Ascension 2012 at New Living Expo, San Francisco- Part III

This blog post is the final part of the three-part report on “Ascension 2012 at the New Living Expo, San Francisco.”  (Please see also  Part I and Part II.)

Here are my observations on couple more talks which I attended, that contained the “ascension 2012” theme.

Panel:    2012: The Ascension and the Ascension Process

Da Vid Raphael, M.D. holistic physician and artist, founder of The Light Party, author of and


  1. Joseph Giove: Founder and executive director of, a global social collaborative of individuals and communities who share compassion as a common passion.
  2. Aurora Juliana Ariel, Ph.D. (psychology): Doctor and healer, author of Earth 2012: The Ultimate Quest which catalogs the shift taking place within humanity’s psyche through a blend of sacred prophecies, prophetic visions, and scientific predictions around 2012.  Her website is
  3. David Wilcock: Website is
  4. Susan Miller: Astrologer who founded Astrology Zone ( which has 6 million unique readers a month

This panel discussion was a nice shift from the science-and-spirituality perspectives which aim to bring together evidence and the ascension process.  Rather, this panel focused on the change in the human consciousness, boiling down the essence of what ascension is about, in my opinion.

Joseph Giove had the opportunity to personally work with the Mayan grand elders, and had valuable insight to share about what the present Mayans think.  The Mayans say that “the date of the shift” may not be December 21, 2012, as that date is just the end of the long count of one of the Mayan calendars, based on a speculated beginning date.  It is the sacredness of that day that the Mayans respect.  He said that in regard to 2012, the living Mayans give the advice, “Be here now.”  To be here now is the best preparation right in this moment.  The Mayans say that no one will be left behind, and that it is time to gather up all our brothers and sisters.  Their message about 2012 is a message of hope, unity, and reconnection with each other.  They say that all the power and love that ever were are here right now.

Aurora Ariel Juliana is a Hawaiian, and she say that the Hawaiians feel that the projected date December 21, 2012  is a sacred day.  She emphasized that we are in a midst of an awakening so vast and incomprehensible that it is literally changing the molecules of our world.  We are shifting from a pattern-driven reality– subconscious programs that have been in place forever– to our authentic reality.  We need to empower our authentic selves who are in the core of our beings, and bring our authentic selves into the world.  The outside is just a reflection of what’s happening inside of us; everything dark outside of us are reflections of our collective darkness.  The most important thing is “to wake up and remember who we are.”  She said that when there are 80 million or more violet people (I’m not familiar with this concept), unity starts becoming a natural occurrence.

David Wilcock said that the third density (dimension) in which we currently live is about learning the lesson of love.  He gave an overall history of Earth’s ascension processes (According to channelings of Ra, we have gone through this before, approximately every 25,000 years).  At the end of the first major cycle, no one ascended.  At the end of the second cycle, about 120 beings ascended.  In our current, third cycle, the situation deteriorated so badly here on Earth that Earth gave out a great distress call, and sixth density (dimensional) beings had to come into Earth as humans to raise the frequency of the planet, simply by existing on the planet.  He says the distresses have to do with our inability to forgive ourselves.  The secret to transcending is to forgive ourselves by forgiving other selves, as we are mirrors of each other.  You are above no one and you are below no one.  We are all holographic images of one source, like the light scattering from a disco ball.  We are the sparks of divine.  What we are going through is a natural process driven by the waves of energy that are coming in from the center of the galaxy, which programs life in intervals of time.  “What is your identity?” Wilcock asked.  “There is no self or other, only consciousness.  You are the light, love, and one ultimate creator– that is your identity.”  And we can be forgiven and loved for our confusion.

Susan Miller was misplaced in this panel, as 2012 is not a focus of her work as it is for the others on the panel.  She is an astrologer who puts out very detailed, free, monthly forecasts full of practical advice on her website  She admitted that once she found out she was on this panel, she had to quickly educate herself about the 2012 phenomenon with the aid of her TiVo.  Nevertheless, she was quite charming and gave an astrological perspective of the 12-21-2012 date.  The main thing she can see is that there is a square between Uranus and Pluto on this date, which means they are “mad at each other.”  Uranus is the planet associated with freedom and independence, and Pluto is associated with money, politics, and power.  Uranus will be in Aries, which represents optimism and the entrepreneurial spirit, and Pluto will be in Capricorn, representing materialism.  So you can guess what the conflict will be about.  Miller also noted that Uranus conjuncts the moon on this date, which may mean we will see a lot of people going hysterical on this date.

Dr. Raphael, the moderator, gave many bits of valuable insight about the ascension process inbetween the panelists, but what stuck in my mind were the very practical advice he gave to cope physically during the ascension process: “1) Drink lots of water, 2) drink lots of green drinks, with all their chlorophyll and magnesium, 3) get a good chiropractor to straighten your spine, and 3) get lots of exercise.”

Sean David Morton’s Talk: The Science and Spirit of 2012

I had not been exposed to Morton’s material before, but it was very much along the line of topics Wilcock talks about. In fact, Morton and Wilcock overlap quite a bit in their areas of research and talks.  In this talk, Morton touched on astronomy and astrophysics; Mayan history and prophesies; Earth changes; Mt. Shasta as the seat of a vortex and housing a series of cave systems; and current, super-powerful, government-run technologies whose uses are not being fully made known, such as the HAARP project and EISCAT capabilities.  Flamboyant in style, Morton interspersed many politically-incorrect and sexual jokes in his talk.  Of course, Wilcock also, by his own admission, “has to tell at least one inappropriate sexual joke at every talk.”  In spite of all their intuitive abilities and whatnot, I guess they’re just couple of regular guys.

Overall, I found the New Expo a valuable way to get a snapshot of what “real people” were thinking/saying about the ascension process.  Although the cyberworld is abuzz with this topic, I just wonder sometimes where all the real people talking about this topic are in my physical world.  The whole experience was fun, and I’m glad I went.

2 responses to “Ascension 2012 at New Living Expo, San Francisco- Part III

  1. I am stunned by the way the words”regular guys” just happen to appear on this page in regards to Morton and Wilcox making sexual jokes at there public talks. This is exactly the reason our world and humanity has been thrown under the bus over and over again. Havenʻt “Men” learned by now that it just isnʻt funny. Never was, never will be. I see women giggly and laugh at the most appalling comments and so called jokes. If they actually have women in their lives, these women must still be asleep at the wheel of their lives…. this whole spiritual/planetary event is a Sacred Happening. I feel they( and you, you were laughing right), need to think twice before giggling like 7th grade boys every time they hear the word penis or hole. I promise to never go see either of these guys now, no matter what else they have to impart to the world. When men as a whole start getting it, and telling other men to get it… then we will all have the kind of world we have been wishing and hoping for. Itʻs time to own up to the abuse to women, children, and themselves…. and Our Mother Earth.

    • Hello, Ramaka, The particular jokes I heard seemed more directed toward themselves (the speakers), and I talked to several attendees who said that the occasional humor helped them relate more closely to the speakers (as imperfect humans, I assume), rather than being “way up there,” out of reach. The audience was more groaning and rolling their eyes than giggling like schoolgirls, I assure you. I’m very sorry I offended you, and hope my writing has not unfairly detracted from the works of others, which should all be individually discerned outside of my opinions.

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