Website launched today!

Finally, I’ve published my online book Bridge to Earth!  It’s still needs revision, and many pages of the website are still under construction, but the readable content of the book is out.

I’m very excited about sharing this  experience with the outside world.  This portion of my life experience was my “bridge to Earth.”  I don’t know where I was before, for so many years of my life- maybe floating around in a dreamland somewhere- but now I feel awake and connected to Earth, to reality.  There is much joy and clarity.

The book is a mix of spirituality, science, my personal life and views, and… a few other things.  Yes, I admit that it is also with a little bit of trembling that I put this out.  I’m a very private person.  And possibly, some of my beliefs may flip some people out.  Yet I have this humongous desire, this passion, in me to share the story with the world.  What can I do, I can only express my true self.

I’ll soon be adding more to the site, editing, and tinkering around- please pardon the construction work!



2 responses to “Website launched today!

  1. Howdy Hui,

    Good read! Thanks!

    Nice to know that others can come by many of the same conclusions following different pathways. It’s validation of sorts. Looking forward to more.

    I’m about to publish my book, LifeOS, in a few weeks.


    • Hi, Jim,

      Thank you for your comment. I haven’t even told my friends about this site yet, and I’m thrilled you found it.

      I checked out your LifeOS site- very interesting stuff! It totally resonates. I think many of us are coming to the same conclusions, from all different starting points…

      Good luck on your book!

      Hui Sun

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