Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body (1/3): Experiences

My Experiences

How have you been feeling lately? This summer has been a time of an intense exposure to cosmic and solar energies, as I have felt in my physical body, and I wondered how everyone else was doing. I believe that these incoming energies are what are helping to catalyze the restless hankering for CHANGE in our world– the revolutions, demonstrations, and riots across the globe, the unmasking and challenging of the fraud and deception in our news media, government, religion, and banking and financial systems, and a blur of other world activities happening almost too fast to track. The energies involved in this ascension (expansion) process may also be bringing many experiences and situations into the forefront in your personal lives, which are giving you opportunities to emotionally and mentally clear your long-held fears and blocks. However, in this post, I would like to narrow the focus to what’s going on with the physical body during this ascension process.

Again, I begin by sharing with you my personal experiences, this time my on-going experiences of this summer. It was only recently, by comparing my experiences with those of many others, that I was finally able to validate and come to a comfortable understanding of what’s going on for myself.

Around mid-May of this year, I began, once again, to wake up in the middle of the night feeling physical vibrations in my body and hearing the ringing music. The music was fast-paced and reverberated quite palpably throughout my body, almost as if I were a bell or another musical instrument. I felt that familiar fuzzy, floaty, “static electricity” sensation enveloping my whole body, and movements and pressures of energy in different parts of my body and head. In the morning, I woke up with an unbelievably heavy fatigue, the kind that made me collapse into a short but totally unconscious abyss of sleep in the middle of the day. A particular set of symptom this time, which has been prevalent throughout most of this summer, are the deep aches and stiffness in the base of my skull, neck, upper back, and shoulders. Other symptoms I’ve felt over the summer were momentary periods of dizziness, cool air blowing on my forehead, sinus symptoms, extreme body chills that came and went, and general body aches. Many “waves” of these symptoms have followed throughout June, July, and August of this summer, with brief in-between periods during which I felt physically and emotionally well (positively buoyant!), creative, and energetic. But most of this summer has been relatively challenging physically, with one wave blurring into the next one.

As many times as I have experienced this type of symptoms in the past couple of years, every time it happened (until this May!), my 3D mind invariably went through the same process, flipping through the same old spectrum of possible logical explanations– am I getting sick, am I over-exerted, is it hormonal, am I stressed over this or that, is it what I’ve been eating or not eating lately, have I been exercising/working/sleeping too little or too much, have I been taking my vitamins, etc., etc., etc.– or is it the ascension process? I was completely confusing myself, not wanting to acknowledge something that I already did understand at another level. But this May– I think it happened just one time too many– I knew. This time, I immediately admitted to myself, “Here comes a wave.” It’s the wave of energies that is transforming us and our world.

Other People Feel It, Too, at the Times that I Do

What made me feel so certain this time? It’s not only that it happened one time too many, but that the waves are coming much more frequently now than before, at shorter intervals. Even my 3D mind was having a hard time explaining these frequent episodes away. Over the years, I saw that these episodes did not correlate to hormonal cycles or any other regular intervals I could discern. I was also not aware of any health problems that show the particular set of symptoms that I had, including the feelings of electrical surges and pressures that move around in my body and head, and the bodily vibrations, much less the orchestra I’m hearing inside my head. Furthermore, I would often rebound from these periods of utter fatigue and other symptoms within a day or so, feeling absolutely clear-headed and energetic, as if I had not been slumped over and barely functioning the day before.

By this point, too, I had read enough of other people’s experiences and their interpretation of them to finally calm and satisfy my frantically skeptical 3D mind. From the several blogsites and forums of the metaphysically- or spiritually-conscious bloggers that I visited over the past few years, I had come to see that other people were feeling symptoms similar to mine at the same time that I did, particularly the feelings of electricity surging through them, vibrations, and extreme fatigue. Other people’s symptoms may vary somewhat from mine, and certain symptoms may be emphasized with each wave, but I began to see and accept that there was a correlation to mine.

I rarely leave comments on the sites that I visit, preferring to just observe from the sidelines, but I did leave this comment on Steve Beckow’s news-blogsite back in March of this year, in response to his post “Must Lay Down Tools for Awhile”:

Hi, Steve, I just wanted to let you know that 95% of all the times you posted that you’re absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed, are the times I’m also feeling exhausted and not able to function. When I’ve felt so dizzy I can’t stand up, I find out from your post that you’re also so dizzy you can’t stand up. After a night of feeling like I didn’t sleep a wink all night, I find from your post that you had a night of “dreamwork.” It’s really almost right on the dot. This (and hearing many others’ experiences) validates for me that we’re all being hit with these periodic waves of energy and they’re absolutely real […]

It may be helpful to read other people’s comments following Steve’s post.

Like most people on Earth, I was born under the “veil of forgetfulness” which has me trying to figure out who I am and what’s going on in the big, spiritual scheme of things through the experiences in my life. However, there are those who seem to have come into this world with a more intact memory of who they are, and/or seem to be able to more clearly translate the higher-perspective information that they receive– people like Celia Fenn, Inelia Benz, Lauren Gorgo, and Denise Le Fay. Out of the many who are currently serving in the capacity as sharers of information, I name these particular ones because for this post series, I will be drawing from their writings, much of which I personally found helpful. It is significant to me that many of these “information sharers” have been writing since the 1990’s or earlier of the exact symptoms I’m now experiencing— during a time when I was going about my ordinary life and completely oblivious to anything other than my material world.

When I was hit with a “wave” mid-May, I immediately began to look for validations of this experience, which I found in the May 15 posting of Celia Fenn (“Birthing the Starchild into Cosmic Consciousness: The New Earth Energies for May 2011”) on her website Starchild Global. Here’s an excerpt from her channeling of Archangel Michael posted that day:

[…]The Physical Changes in the Body
Beloved Ones, as you move through these changes, you will feel some physical changes. Firstly, these changes will activate the Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands very strongly. Those who enter into 6th Dimensional ways of being will begin to experience biochemical and cellular changes in the Endocrine system and in the areas of the brain that deal with perception and data transmission and reception.

In effect, Beloved Ones, you will be altering your ability to receive data and light transmissions from the Higher Mind of God. This means first there will be changes in the Pineal Gland, allowing for a wider reception of Cosmic “bandwidth.” In physical terms this may mean feelings of pressure and headaches or muscle pain in the back of the head, the base of the skull and the shoulders.

Then, the Pituitary Gland will start to restructure, and you may experience feelings of dizziness, foggy vision, strange noises in the ears and vertigo. The brain is being realigned to not only receive new data, but also to begin transmitting data at higher levels through light transmissions through the eyes and sound transmissions through the throat at the thyroid. So, the Thyroid will also be affected by these shifts and changes. In these cases, many of you will experience flu like symptoms with bronchitis and sinus, as well as Thyroid balance problems such as waves of heat, low energy or hyperactivity.

The very beginning of July was another time I was feeling particularly strong symptoms this summer. I found validation of my experiences through this July 4 posting of Denise Le Fay on her blogsite Transitions (It may also be helpful to read other people’s comments following her post):

Since yesterday, July 3, 2011, I’ve strongly felt those old familiar body aches and pains—aka the “Ascension flu”, joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, head and skull pains, deep exhaustion, and repeated waves of body chills similar to when you have a fever. Today, July 4, 2011, these body pains and chills were much worse so I did what I usually do to confirm what I’m feeling in my physical body; I went to Spaceweather.com to see if the Sun is doing anything. Here’s what I found there today, July 4, 2011[…]:

“INCOMING CME: During the early hours of July 3rd, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a mild but beautiful explosion near growing sunspot group 1244. The B9-category blast hurled a faint cloud of plasma toward Earth, which could cause some geomagnetic activity when it arrives on ~July 6th. This is not a major event.”

According to the old 3D “professionals” this “Incoming CME” (Coronal Mass Ejection) won’t even reach Earth—forget about how it affects humans and other life on the planet—until July 6th, yet, I’ve been profoundly physically affected by this latest Solar energy event since the start of July 3rd. When the Sun does anything it affects us immediately and does not take days for the Solar energies to travel through linear space/time/distance to, days later, finally reach Earth and humanity. The same is true with time-coded deep-space events like massive Energy Waves radiating out from the Galactic Center (GC) which are further cosmic evolution/ascension triggers for humanity, Earth, our solar system and beyond. These are instantaneous energy events that happen and affect us, change us, help us evolve/ascend from the very first second they happen.

I can tell you that this summer gave me plenty of chances to finally validate to myself that solar activity is a factor correlating to the bodily vibrations, “fuzzy, electrostatic” feeling, and extreme fatigue that I experience. It has been a summer of many high-intensity solar flares and ensuing coronal mass ejections, as our solar cycle is ramping up in a big way. And Denise Le Fay is correct in that I do start to experience the symptoms around the moment of the solar flare eruption on the sun, not just when the CME hits Earth a few days later. I guess that’s why I couldn’t quite find a completely satisfactory correlation earlier between my symptoms and the kp index, which is an indicator of disturbance in the magnetic field of Earth.

———–> To Part 2. Feeling the Shift in the Physical Body: Interpretation


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