Ascension 2012 at New Living Expo, San Francisco- Part I

I recently attended the 9th annual New Living Expo held in San Francisco on April 30-May 2, mostly to check out what people were saying and thinking about the whole ascension process.  Despite all the buzz about ascension on the internet, and my personal wide-eyed wonderment at the hugeness of it all, I was surprised to find out recently that many of the spiritually-aware people whom I’ve met in my local area do not seem as concerned with it.  There is no judgment on this, of course.  As I sat listening to Amy Goodman’s talk at the Expo, absolutely feeling her passion and seeing how she is changing the face of journalism, I knew that this lady did not need to know about ascension to shine like a beacon and make a humongous difference in the vibration of our planet.

Yet, I do feel at this time a sense of urgency.  There have been talks and indications- which I find valid- that in the very near future there will be “unveilings” which will force people to face a reality that they have never considered before, regarding our spiritual nature, origins, and our world.  I feel that preparing ourselves through knowledge beforehand will greatly reduce any fear that may arise (as any sudden paradigm shift can cause fear in the unprepared mind), and allow this process of consciousness expansion to proceed with more ease for all of us.  What a joy it would be if all of us went through this process in total awareness of it.

Some general anecdotal observations I made at the Expo are:

  • The common language that the “people in the field” seem to be using to describe this process is “ascension 2012.”  Many people in the general public do not recognize the word “ascension,”  yet they probably recognize the word “2012” because of the media.    Thus “ascension 2012” seems like a good terminology for reaching the maximal number of people.  Of course, my personal belief, as probably is of many in the field, is that the ascension process is exactly that- a process, not a sudden event that occurs on a certain date.  We are going through the process now, and will most likely continue to do so past December 21, 2012.
  • There was a very large interest among the attendees at the Expo about the ascension phenomenon, judging by the fact that talks about ascension were heavily attended, overflowing the seating capacity.  The Expo had speakers on many topics- health, astrology, sound healing, energy healing, near-death experiences, social action, etc., with varying degrees of attendence.  The talks about ascension were always well attended.
  • There were frequent mentions of extraterrestrials in the talks about ascension.  The two topics were often intrinsically linked.  In fact, there was a panel discussion titled “UFO Report: ETs, 2012, and Beyond.”  Extraterrestrials were brought up in the context of our star origins, the imminent “disclosure” being prepared by President Obama’s administration (perhaps this year), and the messages of the crop circles.  Also, a big news being mentioned was Stephen Hawking’s recent statement, in a Discovery Channel documentary, that intelligent alien life is almost certain to exist, but humanity should try to avoid contact with them because it could be devastating.
  • The overarching assumption among the speakers seemed to be that we’re going to make it and it’s going to be a beautiful transformation, but it might be a bumpy ride on the way, and we need to prepare ourselves with knowledge about ourselves, our world, and beyond.  I’ll agree with that.
  • Among the attendees, in my very un-scientific survey, it was clear that the awareness about astrology, psychic abilities, alternative healing, etc. did not necessarily correlate with awareness about the ascension process.

In the next parts, I will give synopses of some of the talks I attended and share my thoughts.  >>to Part II


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