit into the current models of “how things work” are building into an enormously-significant body of work as a collective. It’s getting harder to ignore. We are definitely on the verge of a revolution in science, a paradigm shift in the scientific understanding of our world.

In any case, based on people’s experiences, something quite phenomenal and quite REAL is happening to a significant portion of the population here on Earth (I would love to know the approximate percentage, and how fast the number is growing), that is not being seen or acknowledged by the scientific and medical communities, the news media, or even by many of the people who are undergoing the process. It’s the proverbial “elephant in the living room.”

Sources of Energies

As far as I have figured out from various readings, the ascension-related energies that we may currently be feeling come from a number of sources:

  • Cosmic energy from the galactic center
  • Solar energy
  • Eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, and other alignments of astronomical bodies

It may be difficult to rationalize how eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, and other astronomical alignments can be a source of energy. David Wilcock’s book helped me understand that these events have to do with geometric factors. Geometry appears everywhere in the Universe—within the atomic structure, plant leaf arrangement, the human body, a planet or star’s form and layout — and governs the form of matter and the flow of energy. The astronomical bodies are moving in their orbits seemingly independent of each other, but when they come into certain geometric positions, spacings, and angles relative to each other, it’s as if there is a CLICK– like finding the correct combination in a rotary lock– that opens up a portal of energy. These portals are gateways that connect dimensions and allow in a flow of energy. It is this system of timed flows of energy that the Mayan calendar was following by tracking the movements of the astronomical bodies. This summer, there was a solar eclipse on 6/1 (new moon), lunar eclipse on 6/15 (full moon), and another solar eclipse on 7/1 (new moon).

Another energy that people may be currently feeling, although it is not necessarily one that supports the ascension process, is the energy from the human collective.

Interpretations of Possible Physical Symptoms

Here is a quick table of predominantly-physical symptoms and their ascension-related interpretations put together from writings of Lauren Gorgo, Celia Fenn, and Denise Le Fay, but Wait! Before you read it, there is a caveat: Please exercise your discernment, common sense, and self-responsibility! Please check with yourself and your doctor to make sure that you really know what is going on with your body, which may or may not be ascension-related. I used this information,  in conjunction with my discernment, to help me gain a better understand what is going on with my body, but it is definitely not something to obsess over.  There are many other wonderful “symptoms” related to the ascension, too (covered in next post)!

Activity Possible Symptoms Source
Pineal/pituitary activation Vertigo, sleepiness, FATIGUE, disorientation, insomnia, deep sleeps, sinus issues, headaches, sore/itchy scalp, watery/red/itchy/burning eyes, changes in eyesight Lauren Gorgo, Jun 7
Meeting of pineal and pituitary glands/opening of “sacred inner-sight” Perception of light codes, sometimes seen as blindingly bright inner-light behind eyes, firm pressure on crown and the brow, or audible sound such as humming of a high frequency Lauren Gorgo, Jul 28
Flooding of body with energy Very “charged” feeling, like every cell of body is alive and vibrating; hyper-sensitive, amped up, dizzy, jumpy, with shortness of breath, fluctuating body temperature/night sweats, irregular heartbeats and/or erratic sleep patterns; possible waves of bliss Lauren Gorgo, May 22
Heart opening Intense heartburn/nausea Lauren Gorgo, Jun 7
Root clearing/grounding/cellular detoxification Digestion issues Lauren Gorgo, Jun 7
Changes in the pineal gland, allowing for a wider reception of Cosmic “bandwidth” Pressure and headaches or muscle pain in the back of the head, the base of the skull, and the shoulders Celia Fenn, May 2011
Restructuring of pituitary gland Dizziness, foggy vision, strange noises in the ears, vertigo Celia Fenn, May 2011
Data transmission through throat at thyroid Thyroid balance problems such as waves of heat, low energy or hyperactivity Celia Fenn, May 2011
Intense clearing at the heart, throat and brow chakras Flu-type symptoms with bronchitis and sinus, with focus on chest and sinuses Celia Fenn, article
Over-energizing of body by amount of energy flow Inability to sleep at night and repeatedly waking up at 3am (and other specific times through night) Celia Fenn, article
Kundalini activity
  • Inner heat that radiates outward from body and moves repeatedly, partially or completely, up and down spine/back, stopping at different chakras to work
  • Repeated intense inner body heat “hot flashes”; hands and/or bottoms of feet extremely hot
  • Extreme sweating with every Kundalini hot flash
  • Stirring up of emotional/mental/etheric issues stored/suppressed in each chakra, which will need to be resolved for release; Emotional imbalances and difficult, almost “crazy” periods due to past emotional issues/ wounds/ pains/ fears/ guilt etc. and their energies being brought to surface and transmuted
  • Strange, vivid dreams
Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Kundalini energy working in solar plexus chakra Bloating of belly/gut area due to the intense energies and transformational Inner Work Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Kundalini energy working in heart chakra Heat, pressure, and possibly movements in heart area, with intense and uneven heartbeats or thumps and poundings; plenty of FEELING with crying, raging, being moved by very simple and beautiful or evil things Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Kundalini energy working in throat chakra Heat and pressure radiating out of the back of neck; aches and pains in throat and jaw; speaking (or yelling and demanding) things that have been suppressed Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Kundalini energy working in two lower chakras Bringing to surface of old sexual issues, feelings of guilt, and suppressed energies, fears and/or a sense of being a victim, to be consciously recognized, felt emotionally, dealt with and integrated, and eventually released Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Kundalini energy working in head Fire and pressures inside skull pushing and changing things in there, and it all pouring up and out of the top of head  (Crown chakra) Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Body rewiring Inner body vibrations or buzzing that feel like a mild electric current, which moves around inside body over months and years Denise Le Fay, Feb 21
Brain rewiring
  • Headaches, pressures and pains inside head, moving pains and pressures in the external skull and scalp
  • A sense of twirling or rotating; sudden waves of dizziness, sense of falling, tipping over, etc.
  • Seeing lights, colors, sparks, shadows moving, movements of energies and non-physical beings
  • Pressures and pains in Brow and Crown chakra areas, top of skull/head
  • Smelling of scents like burning smoke or incense very close to body; a grossly exaggerated sense of smell
  • Knowing things instead of linearly thinking and intellectualizing
  • Hearing changes, inner ear pressures, occasional ear-stabbing pain, hearing non-physical sounds, voices, words, clicks, buzzing
Denise Le Fay, Feb 21, Aug 2

Here are some other general ascension symptoms that may sound familiar, from Denise Le Fay’s list in her Aug 2 post (It may be helpful to read her and others’ original posts, as they have more detailed explanations): Repeated cold flashes, inner body cold spots, certain chakra areas turn cold for periods; extra electricity in your body, constantly getting zapped when you touch things; muscle spasms, twitching, itching, strange sensations on or under the skin, nerve sensitivity; pains and pressures in areas of spine; mental confusion; sudden waves of nausea; onset or increase of allergies, chemical sensitivity; severe sensitivity to sounds, smells, lights, heat, cold, energies, other people, lower energies, etc.; sudden eating/food changes; difficulty digesting all foods, inability to drink alcohol, take drugs, etc.; inability to physically be around people and/or large groups of people; hair falling out, breaking, not growing; needing to sleep and get out-of-body during the day; profound physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion; restlessness; body weakness, lethargy, aches.

To Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body, part 3: With More Grace and Ease —>



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11 responses to “Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (2/3): Interpretation

  1. Any one had a pain at top of stomach so when you press under breastbone it really hurts and can feel it spreading to lower stomach and left side. even down arms into hands! doing acupuncture to help and had a very intense reaction to it!

  2. I’m a college student whose very enlightened and I would love to talk with you, I’ve been experiencing the shift for the past 4 months or so exponentially. last year around this time is when I started on this journey and it’s been quite the acension. many of my friends in college and outside of as well are growing in awareness as I see. Many young but also older people I know are transforming. within the last month there has been a major who depletion I’ve experienced and witnessed. This weekend I actually met a 8 month old that was self aware and I understand that sounds incredible believe me it was. I would love to chat with you I feel like I have much to offer. thanks Dani.

  3. AI have been practising Reiki for 24years and aware of being a channel for good energy. However over the last 6 years I have been diagnosed with Poly myalgia Rheumatica and received relevant treatment. Unfortunately I continue to suffer fatigue, aching joints and intense heat from my solar plexus (especially at night).
    Is anyone else experiencing the same?
    What’s happening?
    Any remedies?
    Reiki blessings

    • Hi, Kaye,
      Although I don’t experience heat from solar plexus, I have been experiencing fatigue and aching joints for years now, many times to the point of not being able to function. This year has been quite challenging, almost constant. I do think the intensity of these symptoms for me correlate with increased solar activity or cosmic/galactic alignments. I find it helpful to check space weather through sites like http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/goes-electron-flux, or find out what’s happening with the cosmic energies through sites like Celia Fenn’s (http://starchildglobal.com/channels-and-articles/sacred-union-the-balance-returns-after-the-grounding-of-the-sacred-masculine-luminosity/). I think it all has to with the incoming cosmic energies transforming our physical bodies and expanding our energy bodies, although I’m not quite sure what it all means. Also, I do strongly feel that many of us are doing “night work” through our energy bodies during sleep. I thought these energies would have peaked in 2012, but they have been intensifying (I’m hoping the peak was end of September/October). I did find that opening up my foot chakras (as suggested by Hal, see comments below) helped for a period of time, but later I saw that I had been doing the foot chakra openings during a window of very low solar activity, so now I’m not sure whether it was the low solar activity or opening up the foot chakras that was the main factor. So I don’t have any clear remedies at this point– only rest and more rest, drinking lots of water, regular exercise, and eating lightly. I’ve learned to allow my body to rest *without feeling guilty* and go with the flow of my body. I think the window of intense cosmic energies is coming to a close, and perhaps by next year (or more certainly by 2017) we’ll see our energies returning and symptoms easing. Many blessings!

  4. the planet setting up for the coming of the lord our creator . we have to have the planets in the order god wants them in to . before we orb home and it takes a little while . soon we will be right on course for this timing . but yes it screws up the body the mental and if you also on med’s of any kind and also on pot of any kind this will also do some works on the mind and body . no joke. some times a hot bath with Epson salts in it or a menthol shower or bath with it helps the pressures to re leave them and lay down and rest after this . ibuprofen also helps god bless. its temporary . not permanent the rotation changes.
    im also a nurse and also body rescue .

  5. Reblogged this on breakingoutofbipolar and commented:
    oooh this encapsulates a lot of what I feel about our awakening… in reference to bipolar, i see that when our chakras are out of balance, we either swing high – as our crown chakra opens and we feel the surge of cosmic energy/love/god-consciousness and we avoid being in the body – because of the pain and trauma that we have (all) been through, or we plummet as our vibrations drop and we go into lower realms and this is where we need to do the work – on our lower chakras.

  6. Hi, Sam,
    You’re asking the million dollar questions that we’re all wanting to know the answers to. And I hear you! And I hear your weariness. I’m there with you. The next thing I have to say is, you already have access to everything that I have to work with– your intuition, your intellect, your discernment, your guides, the internet. So I can’t really enlighten you; and I think that’s one of the keys in ascension– you can only enlighten yourself, through your own seeking. But you ask me to tell you what I think, so I can tell you what I have come to believe through my own seeking. I believe that the length of the physical “ascension symptoms” depends on each person, and it does get better as you adjust to the process. What I’ve experienced is that the “knowing” and “aha” moments come in bits and pieces, gradually increasing (more about that in the next post), till maybe finally you will always be in that state. Will there be a single moment when when you “float into the sky” or reach the big finale? One channeling of Archangel Michael says that there will be that sensation (a recent post on stevebeckow.com). Although people talk about many things happening in ascension and how we and the world will change, the most important thing in my opinion is the huge leap in human consciousness. Just imagine how you would be as a person when you’ve let go of all your past traumas and issues, you can constantly hold that center of peace and love, you’re brilliantly smart, you’re telepathic, you are expert in bringing things into your life through your consciousness, etc. Now imagine if a whole society of people is like that. What do you think we can do with our world, and how will our world change? The biggest question may be how long does the ascension process take? Is it “done” in a single moment, on a certain date? Does it take years, or what? I tend to see it as a part of evolution that goes on for eternity. Now, there is a particularly big “jump” or “shift” here that we’re going through right now. But I tend to think that it’s not like stepping through a doorway in a single moment into another dimensional reality– I don’t think the boundary between dimensions is so sharply defined. There are steps and it’s a process. However, what should’ve taken many, many lifetimes to “evolve” a soul, is now taking place within years of a soul’s single lifetime on Earth. You may be very surprised at who you will become in just a few years ahead, how much you’ve changed. And for the whole planet to be changed into something that we could not have imagined, I’m guessing 50 to somewhere under 100 years. And compared to what you and the world are like now, you and the world in the very near future will seem magical, very magical. So I tend to favor the view of the slightly more gradual process, where the moments of enlightenment, slips between dimensions, rushes of joy of being One become more frequent and deep, until you’re always in that state. You may experience a particularly huge shift in one moment. But the whole process will take place over a few years, and not all on a single particular date. But this is just my view. Good luck seeking yours! In love, Hui Sun

    P.S.Did you go through the internet revolution, when there was no internet, then within a very short number of years, there was and everyone was using it? And you couldn’t imagine a time when there wasn’t? It was such a radical change in the way the whole world communicates, it changed how businesses and everything else ran, how people interacted, but it happened almost in a blink of an eye, and it happened so naturally that it somehow didn’t seem bizarre, happened before you knew what was happening. That’s what I think ascension is like, and we’re going through it right now.

    • Thanks for the response and what you say does, once again, resonate with me. I did run across the following though, which if true could explain a lot.

      ” You see, you do not go across space or time to get to the fifth dimension. Fifth dimensional New Earth is right HERE, but it resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, in order to experience New Earth, you will not GO anywhere. Instead, you will raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension so that you can perceive that you are THERE NOW.”

      Maybe when we can perceive that dimension then we will have at last ascended and the “symptoms” will abate!
      Light & Love,

      • Yes, that quote makes complete sense to me. Also, I believe the physicists believe that the dimensions are theoretically something like millimeters or less apart from each other, really right on top of each other. I have also heard that different versions of the planets in our solar already exist on different dimensions, simultaneously. As I’ve learned from Suzanne Lie, I equate the levels of dimension to levels of consciousness; dimensions and consciousness are the same thing (profound info to me). And you can see only as high a dimension as your level of consciousness. Also, I just came across Steve Beckow’s (detailed) response to this same question today on his site: http://stevebeckow.com/2011/10/questions-on-difficult-aspects-of-ascension/#more-72471. And yes, I think once our new templates have finally been completely “built” and come into alignment, the symptoms will abate. Will people in 3D see you “disappear” before their eyes as you ascend into higher consciousness/dimension? I don’t know. I do think people in different dimensions will gradually leave each others’ lives in some fashion or other. There’s so much to talk about and speculate on! I hope to do a post on this sometime in the future, as my time allows, to open it up for further discussion. We may not have the answers, but we need to talk about it. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. –Hui Sun

  7. Ok. I’m feeling all I can handle of “ascension symptoms” but when does it end? What exactly happens now? Enlightenment? An understanding? An acceptance? Then the pain of ascension stops? Do we get flooded with a light, a “knowing”? Does our “aha” moment happen? Or do we literally float up into space beyond the “unenlightened”? Do we come back to earth to teach? Do we never leave and life goes on as it has (but we know)? I’m really not getting a real sense of what ascension is.
    Your site is the closest one I’ve found that resonates with Everything that I feel is right on the money.
    My Husband and family think I’m crazy and I’m starting to wonder myself. Then I read your blog and know I’m not the “only” one.
    Please “enlighten” me/us. Please just say (even guess) what you think may be happening. I’ll forgive you if it doesn’t happen as you say. But PLEASE tell us what YOU really think is happening! Give it a shot. No Judgement, I Promise, if you’re wrong! I can handle it, as I tell my guides everyday! Time is short and seems to be getting shorter. The suspense is killing me;-)

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