Ascension 2012 at New Living Expo, San Francisco- Part II

At the recent New Living Expo in San Francisco, I tried to hit as many talks as possible which had “ascension 2012” as a theme. The following are my thoughts regarding couple of these talks I attended. (This is Part II of the series on my New Living Expo experience; please see also Part I).

David Wilcock’s Talk: 2012 Galactic DNA Transformation

I had heard David Wilcock of the Divine Cosmos website ( speak before, but was glad to get more chances to hear him talk. Most of the material he spoke of in this talk are already on his website, but couple of highlights that stood out for me were: (1) his interpretation of the crop circles, and (2) his perspective on the origin of this 25,000-year cycle/ ascension story.

I particularly appreciated his presentation of the crop circle interpretations because it’s much easier to understand the symbolism with someone pointing out the details of the design and explaining them in front of you, rather than reading a text and looking at pictures by yourself. According to Wilcock’s sources, the oldest known recorded crop circle event occurred in 815 AD in France, and they continue to occur in large numbers in fields around the world. The crop circle designs are extremely intricate and complex, with unbelievably precise details. Among many of their messages, they have laid out the alignment of the planets on December 21, 2012, predicted certain dates of importance in Earth’s worldly affairs, and point to transformations in our DNA and cellular structure. From Wilcock’s presentation, it certainly seems as if the crop circle-makers are trying to tell us that a transformational time is upon us.

The one new material that Wilcock brought out in this talk is that many cultures around the world– the Polynesian Islanders, Buddhists, Muslims, native Americans of North, South, and meso-America–all speak of a 25,000-year Grand Cycle in their ancient mythologies. It also shows up in Biblical texts, in context of a dark time. Wilcock says he found a book during his research which allowed him to trace the mythology back to a lost ancient civilization which existed about 12,000 years ago in what is now Siberia (of the Aryan people- quite distinct from the blue-eyed, blond-haired Aryan of the Nazi ideal). This culture eventually split into what is now Hindus in India, and Zoroastrians in the Middle East (Iran). Many subsequent civilizations’ mythologies have as their common root this early civilization’s beliefs, which speak about the ending of an age and the beginning of a Golden Age, but not the end of the world. This mythology did not find its way into the Bible till almost 10,000 years later. Maybe we’ll hear more about this in Wilcock’s book which is supposed to be out in October, and his movie-in-the-making. I think one of the reasons for his big following is that many people appreciate his very positive take on ascension, amid the other, doom-and-gloom scenarios often presented.

Panel: UFO Report: ETs, 2012, and Beyond

Robert Perala: A researcher of the paranormal and extraterrestrial science for over 30 years, since having had an extraterrestrial encounter; author of the books The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect.


  1. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.: A behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), clinical hypnotherapist, researcher, social worker. President of nonprofit organizations Star Kids Project, Ltd. which works on education and training of young and mature Star Seeds, and the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc. for counseling of those who have experienced Star Visitor contact.
  2. David Wilcock: Description here
  3. Ruben Uriarte: State Director for Northern California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s largest civilian UFO scientific research organization
  4. Sean David Morton: Editor and publisher of Delphi Associations Newsletter, director of The Prophecy Research Institute, freelance writer, producer, and investigative reporter on television programs.

There were significant last-minute changes in the speaker line-up, so the panel was not extremely coherent on the topic of UFOs or extraterrestrials. Video equipment was not working properly, so only one of the many anticipated footages of video-captured UFO sightings from MUFON could be shown.

The speaker I most appreciated in this panel was Dr. Boylan. It was apparent that he was an old-timer in this field. He uses the term “Star Visitors” in place of “extraterrestrials.” He spoke about how a huge percentage of the children of today- over 80% of the younger half of of the human population- have partial star origins. They have been coming in waves since the late 70‘s and 80‘s. These children of today are intrinsically different from those of even 50 years ago- they have larger heads, hit their developmental milestones much earlier, grow faster, are significantly more intelligent, learns in a matrix rather than a linear fashion, and many have well-developed intuitive/psychic abilities. According to Dr. Boylan, these attributes are due to their partial star origins, which can come through several routes, including genetic engineering and advanced biomedical technology by the Star Visitors (genetic upgrade), and a “walk-in” situation, in which the spirit of a child departing this world is replaced by a Star Visitor’s spirit. He calls these children “star kids,” and the the adults they grow into “star seeds.” I was already aware that it has been noticed in the recent years by many teachers, pediatricians, social workers, and other people who work with children that the children of today are definitely different. I’m not sure of the cause of this phenomenon, but as a mother, I have certainly seen this in my own children, their friends, and their friends’ siblings. It is almost like a speeded-up evolution in the human species. Dr. Boylan believes that these children are the future leaders in our new world, a world he calls the “Fifth World.” He, too, believes that a major transformation of some sort is upon us. He is currently working with these children, many with quite advanced psychic abilities, to help them discover who they are and and cope with living in the current society.

After the expo, I looked up Dr. Boylan’s website ( and found a gem. I highly recommend his website and his free online book, found at, which, while focused on the star kids, also tells a much bigger picture in a very level-headed, intelligent, and compassionate way.

One interesting side note is that Dr. Boylan is dismissive of Kryon and Lee Carroll who channels him. Meanwhile, I find that Dr. Boylan and Lee Carroll’s work are totally complementary to each other, and I hold both of their materials in high esteem. These are our individual filters at work, all honored.

Final part, Part III of Ascension 2012 at New Living Expo- San Francisco, to follow soon.   >>to Part III


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