The Sound of Music Inside My Head (Part 3/3): Conclusion

(This is Part 3 of a three-part series. For Part 1, please click here; for Part 2, click here.)


Before this music-in-my-head experience spurred my interest, I had never given much thought to the aspect of sound in relation to the human consciousness. I had been much more familiar with the aspect of light, as I had experience using light-based meditations as a powerful self-healing tool (see Bridge to Earth, Chapter 6). Attending the New Living Expo in San Francisco last year (see here for related posts) gave me a fascinating introduction to the role of sound in the human consciousness, as many masters of sound healing were speaking there. In one of the talks, Jonathan Goldman was telling a story about how he was once sitting in his son’s classroom, listening to subsequently-higher pitched tones coming from a hearing-test device. Eventually, when the tone got high enough, only one person in the entire room (his son, if I remember correctly) was able to hear the sound. It really impressed upon Goldman at that moment that “Just because you don’t hear sound doesn’t mean that it’s not there.” Just because you don’t hear sound doesn’t mean that it’s not there. You can just imagine how much I related to that statement! Jonathan Goldman is the author of numerous books including Healing Sounds, the founder of the Sound Healers Association, and a Grammy nominee. He played for us samples from one of his sound-healing CDs (Chakra Chants), on which chants correlating to each chakra had been recorded. As I listened to each track, I was amazed to actually feel the powerful humming, vibrating, undulating sensation in the area of my body that corresponded to the chakra location of that chant. For example, when I listened to the base chakra track, my sacral area hummed; when I listened to the heart chakra track, the center of my chest hummed. Wow. ‘How does that work?’ I wondered.

When the panel discussions ended, the moderator David Gibson (founder of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute) suggested that we close the session with everyone sounding the tone that, to him or her, expresses gratitude. The moment that he said that, even before the toning actually started, I literally felt a huge wave of the feeling of gratitude washing over me. Do you remember a time when you were feeling an immense and truly heart-felt gratitude? It is such a feeling of joy, one that makes your heart feel like it’s expanding out to infinity, and that can literally overflow from your body as tears. That feeling rolled through me like giant wave. It was so palpable I could almost feel my hair blowing out behind me with the force of it. Wow. The intention itself of the audience was as powerful as (or even more powerful than) the sound that they audibly made following that intention. In that experience, I found the connection between human intention and sound. They are of the same substance.

In the final experience with sound at the New Living Expo that I want to share with you, I talked to Jan Cercone (director of Song and Spirit Center) about this music in my head. She told me that we are anchor points for the incoming galactic energy that is transforming Earth. What she said loops back to my initial hypothesis. I have read of this through many writings and channeled messages of others: We humans are a part of Earth, and our bodies are receivers and transmitters of the higher cosmic energies– receiving, transmitting, and anchoring the energies into Earth to support her ascension process. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can hear it, see it, sense it. The raising of your frequency through the releasing of fear, pain, anger, and all those other baggages, and holding the space of peace and love will automatically increase your potential of receiving and transmitting this energy. Sounds like fluffy fairy tale, doesn’t it? It’s one that I have come to believe.


From Hermetic philosophers to present-day physicists who study versions of the string theory, it is said that all things are composed of vibrating energy. Everything is in motion, everything vibrates, and nothing is at rest.[1] And through vibrations, energy is transferred and transformed. The basic components of vibration are light, sound, and geometry. In his online book The Science of Oneness, David Wilcock thoroughly and scientifically explores the light, sound, and geometric properties of the vibration as the foundation of the universal energy, which is loving, conscious, and intelligent. We can see the effects of vibratory energy in our physical world: vibration of air is perceived as sound; vibrating electromagnetic waves in the right frequency range are perceived as light; and the geometric property of vibration is elucidated when observing that liquid dye coated on a balloon arranges into geometric patterns when the balloon is vibrated at pure sine wave frequencies. As one of the basic components of vibration, sound is a fundamental property of all matter and energy that exist. Indeed, that is why sound can be used as such a powerful healing tool for the human body.[2]


I started out trying to learn about music, and feel like I took a trip through the cosmos. I ended up following a thread that runs through all things– the human body, mathematics, elementary particles of matter, planets and stars, consciousness, and way beyond. This exploration affirmed for me a belief that resounds deeply within me– that everything is interconnected.  And there is an order in the universe.

I’m still not sure exactly what I’m hearing or what causes the variations in it, but I’m not interested in “getting to the bottom of it.” What I’m most grateful for is that this music has served as a handle on my reality– the multidimensional reality in which I live. There have been so many inexplicable things that happened in my life that I can explain away somehow– the synchronicities, the images and messages in my mind that were validated, and even the the palpable energies moving through my body. But this music that has come in so clearly and loudly at times– I cannot dig up a three-dimensional-world explanation for it. There are many of us now who are sensing that something extraordinary, of planetary and galactic proportions, is happening in our time. We are so completely feeling it in our lives, physically, mentally, in every pore of our being. But no matter how passionately we believe, I know that many of us have woken up in the middle of the night at some point– as I have– thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, am I just a nut? Am I just making all this up?’ No matter how passionately you believe something as your reality, if it is not accepted and validated by others in your life, it can feel like a slippery slope. This music has been the one thing that I could hold on to, that let me know for certain that there is more to this world than we perceive with our five senses. But that was then. Since last fall, I no longer doubt my reality. I sense the progress in myself, and in the world.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, experiences.



[1] Ardue Holistic Education, The Kybalion at

[2] Here is one of the earlier sites I had found on sound healing: Tom Kenyon’s


2 responses to “The Sound of Music Inside My Head (Part 3/3): Conclusion

  1. The origin of the music, could be from another people who is connected to the same grid, as you, and me… For example, can you hear your soul singing this melodie?:

  2. A reader has recommended Professor Joscelyn Godwin’s work [], in particular his book
    “Harmonies of Heaven and Earth: Mysticism in Music from Antiquity to the Avant-Garde” (found on Amazon). It sounds like a solid scholarly work which could serve as a great starting basis for exploring the “thesis that the universe we live in is a musical one, dominated by harmonies and melodies of untold beauty, not equations of mind-boggling complexity” (as put by one Amazon reviewer). Many thanks for the recommendation! —Hui Sun

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